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Title Year Rating Rank Review
500 Days of Summer20091001(full review)
A Christmas Story19831001(full review)
American Honey20161001(full review)
Anatomy of a Murder19591001(full review)
Chasing Amy19971001(full review)
City Of God (Cidade de Deus)20021001(full review)
Do the Right Thing19891001(full review)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind20041001(full review)
Hurt Locker, The20081001(full review)
JFK19911001(full review)
Moulin Rouge!20011001(full review)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19751001(full review)
Psycho19601001(full review)
Pulp Fiction19941001(full review)
Raging Bull19801001(full review)
Royal Tenenbaums, The20011001(full review)
Sense and Sensibility19951001(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The19941001(full review)
Star Wars IV: A New Hope19771001(full review)
Toy Story 320101001(full review)
Up20091001(full review)
2001: A Space Odyssey19689522(full review)
25th Hour20029522(full review)
28 Days Later20029522(full review) - Maybe, just maybe, I’m in the minority with this one but 28 Days Later is one of my favorite horror films of all-time. The world that Boyle paints is as devastating and frightening as it gets; the characters are more well-rounded and developed than the script actually gives them credit for; the scares and chills get to you by the utter feel of realism that shoots-out in every frame of this picture; and the message about who we are as humans and what we’ll do to live-on in life is as heartbreaking and brutally honest as it can get. Definitely go out there and see it, not just to be scared, but also to be a bit enlightened as well.
All About My Mother19999522(full review)
Amadeus19849522(full review) - Amadeus is a character-driven biography, on one of the greatest minds in art, and the man that wanted his fame the most. It is filled with enough great settings, pieces, very very realistic writing, and most of all terrific performances from both leads, that this film is a joy in all of film.
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)20049522(full review)
Annie Hall19779522(full review)
Babe19959522(full review) - Don’t be fooled, Babe is one of the best family fun adventures featuring, great performances and voicing, a screenplay that touches on the themes it wants to very well, and pulls a lot of heart string, while providing enough fun for the whole family.
Before Midnight20139522(full review)
Being John Malkovich19999522(full review)
Blood Simple19849522(full review)
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan20069522(full review)
Braveheart19959522(full review)
Brick20059522(full review)
Brokeback Mountain20059522(full review)
Catch Me If You Can20029522(full review)
Chinatown19749522(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The20129522(full review) - Though it may be very long, The Dark Knight Rises delivers on every spectrum: acting, writing, directing, cinematography, score, etc. It’s exactly what you could want in a summer blockbuster, and superhero movie, but it’s also exactly what you could want in a film that’s saying “adios” to all of its characters that it’s introduced to us for the past 7 years and it’s a legacy that I won’t forget. That’s for damn sure.
Deer Hunter, The19789522(full review) - The Deer Hunter deserved all the Oscars it got because of its heart-breaking, but true realities of life, and life after war, with great performances from the cast, stellar direction from Cimino, and ultimately one of the best stories about the war on Vietnam of all-time.
Die Hard19889522(full review) - Die Hard is a great action classic, filled with over-the-top action, little shades of humor, and a very realistic protagonist. Without this film we wouldn’t have the big-time action films of the 90′s or today.
Django Unchained20129522(full review)
Fight Club19999522(full review)
Fish Called Wanda, A19889522(full review)
Funny Games20079522(full review) - Funny Games pushes boundaries against the conventional thriller and violence in media, with stunning performances, terrific writing, and so much suspense mixed with the creative direction from Haneke.
Glengarry Glen Ross19929522(full review)
Gone Girl20149522(full review)
Goodfellas19909522(full review) - Everything about this movie is just fantastic:acting, music, dialouge, camera work, and especially the directing. Though with a little bit of character involvement errors and a not so fantastic ending, I still believe this movie is a great American classic for all to see.
Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, A20069522(full review)
Half Nelson20069522(full review) - Half Nelson is one of the most powerful films of the past decade, with brutal honesty, as well as true feelings, about hope, friendship, growing up, and drug addiction. Every note here is hit perfectly, mostly due to the performances from the cast, especially the spot-on Gosling.
Her20139522(full review)
Hustle And Flow20059522(full review)
In Bruges20089522(full review)
Inception20109522(full review)
Inside Job20109522(full review)
Inside Out20159522(full review)
Invisible War, The20129522(full review)
La La Land20169522(full review)
Lars and the Real Girl20079522(full review)
Letters from Iwo Jima20069522(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King20039522(full review)
Match Point20059522(full review)
Memento20009522(full review)
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)20039522(full review) - Oldboy is an astonishing, full of originality, and well-acted, that goes past its revenge violent ways and delves into more deeper material about life and grace.
Pianist, The20029522(full review)
Platoon19869522(full review)
Ratatouille20079522(full review)
Reservoir Dogs19929522(full review)
Restrepo20109522(full review)
Rocky19769522(full review) - Rocky is a perfect film for anybody who ever believes that they have what it takes because of it’s perfect screenplay, genuine performances from everybody involved, and just the overall good and happy feeling that this film will give you once you start to here Rocky yelling out “ADRIAAAAAN!”.
Schindlers List19939522(full review)
Shining, The19809522(full review)
Sixth Sense, The19999522(full review)
Social Network, The20109522(full review) - When it comes to modern film-making at its finest, The Social Network, is brilliantly directed, written, and acted, but will also be a 21st Century defining film, for the years to come.
Spotlight20159522(full review)
Stand by Me19869522(full review)
The Florida Project20179522(full review)
The Ice Storm19979522(full review)
Tickled20169522(full review)
Wrestler, The20089522(full review)
127 Hours20109081(full review)
13th20169081(full review)
50/5020119081(full review) - Cancer and comedy may be a hard subject to make watchable, but 50/50 does that perfectly. With great acting from the whole cast, hilarious moments, and as well as some tender ones as well, this film creates a story that almost seems like real-life with characters that are all perfectly fleshed out.
A Simple Plan19989081(full review)
A Very Murray Christmas20159081(full review)
Adaptation.20029081(full review)
All the Presidents Men19769081(full review)
American Hustle20139081(full review)
American Pie19999081(full review) - American Pie may not be for the more older/sophisticated types but who it is for, works in every single way from it’s acting, to its gross-out gags, humor, atmosphere, embarrassing reality of what it’s like to be in high school, and also will probably bring you back to thinking about the days of you and your pals in the day and all of the people who made it what it was.
An Education20099081(full review)
Apocalypse Now19799081(full review)
AVENGERS, The20129081(full review) - The Avengers is pretty much everything you could expect it to be with fun action, great performances from this ensemble cast of characters that we all know and love, very funny screenplay, and just a reminder as to why nerds rule, and will never, ever go away. Best film of the year so far and a totally kick-ass ride from start to finish. Long live Marvel!
Babel20069081(full review)
Badlands19739081(full review)
Beauty and the Beast19919081(full review) - Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful and true-tale about love, acceptance, and the real person within humans. However, the beautiful animation, and musical numbers still work, and are just about as fresh as they were 20 years ago.
Bill Cunningham New York20119081(full review)
Birdman20149081(full review)
Black Swan20109081(full review)
Blackfish20139081(full review)
Blair Witch Project, The19999081(full review) - It may not be a true story, like the film suggests, but the scares here work because you see nothing, there is no big-budget special effects, and its all about feeling and atmosphere, which makes it all feel so realistic, and equally as terrifying.
Blazing Saddles19749081(full review)
Blue Is the Warmest Color20139081(full review)
Blue Valentine20109081(full review) - As emotionally raw as you can get, Blue Valentine portrays the dark side of love, with an impressive direction from Cianfrance, and heart-wrenching performances from Gosling, and Williams.
Boogie Nights19979081(full review) - Though it never goes deep enough, Boogie Nights is a great ride from PT Anderson, complete with a pitch-perfect cast, inspired script and direction, and just the overall feel of your actually there.
Boondock Saints, The19999081(full review)
Bowling for Columbine20029081(full review)
Boyhood20149081(full review)
Buried20109081(full review)
Call Me by Your Name20179081(full review)
Capote20059081(full review)
Captain America: Civil War20169081(full review)
Captain Phillips20139081(full review)
Carol20159081(full review)
Carrie (1976)19769081(full review)
Casino19959081(full review) - Casino doesn’t break any new grounds mostly due to Goodfellas, but is still a fast-paced information mobster flick, with a terrific direction from Scorsese, and memorable performances by the trio of leads.
Casino Royale20069081(full review) - Casino Royale is by far one of the better Bond flicks with a star-making role from Daniel Craig, constant energy and action flying all about, and a new and improved look at Bond that we have yet to see from any other of the other films, which always works.
Children of Men20069081(full review) - Children of Men may be a bit too dark and depressing for some viewers, but the future that director Alfonso Cuarón portrays is a dark, sad, and lonely time that he beautifully creates with great camera-work, compelling themes that add an extra layer to the story, and a couple of good performances from the cast, especially Clive Owen who has almost never been better.
Citizen Kane19419081(full review)
Clerks19949081(full review) - Clerks works because of it’s raw but insightful and entertaining dialogue mixed in with very short budget and some very original real-life characters.
Collateral20049081(full review)
Con Air19979081(full review) - Con Air is full of energy and humor, that is fun to be a part of and does hit the right spots every time throughout the movie. Though the ending was a little bit out of hand, the film still holds a great place in my heart.
Cop Car20159081(full review)
Dances with Wolves19909081(full review)
Dark Knight, The20089081
Dazed And Confused19939081(full review) -
Deadpool20169081(full review)
District 920099081(full review) - District 9 has some very obvious plot holes, but is brings up many good points, and will leave you emotionally distraught with enough action to keep you on your seat amazed at how real it looks.
Dog Day Afternoon19759081(full review)
Donnie Darko20019081(full review) - Writer/Director Richard’s Kelly debut feature may lose it’s head with the mind-bending elements, but it has a perfect script, great performances, and a story that goes places you won’t be expecting, and won’t be disappointed in seeing anyway.
Ed Wood19949081(full review) - Ed Wood not only celebrates the life of the “worst director of all-time”, but also embraces the fact that he was one of the more important ones of our life time, with great performances from the cast, especially Landau, and a great script, or laughter, tragedy, and film-making.
Empire of the Sun19879081(full review)
English Patient, The19969081(full review)
Evil Dead II19879081(full review) - I went back-and-forth on whether or not I should have given this movie an 8.5 or 9, and I just realized that the whole-time, I continued to smile and smile throughout and it’s exactly what I wanted in a horror flick. Pure fun, pure campiness, and pure, over-the-top, goofiness that never steps into serious territory.
Exorcist, The19739081(full review) - The Exorcist still works all of these years later because of the atmosphere that Friedkin creates, the things that actually happens when the scares aren’t happening, and the acting that elevates this flick upon any other horror film that I’ve seen recently. Definitely deserved that Best Picture win, even though ‘The Sting’ is a great film in its own right too.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High19829081(full review)
Ferris Beuller's Day Off19869081(full review) - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a prime example of a film that’s hilarious, fun to watch, but well-written, with plenty of ideas and trends about the times in the 80′s, with a timeless message of life.
Finding Dory20169081(full review)
Finding Nemo20039081(full review)
Funny People20099081(full review) - Funny People is consistently funny, as well as being heart-felt, with great performances from the whole cast, even though the last act may take some away, and not very inspired direction.
Girlfight20009081(full review)
Gladiator20009081(full review) - Gladiator may not be as perfect as some may claim, but Ridley Scott’s inspired direction keeps this well-acted, beautifully shot, and tremendously entertaining epic, on its toes by never once diving into cheesy or lame territory.
Good Time20179081(full review)
Graduate, The19679081(full review)
Green Room20169081(full review)
Guardians of the Galaxy20149081(full review)
Hangover, The20099081(full review) - The Hangover is exactly what everybody says it is, a laugh-out-loud riot, with instant quotable lines, and crazy situations that will have you laughing for days on end. The perfect guy’s film with an amazing cast, that will keep your interest the whole adventure. Let’s just hope this second one, doesn’t blow as much as I think it will.
Hot Fuzz20079081(full review) - Hot Fuzz is a lovable, entertaining, and very funny homage to the buddy-cop genre with plenty of in-jokes and hilarious performances and cameos that will just make the film better and more impressive as it goes along.
I Saw The Devil (Akmareul boatda)20109081(full review)
In the Company of Men19979081(full review)
Inglourious Basterds20099081(full review) - Though some viewers will be thrown off by a lot of the talking, Quentin Tarantino still has that masterful mind to have viewers thoroughly enjoyed by his amazing script, non-stop suspense, and great acting from the cast that looks like their all just having a great time.
Inherent Vice20149081(full review)
Into the Wild20079081(full review)
It Comes at Night20179081(full review)
It Follows20149081(full review)
Jackie Brown19979081(full review)
Joe20149081(full review)
Juno20079081(full review)
Jurassic Park19939081(full review)
Kill Bill vol 120039081(full review) - Kill Bill: Volume 1 shows Tarantino in top-form with a style that is bloody, violent, vicious, and shows every single one of his influences in a way that not only shows what he loves but also creates a wholly original flick on its own. Definitely can’t wait to see Volume 2.
Knocked Up20079081(full review) - Knocked Up may drag on, especially during its last act, but still gives a refreshing, if not raunchy, and hilarious look at child-bearing, and parenthood. But it all feels real, with realistic performances, and screenplay.
Lady Bird20179081(full review)
Leaving Las Vegas19959081(full review) - The plot may not go anywhere, but Leaving Las Vegas is a perfectly performed, and well-directed romance that shows two very messed up people, who need each other more than anything but will never change each other and that’s what a beautiful love story is all about.
Leon: The Professional19949081(full review)
Les Miserables20129081(full review)
Like Father, Like Son20149081(full review)
Logan20179081(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers20029081(full review) - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second-installment that hits, and hits hard with enough emotions, action, and characters running through, that you feel like you have a full grip and feel of this story, what’s happening in it, and what’s to come of it in it’s grand, epic finale. Return of the King, here I come!
Lost in Translation20039081(full review)
Magnolia19999081(full review) - Magnolia may suffer from being too pretentious, but Anderson does a creative and original job with his script and direction that it almost takes our minds away from the pitch-perfect performances here given by the amazing ensemble.
Manchester by the Sea20169081(full review)
Mandy20189081(full review)
Master, The20129081(full review) - The Master could easily be a title that director P.T. Anderson is giving himself, because that is exactly what this guy is. Everything from the visuals, to the landscapes, to the score, to the performances, to the fully-developed story, to the religion movement; all are done with the masterful craft of Anderson and is sure to be one of the films to watch out for, come Oscar season.
Matrix, The19999081(full review)
Monsters Inc20019081(full review)
Moonlight20169081(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom20129081(full review)
Mulholland Drive20019081(full review) - It doesn’t do much to make sense, but Mulholland Dr. is one of those wacko films from David Lynch, that just is so strange, incoherent, and crazy, but yet so imaginative, well-acted, and intelligently structured, that it works.
Muppets20119081(full review)
Natural Born Killers19949081(full review)
Obvious Child20149081(full review)
Ordinary People19809081(full review)
Paddington 220179081(full review)
Paranormal Activity20079081(full review)
Paranormal Activity 220109081(full review) - This film doesn’t change the horror genre by any means, but it does offer up the scary happenings, premise, and effects that had us watching the first.
Paranormal Activity 320119081(full review) - Paranormal Activity 3 is basically the same film as every single other one that came before it, with a lot more insane scares, questions brought up, and more tension than ever before thanks to the new directors on-hand.
People vs Larry Flynt, The19969081(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129081(full review)
Phantom Thread20179081(full review)
Planes, Trains And Automobiles19879081(full review) - Planes, Trains and Automobiles uses a formula we have all seen before but somehow Hughes makes it even more hilarious than it has any right to be, which is also with some thanks to Candy and Martin who are perfect in these roles, bringing out both comedy and heart within their own characters. Perfect Thanksgiving film.
Point Break19919081(full review)
Prestige, The20069081(full review)
Punch-Drunk Love20029081(full review)
Raid 2: Berandal, The20149081(full review)
Rain Man19889081(full review)
Raising Arizona19879081(full review)
Requiem for a Dream20009081(full review)
Room20159081(full review)
Rushmore19989081(full review)
Scott Pilgrim vs The World20109081(full review)
Seven19959081(full review) - Although it may not be for everybody, Seven is still one of Fincher’s best with a tension-filled atmosphere, brilliant script, superb writing, and a grand finale that will be sure to stay in your mind way long after the film is over.
Shakespeare in Love19989081(full review) - The pacing may be a bit off, but Shakespeare in Love is an amazing romantic comedy, that has hilarious and sweet screenplay, that provides great attention to detail, as well as perfect performances from the cast, that just allow you to be entertained and have a great time while watching no matter how much or how little you know of Shakespeare.
Shine19969081(full review)
Silence20169081(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20129081(full review)
Six Degrees Of Separation19939081(full review)
Spider-Man20029081(full review)
Spider-Man 220049081(full review)
Star Trek Into Darkness20139081(full review)
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back19809081(full review)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi20179081(full review)
Strange Days19959081(full review)
Super 820119081(full review) - Some may be annoyed from the constant nostalgia feel of this film, but Super 8 is a J.J. Abrams’ beautiful homage to all of the old Spielberg films of the 80′s with a great screenplay that is funny and emotional, fun action, and just reminds us what Summer blockbusters should always be like.
Superbad20079081(full review) - Superbad may be lean, mean, and without a doubt sick, and dirty as hell, but it’s hilarious, with a heart in the middle, and a perfect casting job, that will lead you on quoting this film for year’s to come.
Talented Mr. Ripley19999081(full review)
Taxi Driver19769081(full review) - Taxi Driver is a very dark film backed by an incredibly disturbing performance from De Niro, and a fearless direction from Scorsese, but focuses too much on one plot when the strongest plot comes by the end.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day19919081(full review) - Terminator 2: Judgment Day may have needed more human moments to convey that emotional depth it wanted to, but the action is amazing, the visual effects will have your eyes pop-out even today, and the stylized direction from James Cameron make this one of the best sequels of all-time.
The Favourite20189081(full review)
The Martian20159081(full review)
The Revenant20159081(full review)
There Will Be Blood20079081(full review)
Thin Red Line, The19989081(full review)
This Is The End20139081(full review)
Town, The20109081(full review) - Directed with plenty of suspense, and thrills, to keep you on the edge of your seat, and excited, as well as provide a great character story, that has even better actors attached.
Tree of Life, The20119081(full review) - Though it’s not for everybody, The Tree of Life is a beautiful and gorgeous flick done by Terrence Malick who not only gives us wonderful visuals to gaze at, but also a story to follow and relate to (not talking about the dinosaurs) and performances to watch and admire (minus Sean Penn).
Unforgiven19929081(full review)
United 9320069081(full review)
Up in the Air20099081(full review) - Up in the Air may start to slow down by the end, however, is highly entertaining with its great script, with enough funny moments, and dramatic moments, that are provided by incredibly strong performances from the three leads.
Usual Suspects19959081(full review)
Wall-E20089081(full review)
What's Eating Gilbert Grape19939081(full review)
Widows20189081(full review)
Wolf of Wall Street, The20139081(full review)
X2: X-Men United20039081(full review) - Despite some plot holes, X2 is a total improvement from the first showing a lot more action, special effects, and a more deeper and darker story-line that will take you by storm (pun intended) and won’t let you go until the credits are up.
Y tu mama tambien20019081(full review)
Young Adult20119081(full review) - Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman re-team once again for Young Adult and make it not only a funny, if uncomfortable comedy, but also a realistic and slightly moving story anchored by one of Theron’s best performances she’s given in a long time.
Zero Dark Thirty20129081(full review)
Zodiac20079081(full review) - Zodiac is a film where barely anything happens, except for a lot of talking and investigation into a case that is still open today, but Fincher keeps this long flick totally entertaining, exciting, and tense with a great screenplay that dives right into the investigation itself, and show perfect performances by just about everybody involved.
Zombieland20099081(full review)
10 Things I Hate About You199985239(full review) - With a real heart at the center of its funky story, Beginners is a well-acted, gentle, funny, and moving portrait about it never being too late to have love in your life, no matter how old or young.
12 Years a Slave201385239(full review)
40 Year Old Virgin, The200585239(full review)
A Beautiful Mind200185239(full review)
A Most Violent Year201485239(full review)
A Prophet200985239(full review)
About a Boy200285239(full review)
Act of Killing, The201385239(full review)
After the Wedding200685239(full review)
Ain't Them Bodies Saints201385239(full review)
Alien197985239(full review) - Alien is definitely a sci-fi movie amongst sci-fi movies because it features a highly-stylized direction from one of the greats, Ridley Scott, who gives this film a very tense, dreary, and gloomy feeling the whole way through, and also keeps you guessing until the very end with scenes that are so iconic, I don’t even need to mention here. Just get out and go see it before you see Prometheus, because something tells me you’re going to have to do your homework for this one.
All Is Lost201385239(full review)
American Psycho200085239(full review) - Though parts of it may not work as well as others, American Psycho is a great blend of horror and comedy, that makes the scares into satire, and features an amazing, star-making performance from Christian Bale.
American Splendor200385239(full review)
Amour201285239(full review)
Animal Kingdom201085239(full review)
Anomalisa201585239(full review)
Apollo 13199585239(full review)
Arrival201685239(full review)
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The200785239(full review)
Atonement200785239(full review)
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans200985239(full review)
Batman Begins200585239(full review) - Batman Begins is not perfect but it’s a very dark, bleak, and serious type of superhero film that works due to it’s inspired direction from Christopher Nolan, and some awesome performances that all of the cast gives out, with the exception of Katie Holmes which was pretty predictable.
Beasts of the Southern Wild201285239(full review)
Beetlejuice198885239(full review)
Beginners201085239(full review) - With a real heart at the center of its funky story, Beginners is a well-acted, gentle, funny, and moving portrait about it never being too late to have love in your life, no matter how old or young.
Best Worst Movie200985239(full review)
Better Off Dead...198585239(full review)
Big198885239(full review)
Blade Runner198285239(full review)
Blow200185239(full review) - It’s a bit messy at points, but Blow delivers on providing an interesting story, with a smart, as well as true screenplay, and an amazing performance from the Johnny Depp.
Blow Out198185239(full review)
Bourne Ultimatum200785239(full review)
Brooklyn201585239(full review)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid196985239(full review)
Cabin in the Woods, The201185239(full review) - The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of the funnest horror movies to come out in some time with it’s twisty and unpredictable writing, tongue-in-cheek humor that works, and a whole fun feel to it that will definitely not disappoint anyone whether or not you like horror movies.
Captain Fantastic201685239(full review)
Chuck & Buck200085239(full review)
City Slickers199185239(full review)
Color Purple, The198585239(full review)
Crimson Tide199585239(full review) - It may look like slam-bang action thriller, but it has more ideas and messages than just your ordinary popcorn thriller. The cast is having a ball with this material, and Scott is probably at his best keeping the suspense, as well as energy up the whole time.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The200885239(full review)
Dancer in the Dark200085239(full review)
Date Night201085239(full review) - Though its plot is familiar, Date Night blends a great deal of action with hilarious humor, that wouldn’t have been the same if it were not for Fey, Carell, and countless others in cameo roles.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes201485239(full review)
De Palma201685239(full review)
Dead Alive199285239(full review)
Departed, The200685239(full review) - A fearless direction from Scorsese, perfect screenplay, and great acting makes The Departed a crime/mob classic for the ages. The ending may have not been the best way to go out for this film, but the whole film keeps your attention, and that is something that makes this a near-perfect film.
Descendants, The201185239(full review)
Devil and Daniel Johnston, The200685239(full review)
Doctor Strange201685239(full review)
Dogville200385239(full review)
Donnie Brasco199785239(full review)
Drinking Buddies201385239(full review)
Driving Miss Daisy198985239(full review)
Dumb And Dumber199485239(full review) - It may be too dumb for some viewers, but Dumb and Dumber features hilarious comedy that works, as well as perfect comedic performances from Carrey and Daniels.
Dunkirk201785239(full review)
Elephant Man, The198085239(full review) - With a surprisingly straight-forward direction by David Lynch, a pair of great performances from Hurt and Hopkins, and an inspirational story at the heart of it all, The Elephant Man is a wonderful flick that will make you feel for it’s main subject but also realize what it’s like to be a human, and what it takes to care for the other humans around you as well.
Elysium201385239(full review)
Enough Said201385239(full review)
Everybody Wants Some201685239(full review)
Evil Dead, The (1981)198185239(full review)
Ex Machina201585239(full review)
Few Good Men, A199285239(full review) - A Few Good Men may be your conventional story, it all gets over-shadowed by it’s great script, powerful acting from the whole cast, and those last 20 minutes that will just take you back so much.
Fighter, The201085239(full review) - The Fighter may be a story you have seen before, but the inspired direction, and amazing ensemble performances from this cast, make this treat, a fun-filled, entertaining boxing movie, that made us realize we missed this genre too much.
Fly, The198685239(full review) - The Fly is a little too over-the-top at points, but David Cronenberg perfectly mashes all of these different elements of romance, drama, and horror as well as a great leading role from Jeff Goldblum to give is a disgusting but emotionally well-told film.
Force Majeure201485239(full review)
Foxcatcher201485239(full review)
Frances Ha201385239(full review)
Frost/Nixon200885239(full review)
Frozen201385239(full review)
Fruitvale Station201385239(full review)
Ghost World200185239(full review)
Ghostbusters198485239(full review) - Ghostbusters is the classic that I always imagined it being even when I was still running around in my little Spider-Man undies. It’s funny, original, exciting, and perfectly-delivered by the likes of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and many many others.
Glory198985239(full review)
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief201585239(full review)
Good Night, and Good Luck.200585239(full review)
Gravity201385239(full review)
Hannah and Her Sisters198685239(full review) - Hannah and Her Sisters is a great Woody Allen flick because it balances out heart, darkness, humor, and tenderness all so well with a very well-written script, and performances from everybody involved that add so much more dimensions to these already interesting characters. Oh and it also has Thanksgiving din-din in the film so watch it around that time.
Happiness199885239(full review)
Harry Brown200985239(full review)
Heat199585239(full review)
Heaven Can Wait197885239(full review)
Hell or High Water201685239(full review)
Hoop Dreams199485239(full review)
How To Train Your Dragon201085239(full review) - Although not as memorable as other animated films that have came out in the past couple of years, How To Train Your Dragon still impresses with its great story, that has effective emotional depth, and enchanting visuals, that keep you watching.
Hugo201185239(full review)
Hunt, The (2013)201385239(full review)
Hustler, The196185239(full review)
I Love You Phillip Morris200985239(full review) - Despite its flaws, I Love You Phillip Morris is a funny, fact-based, romantic comedy, that doesn’t exploit the homosexual love, and instead keeps it cute, with Carrey and McGregor doing great jobs in the leads.
I’ll See You in My Dreams201585239(full review)
Il postino199485239(full review) - Though slow, Il Postino features great writing , about love, poetry, and the things that inspire us to write, as well as two great performances from the cast, as well as to a perfect farewell to an actor that never got his shot.
In the Bedroom200185239(full review)
Inside Llewyn Davis201385239(full review)
Insider, The199985239(full review)
Iron Man 3201385239(full review)
James White201585239(full review)
Kill Bill vol 2200485239(full review)
Killing Them Softly201285239(full review)
King Kong (2005)200585239(full review)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang200585239(full review) - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an original piece of work that combines mystery, crime, action, romance, and tongue-in-cheek comedy that works on almost every level especially with its great lead performances and gets me more and more excited to see what Black and Downey Jr. are going to do with ‘Iron Man 3′.
Kiss of the Spider Woman198585239(full review) - Kiss Of The Spider Woman may seem too much like a play, but has great lead performances, a heart-felt message, and a good look at homosexuals in a world that wasn’t accepting it.
L.A. Confidential199785239(full review)
Little Men201685239(full review)
Lives Of Others, The200685239(full review)
Locke201485239(full review)
Looper201285239(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring200185239(full review)
Mad Max: Fury Road201585239(full review)
Magic Mike201285239(full review)
Malcolm X199285239(full review)
Manhunter198685239(full review)
Maria Full of Grace200485239(full review)
Matchstick Men200385239(full review)
Mean Streets197385239(full review) - Mean Streets is highly original with great acting, a wild soundtrack, and a beautiful setting, but feels a bit too rushed and not all that there with its message.
Midnight in Paris201185239(full review)
Miller's Crossing199085239(full review)
Million Dollar Baby200485239(full review)
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol201185239(full review)
Moon200985239(full review)
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown198985239(full review) - There were moments in this film that seemed a bit predictable, but thanks to Sheridan’s way of creating a realistic, precise, and inspirational story, mixed with the amazing performance from Day-Lewis, is what makes this film a must-see. In other words: I liked it.
My Own Private Idaho199185239(full review)
Mystic River200385239(full review)
Neighbors201485239(full review)
Night Moves201385239(full review)
Nightcrawler201485239(full review)
No201285239(full review)
Oceans Eleven (1960)196085239(full review) - Ocean’s Eleven is no game-changer in terms of heist movies, but is still entertaining, fun, exciting, well-acted, and just really, really cool, almost to the point of where you feel cool for watching it but you soon realize, that you’re just a poor college student who drives a 2005 Scion, and has about $20 in your wallet as you speak. Yeah, I’m speaking from my point-of-view, but if only I wasn’t. If only dreams really could come true, after all.
Oceans Eleven (2001)200185239(full review)
Once200685239(full review)
One False Move199285239(full review)
Oslo August 31st201185239(full review)
Palo Alto201385239(full review)
Paradise Now200585239(full review)
Past, The201385239(full review)
Paterson201685239(full review)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl200385239(full review)
Precious200985239(full review)
Prince Avalanche201385239(full review)
Prisoners201385239(full review)
Quiz Show199485239(full review) - Robert Redford may lose some moments in script-writing with Quiz Show but other than it’s amazing with pitch-perfect performances from the whole cast (except for maybe Morrow), a nice deal of subject material goes a long way, and just a great message about morals and why they should come in the way of almost every decision we ever make in our lives, even if it does concern a game-show. That Robert Redford, not only is he handsome as hell, he can write and direct like a legend.
Raid: Redemption, The (Serbuan maut)201185239(full review)
Revolutionary Road200885239(full review) - Revolutionary Road may not be the most entertaining film you have ever seen, but it features brilliant performances from the cast, and a fearless script that tackles all of the problems that couples go through, even though it may not be all happy in the end.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes201185239(full review)
RoboCop198785239(full review)
Roma201885239(full review)
Saving Mr. Banks201385239(full review)
Say Anything...198985239(full review)
Scarface198385239(full review)
Scream199685239(full review)
Selma201485239(full review)
Senna201185239(full review)
Seven Psychopaths201285239(full review) - Seven Psychopaths will take most viewers by surprise by how dark and sinister it can get, but most viewers will also find themselves having a ball with the excellent script, spirited ensemble, and a story that’s not only hilarious, but unpredictable in the way you have no idea where the hell it’s going to go.
Shame201185239(full review)
Short Term 12201385239(full review)
Sicario201585239(full review)
Sideways200485239(full review)
Skyfall201285239(full review)
Snowpiercer201385239(full review)
Sound City201385239(full review)
Spectacular Now, The201385239(full review)
Starred Up201385239(full review)
Sting, The197385239(full review) - Though it runs on too long, The Sting is still beautiful to look at as well as being incredibly entertaining, charming, funny, well-acted, and featuring lots and lots of twists and turns to keep any watcher on the edge of their seat.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street200785239(full review)
Swingers199685239(full review)
Taxi to the Dark Side200785239(full review)
Thank You for Smoking200585239(full review)
The End of the Tour201585239(full review)
The Founder201685239(full review)
The Hateful Eight201685239(full review)
The Interrupters201185239(full review)
The Nice Guys201685239(full review)
The Purple Rose of Cairo198585239(full review)
The Tribe201585239(full review)
The Witch201585239(full review)
Thing, The198285239(full review)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri201785239(full review)
Top Five201485239(full review)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me199285239(full review)
Under the Skin201485239(full review)
Upstream Color201385239(full review)
Volver200685239(full review)
Waiting For Guffman199685239(full review)
Way Way Back, The201385239(full review)
We Are the Best!201385239(full review)
We Need to Talk About Kevin201185239(full review)
Weekend201185239(full review)
Wonder Woman201785239(full review)
World's End, The201385239(full review)
Wuthering Heights201185239(full review)
X-Men: Days of Future Past201485239(full review)
X-Men: First Class201185239(full review)
You're Next201185239(full review)
Your Friends & Neighbors199885239(full review)
Your Sisters Sister201185239(full review)
10 Cloverfield Lane201680434(full review)
20 Feet from Stardom201380434(full review)
20th Century Women201680434(full review)
21 Jump Street201280434(full review) - 21 Jump Street isn’t really doing anything to re-invent the buddy-action comedy wheel, but the chemistry between Hill and Tatum, the rapid fire humor, and the fresh and brutally realistic look at the present-day high school make this a comedy that actually will make you laugh consistently.
22 Jump Street201480434(full review)
24 Hour Party People200280434(full review)
300200680434(full review) - Not to be taken too seriously, 300 is a more of an orgy of violence and gore, rather than an actual history document, but will entertain the hell out of all dudes, as well as provide plenty and I do mean plenty of beautiful visuals.
3:10 to Yuma (remake)200780434(full review)
42201380434(full review)
45 Years201580434(full review)
99 Homes201480434(full review)
A Band Called Death201380434(full review)
A Hijacking201280434(full review)
A Monster Calls201680434(full review)
A Single Man200980434(full review)
A Walk Among the Tombstones201480434(full review)
Accidental Tourist, The198880434(full review) - Though slow and dull at times, The Accidental Tourist works as a drama about finding love with a very good screenplay, as well as great performances from the cast, mainly Davis.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective199480434(full review) - Some will hate this, depending on their fondness of Carrey, or the type of humor, but others who don’t mind it, will have a great time, watching Carrey’s great performance, and the funny jokes that come throughout this film.
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The201480434(full review)
American Sniper201480434(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)201380434(full review)
Annihilation201880434(full review)
Argo201280434(full review) - Though it’s not as tense or electrifying as Affleck’s last two directorial efforts, Argo still works as a smart, funny, and entertaining thriller that covers a mission that not many people ever knew about, but was also a very important one by how it showed certain sides of the U.S. government working hand-in-hand with Hollywood in a slightly surreal, yet smart way.
Army of Darkness199280434(full review)
Artist, The201180434(full review)
Avatar200980434(full review) - Avatar has beautifully enchanting visuals, very effective performances, and an exciting if done before story, that has us forgetting about the real world we live in, with such a beautiful way.
Avengers: Age of Ultron201580434(full review)
Aviator200480434(full review)
Awakenings199080434(full review)
Baby Driver201780434(full review)
Bad Santa200380434(full review) - Though there are some moral voids in Bad Santa, there is still some very funny black comedy that works well with the plot, and with Billy Bob Thornton’s dark but somehow likable performance as Willie.
Barton Fink199180434(full review)
Beavis and Butthead Do America199680434(full review)
Behind the Candelabra201380434(full review)
Best in Show200080434(full review)
Big Eyes201480434(full review)
Biutiful201080434(full review) - Biutiful is a disgusting film that gets preachy at times and will leave many people sick after watching it, but the story is engrossing and you feel for this character, mainly because Bardem is just so amazing here that it’s hard not to stand behind this guy. See it once, and say you have, but never feel the need to actually watch it again.
Black Dynamite200980434(full review) - Black Dynamite may have jokes that run on too long, but the jokes are still hilarious, and work so well with this parody/homage to the 1970s blaxsploitation movies because it never takes itself too seriously and always is moving at a rapid pace.
Black Hawk Down200180434(full review)
Black Mass201580434(full review)
Bleed for This201680434(full review)
Blue Caprice201380434(full review)
Blue Ruin201480434(full review)
Book of Eli201080434(full review)
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day200980434(full review)
Bottle Rocket199680434(full review)
Bowfinger (1999)199980434(full review)
Boy A200780434(full review)
Bruno200980434(full review)
Bug200680434(full review)
Burn After Reading200880434(full review)
Cable Guy, The199680434(full review)
Cape Fear (1991)199180434(full review)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier201480434(full review)
Cedar Rapids201180434(full review) - Though it is generic as well as less and less surprising as it goes on, Cedar Rapids brings out a lot of raunchy laughs, mainly from it’s cast but also from it’s well-written script that has that R-rated comedy appeal as well as an endearing sweetness to it as well.
Celeste And Jesse Forever201280434(full review) - Celeste and Jesse Forever may suffer from too many ideas and characters but never feels too jumbled up due to a great script that shows the emotional turmoil you go through during heartbreak, as well as what can happen to one person when they realize that the person they got rid of in the first place, was probably the best person for them in the end.
Charlie Wilsons War200780434(full review)
Chocolat200080434(full review)
Chronicle201280434(full review) - Chronicle isn’t anything ground-breaking or new but the whole found-footage format works in its favor with a smart script, fast-paced vibe, and amazing performances by all three of these young dudes who do have bright futures in Hollywood, but then again, you never know.
Citizenfour201480434(full review)
Closer200480434(full review)
Cloud Atlas201280434(full review) - Cloud Atlas is a very, very long movie that’s filled with plenty of stories, plenty of characters, and plenty of ambitions that it’s set for itself, but is also a very entertaining and beautiful movie to watch as it never really leaves you bored when it’s all over. It may not be the most emotionally-impacting viewing-experience you’ll have this year, but it’s a great watch that will probably take-up half of your day. But, in a good way at least.
Cold Mountain200380434(full review)
Cold War201880434(full review)
Columbus201780434(full review)
Commando198580434(full review)
Compliance201280434(full review) - Though it gets a bit light on the whole tension aspect by the end, Compliance is still a smartly-written and expertly-acted real-life mystery thriller, that feels like it has the rhythm of a horror movie but plays to the beat of an honest, human-drama that shows the way us human-beings think.
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop201180434(full review) - Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop is entertaining because it shows a lot what goes on back-stage and on-the-stage with plenty of funny moments, real showings of human emotions, and a lot of O’Brien just being himself which is a delight to see in the first place.
Coriolanus201180434(full review)
Count Of Monte Cristo (2002)200280434(full review) - What you get with The Count of Monte Cristo is a good, entertaining, old-fashioned story about people wanting what they don’t deserve and going through hell to try and get it.
Courage Under Fire199680434(full review)
Crash200480434(full review)
Crazy Rich Asians201880434(full review)
Creep201480434(full review)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon200380434(full review)
Dallas Buyers Club201380434(full review)
Danny Collins201480434(full review)
Death Proof200780434(full review)
Deconstructing Harry199780434(full review)
Deepwater Horizon201680434(full review)
Don't Breathe201680434(full review)
Don't Think Twice201680434(full review)
Dope201580434(full review)
Dreamgirls200680434(full review)
Edge of Tomorrow201480434(full review)
Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me201380434(full review)
Election199980434(full review)
Elf200380434(full review)
Elle201680434(full review)
Escape from Alcatraz197980434(full review)
Everything Must Go201080434(full review) - People expecting another Will Ferrell laugh-out-loud comedy will probably be disappointed, but anyone who wants a sad, but inspirational story, featuring plenty of touching moments and good performances from the cast, will probably feel happy with the final product they have here with Everything Must Go.
Expendables 2, The201280434(full review) - While it doesn’t win any points in its character development, emotional story, or incredibly original writing, The Expendables 2 wins mucho points in providing plenty of kick-ass action, a look at some of the greatest action stars in the biz, and a fun time at the movie theaters that gives us one last bang for the Summer. Sucks to say it, but it’s just about over people and what a way to go out.
Family Stone, The200580434(full review) - The ensemble is strong, and the writing has many funny moments, as well as touching, but the awkward shift in tone for this film provided too much confusion as to what it wanted to be.
Far from Men201580434(full review)
Fargo199680434(full review)
Fast And Furious 6201380434(full review)
Fatal Attraction198780434(full review)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas199880434(full review) - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has its fair share of being too long and too uneven, but at other times, still has a direction from Gilliam that is beautifully trippy and inspired, and the cast just makes this whole bizarr-o film seem real without getting too serious.
Fisher King, The199180434(full review)
Flight201280434(full review) - Robert Zemeckis definitely loses himself by the end of Flight, mainly because he gives into what Hollywood likes to consider “happy”, but still features a top-notch performance from Denzel Washington, in one of the best character-studies of the year and in one of the better performances I have seen so-far. Not a perfect movie, but still a very good one none the less.
Free Solo201880434(full review)
Full Metal Jacket198780434(full review)
Full Monty, The199780434(full review)
Furious 7201580434(full review)
Fury201480434(full review)
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould201080434(full review)
Gimme the Loot201380434(full review)
Glass Chin201580434(full review)
Gloria201480434(full review)
Gods and Monsters199880434(full review)
Godzilla201480434(full review)
Good Will Hunting199780434(full review) - Some toning down was needed here and there, but Good Will Hunting is still an emotional and at times witty tale of being the best to your ability, anchored by great performances from the cast, as well as a great first-time script job from Damon and Affleck.
Goodnight Mommy201580434(full review)
Gook201780434(full review)
Goon201180434(full review) - Goon isn’t perfect but that’s not the point, it’s supposed to be a funny, violent, and entertaining hockey flick that features not only the goriest fight sequences I have ever seen in a hockey film, let alone sports flick, but also has a lot more heart to its story than the trailers, posters, and even its talent involved may have you expect. If you love hockey, definitely give this a try.
Gosford Park200180434(full review)
Grand Budapest Hotel, The201480434(full review)
Grey, The201180434(full review)
Halloween (1978)197880434(full review) - It may be very dated and not so fun the second or third time around, Halloween is still a classic because it creates plenty of tension, a great low-budget look, and still has some of the best damn horror-music in any film ever.
Hannah Takes the Stairs200780434(full review)
Happy, Texas199980434(full review)
Harvey195080434(full review)
Headhunters (Hodejegerne)201180434(full review)
Heaven Knows What201480434(full review)
Hellboy200480434(full review)
History of Violence, A200580434
Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The201480434(full review)
How to Train Your Dragon 2201480434(full review)
Hunger Games, The201280434(full review)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, The201580434(full review)
Hunt for Red October199080434(full review)
Hurricane, The199980434(full review) - The Hurricane is a powerful film that boasts a fresh way of story-telling and a excellent performance from Washington, but seems to suffer from some inaccuracies, and a slight bit of misfires.
I, Tonya201780434(full review)
If I Stay201480434(full review)
In Fear201380434(full review)
Incendies201080434(full review)
Ingrid Goes West201780434(full review)
Inside Man200680434(full review) - Inside Man is not one of Lee’s best, and not like his others at all, for better or worse, but keeps you on your seat with its twists and turns, and great ensemble cast.
Interstellar201480434(full review)
Into the Woods201480434(full review)
It201780434(full review)
Jack Reacher201280434(full review)
Jack The Giant Slayer201380434(full review)
Jane Eyre201180434(full review)
Jerry Maguire199680434(full review)
John Carter201280434(full review) - John Carter has certain problems with its central performance from Kitsch and its over-abundance on plot, but what does work is the fact that Andrew Stanton has done nothing here but make a beautiful and stunning flick with a lot action, excitement, humor, and everything else that makes a sci-fi blockbuster work. I hope it gets all of its money back but that seems pretty far-fetched right now.
John Wick: Chapter Two201780434(full review)
Kick-Ass201080434(full review)
Kill the Messenger201480434(full review)
Kings Speech, The201080434(full review)
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck201580434(full review)
Last Flag Flying201780434(full review)
Last King of Scotland, The200680434(full review)
Last Samurai, The200380434(full review)
Lawless201280434(full review) - There’s nothing new or original about this take on a pair of bootleggers in the 30′s, but Lawless still provides a good story, with some very good performances from the ensemble cast, and plenty of action and violence to satisfy anybody’s late-Summer needs. Just make sure that THIS Tom Hardy doesn’t tell The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy you weren’t fully satisfied, then you may be screwed.
LEGO Movie, The201480434(full review)
Life in a Day201180434(full review)
Life Itself201480434(full review)
Life of Pi201280434(full review)
Lincoln201280434(full review)
Lion201680434(full review)
Lone Survivor201480434(full review)
Love & Mercy201580434(full review)
Mad Dog And Glory199380434(full review)
Mad Max197980434(full review)
Manhattan197980434(full review)
Margin Call201180434(full review)
Mary Queen of Scots201880434(full review)
Men in Black199780434(full review) - Men in Black is what you would expect: funny, light, filled with cool-looking special effects and monsters from Rick Baker, and entertaining but is also very light on plot, which doesn’t really bring up many surprises as it goes along. However, it’s a flick that will always be in my childhood.
Michael Clayton200780434(full review)
Midnight Express197880434(full review) - Midnight Express gives a very brutal but powerful look at a Turkish prison, but falls a little too overboard when it shows the Turks as just simply evil people.
Miss Sloane201680434(full review)
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation201580434(full review)
Mission: Impossible III200680434(full review)
Mississippi Grind201580434(full review)
Mistaken for Strangers201480434(full review)
Mommy201480434(full review)
Moneyball201180434(full review)
Moonstruck198780434(full review) - Moonstruck may be too cute for some serious issues, but it provides plenty of great, and hilarious comedy, with even better performances from the cast, and the timely feel of having a crazy family.
Mother!201780434(full review)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman201480434(full review)
Mr. Turner201480434(full review)
Mud201380434(full review)
Mudbound201780434(full review)
Munich200580434(full review)
Muppets Most Wanted201480434(full review)
My Kid Could Paint That200780434(full review)
Naked199380434(full review)
Nebraska201380434(full review)
New Jack City199180434(full review)
Nightingale201580434(full review)
Nine200980434(full review)
Noah201480434(full review)
Notebook, The200480434(full review)
Nowhere Boy200980434(full review)
Office Space199980434(full review) - Office Space may not have the best plot out there, but it still a comedy that works mainly because of its satire of middle-class, blue-collar America with hilarious one-liners, and pitch-perfect observations from the master, Mike Judge. Definitely gets better if you have ever worked a job in your life too.
Old School200380434(full review) - Though not consistently funny, Old School still has perfect humor for all the raunch lovers, and also the witty comedy lovers too, that has just enough humor to satisfy all dudes who watch on.
Only Lovers Left Alive201480434(full review)
Paddington201480434(full review)
Panic Room200280434(full review) - Panic Room may suffer from it’s script, but David Fincher creates suspenseful tension and makes this simple plot, better than just your average-thriller.
Paranormal Activity 4201280434(full review) - Though it’s definitely the most unoriginal and blandest entry of the whole series, PA 4 still has fun with itself in terms of scares, chills, and overall fun atmosphere that never ceases to stop me from having a good olde time. PA 5? I think so. Let’s just hope they try some new, cool stuff this time around.
Parenthood198980434(full review)
Pete's Dragon201680434(full review)
Pi199880434(full review)
Pieces Of April200380434(full review)
Pineapple Express200880434(full review)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest (2006)200680434(full review)
Pride201480434(full review)
Princess Cyd201780434(full review)
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women201780434(full review)
Puss in Boots201180434(full review)
Queen of Earth201580434(full review)
Rango201180434(full review)
Raw201780434(full review)
Ray200480434(full review)
Ready Player One201880434(full review)
Red Eye200580434(full review)
Red Road200680434(full review)
Ricki and the Flash201580434(full review)
Rio201180434(full review)
Road to Perdition200280434(full review)
Roger & Me198980434(full review)
Rounders199880434(full review) - Though a bit predictable, Rounders is packed with colorful performances and a lot of energy to make this film a joyful ride.
Run Lola Run199880434(full review)
Rush (2013)201380434(full review)
Rush Hour 2200180434(full review)
Safe199580434(full review)
Saving Silverman200180434(full review)
Scent of a Woman199280434(full review)
Scream 4201180434(full review)
Searching201880434(full review)
Searching For Sugar Man201280434(full review)
Shaun the Sheep Movie201580434(full review)
Sherlock Holmes200980434(full review)
Side Effects (2013)201380434(full review)
Sing Street201680434(full review)
Sisters201580434(full review)
Smashed201280434(full review)
Source Code201180434(full review)
Southside With You201680434(full review) - Sweet and heartfelt, Southside With You works regardless of one’s political opinions or beliefs, making us all see a little more about Barack and Michelle Obama than ever expected.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse201880434(full review)
Split201780434(full review)
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith 200580434(full review)
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens201580434(full review)
Step201780434(full review)
Stevie200280434(full review)
Still Alice201480434(full review)
Sunshine Cleaning200880434(full review)
Superman197880434(full review)
Superman Returns200680434(full review) - With an extra bit of attention to the heart and soul of its title character, Superman Returns works both as a silly, yet exciting superhero flick, as well as a tender look at the loneliness these kinds of characters embody.
Swimming Pool200380434(full review)
Tangled201080434(full review)
Testament of Youth201480434(full review)
The Accountant201680434(full review)
The Armstrong Lie201380434(full review)
The Babadook201480434(full review)
The Big Short201580434(full review)
The Conjuring 2201680434(full review)
The Dirty Dozen196780434(full review)
The Double201380434(full review)
The Dreamers200380434(full review)
The Drop201480434(full review)
The Family Fang201680434(full review)
The Fountain200680434(full review)
The Ice Harvest200580434(full review)
The Immigrant201380434(full review)
The Jungle Book201680434(full review)
The Killing of a Sacred Deer201780434(full review)
The Last Temptation of Christ198880434(full review)
The Look of Silence201480434(full review)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.201580434(full review)
The Matador200580434(full review)
The Mend201580434(full review)
The Old Man & the Gun201880434(full review)
The One I Love201480434(full review)
The Shape of Water201780434(full review)
The Stanford Prison Experiment201580434(full review)
Thief198180434(full review)
Thirteen200380434(full review)
This Is 40201280434(full review)
Thor: The Dark World201380434(full review)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy201180434(full review)
Toni Erdmann201680434(full review)
Traffic200080434(full review)
Training Day200180434(full review)
Trainwreck201580434(full review)
Tremors199080434(full review)
True Romance199380434(full review)
Two Days, One Night201480434(full review)
Tyrel201880434(full review)
Unexpected201580434(full review)
V/H/S201280434(full review)
Vice201880434(full review)
Visitor, The (2008)200880434(full review)
W.200880434(full review)
War for the Planet of the Apes201780434(full review)
War Of The Roses198980434(full review)
Weather Man, The200580434(full review)
Wendy and Lucy200880434(full review)
West of Memphis201280434(full review)
What Maisie Knew201380434(full review)
What Richard Did201280434(full review)
Where the Wild Things Are200980434(full review)
Whiplash201480434(full review)
Whose Streets?201780434(full review)
Wild201480434(full review)
Willow Creek201380434(full review)
Win Win201180434(full review)
Wolverine, The201380434(full review)
Wreck-It Ralph201280434(full review)
Z for Zachariah201580434(full review)
Zack and Miri Make a Porno200880434(full review)
Zootopia201680434(full review)
28 Weeks Later200775747(full review) - 28 Weeks Later is definitely one of the better horror movie-sequels out there due to it’s grim atmosphere and mood, but still pales in comparison to what Danny Boyle was able to do with the original and the lasting-effect it’s material it had on you, in terms of horror and emotion. Please come back for one last movie, Danny, please.
A Bigger Splash201575747(full review)
A Fantastic Woman201775747(full review)
A Serious Man200975747(full review)
After Dark, My Sweet199075747(full review)
Age of Adaline, The201575747(full review)
Alien: Covenant201775747(full review)
American Reunion201275747(full review) - Though it can drag on too long, American Reunion is still a great way to bring back the lovable and original cast with its usual, funny humor and some ounce of sympathy that makes us feel more about what may happen to us in the future and what we may be seeing at our next high school reunion. But it’s also great to just see all of the characters and cast return, especially if you loved the original American Pie.
American Wedding200375747(full review) - American Wedding is exactly what you can expect from the 3rd flick of its series: gross-out humor, Stifler acting like an ass, and an under-lining sweetness. The problem with this one though is that it’s a little bit too much about Stifler and could have focused a lot more on Jim and Michelle, aka the two peeps who were actually getting married here.
Amores Perros200075747(full review)
Apocalypto200675747(full review)
Appropriate Behavior201475747(full review)
Arlington Road199975747(full review)
Backdraft199175747(full review)
Bad Words201475747(full review)
Batman (Keaton)198975747(full review) - Though it isn’t as emotionally involving as you would expect from such a dark and atmospheric superhero flick such as this, Batman benefits from some beautiful set-pieces from Tim Burton, great performances from Nicholson and Keaton, and some fun summer blockbuster entertainment to hold you over.
Be Kind Rewind200875747(full review)
Bernie201175747(full review)
Best Man, The199975747(full review)
Big Hero 6201475747(full review)
Borgman201375747(full review)
Bourne Legacy, The201275747(full review)
Bourne Supremacy200475747(full review)
Bridge of Spies201575747(full review)
Bridget Jones's Baby201675747(full review)
Bullhead201175747(full review)
Chef201475747(full review)
Coco201775747(full review)
Conjuring, The201375747(full review)
Crank: High Voltage200975747(full review)
Creed II201875747(full review)
Cry-Baby199075747(full review)
Cutie and the Boxer201375747(full review)
Demolition Man199375747(full review)
Donald Cried201775747(full review)
Dredd 3D201275747(full review)
End of Watch201275747(full review) - Even though End of Watch suffers when it feels the need to stay within the conventions of your usual cop-drama, it still benefits from the amazing chemistry between the two leads, that make these characters more interesting, more entertaining to watch, and two people that we want to see live on at the end of the story.
Escobar: Paradise Lost201475747(full review)
Expendables 3, The201475747(full review)
Fair Game201075747(full review)
Far from the Madding Crowd201575747(full review)
First Man201875747(full review)
Focus201575747(full review)
For a Good Time, Call...201275747(full review)
Frankenweenie201275747(full review)
Frankie and Johnny199175747(full review)
Game, The199775747(full review)
Gangster No.1200075747(full review)
Get On Up201475747(full review)
Get Out201775747(full review)
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai199975747(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)201175747(full review) - If you have seen the original, everything here may feel a bit familiar and old, but with Fincer’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you don’t know what to expect with some great tension, non-stop fast pace, and great performances from the whole cast, especially Mara who shows her total role commitment and deserves some type of recognition come February.
Girls Trip201775747(full review)
Goat201675747(full review)
Grandma201575747(full review)
Green Book201875747(full review)
Hacksaw Ridge201675747(full review)
He Got Game199875747(full review)
Heat, The201375747(full review)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army200875747(full review)
Hitchcock201275747(full review)
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)201275747(full review) - Though Jackson does tread in familiar-territory that we all know what to expect and get out of an experience like his return to Middle Earth, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is still fun and entertaining to watch, even if the whole idea of being filmed in 48fps can get a bit tiresome over time. After awhile, you do begin to get used to it but in my opinion, to avoid any distractions to the human-eye whatsoever, just give this baby a whirl in 3D, or regular 2D, especially if you want to save some moolah.
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The (2013)201375747(full review)
Hope Springs201275747(full review)
Humpday200975747(full review)
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The201375747(full review)
Hunt for the Wilderpeople201675747(full review)
I Am Legend200775747(full review)
In a World...201375747(full review)
In the Valley of Elah200775747(full review)
Irrational Man201575747(full review)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit201475747(full review)
Jarhead200575747(full review) - Jarhead is definitely not the war flick for everyone, actually it’s very anti-war, but what sets this one apart is the direction from Mendes who gets inside the heads of these soldiers and shows what they’re going through, and also features a stand-out performance from Gyllenhaal, who is compelling the whole time.
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work201075747(full review)
Keanu201675747(full review)
Kedi201775747(full review)
Kill Your Darlings201375747(full review)
Killer Joe201175747(full review)
Liar Liar199775747(full review) - The sentimental value may be a little bit annoying, but Jim Carrey brings Liar Liar’s good plot, to becoming a hilarious time.
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The200475747(full review)
Listen Up Philip201475747(full review)
Live Free or Die Hard200775747(full review)
Lovesong201775747(full review)
Loving201675747(full review)
Lust, Caution200775747(full review)
Mama201375747(full review)
Man of Steel201375747(full review)
Mary Poppins Returns201875747(full review)
McFarland USA201575747(full review)
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl201575747(full review)
Mighty Aphrodite199575747(full review)
Minority Report200275747(full review)
Mist, The (2007)200775747(full review) - The Mist is well-acted, tensely written and directed by Frank Darabont, but is a let-down with its ending, some plot holes in the script, and the unintentionally hilarious special effects.
Nocturnal Animals201675747(full review)
Novitiate201775747(full review)
Nymphomaniac201375747(full review)
O Brother, Where Art Thou?200075747(full review)
Only God Forgives201375747(full review)
Outrage (2010)201075747(full review)
Pan's Labyrinth200675747(full review)
ParaNorman201275747(full review)
Patriots Day201675747(full review)
Pirate Radio200975747(full review)
Place Beyond the Pines, The201375747(full review)
Please Give201075747(full review)
Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands200475747(full review)
Queen of Versailles, The201275747(full review)
Results201575747(full review)
Robot and Frank201275747(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed201275747(full review)
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The201375747(full review)
Shadow Of The Vampire200075747(full review)
Sin City200575747(full review)
Snakes on a Plane200675747(full review)
Snowtown201175747(full review)
Sorry to Bother You201875747(full review)
Spring Breakers201375747(full review)
Spy201575747(full review)
Star Trek Beyond201675747(full review)
State of Play200975747(full review)
Stretch201475747(full review)
Stronger201775747(full review)
T2 Trainspotting201775747(full review)
The Beguiled201775747(full review)
The Crossing Guard199575747(full review)
The Girl with All the Gifts201675747(full review)
The Guard201175747(full review)
The Guest201475747(full review)
The Lego Batman Movie201775747(full review)
The Neon Demon201675747(full review)
The Skeleton Twins201475747(full review)
The Transfiguration201775747(full review)
This Is Not a Film201175747(full review)
Thor: Ragnarok201775747(full review)
Total Recall (1990)199075747(full review)
Towelhead200875747(full review)
Trance201375747(full review)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon201175747(full review)
True Grit (2010)201075747(full review)
Tumbleweeds199975747(full review)
Venus200675747(full review)
War Dogs201675747(full review)
War Horse201175747(full review)
Warm Bodies201375747(full review)
What We Do in the Shadows201475747(full review)
Winters Bone201075747(full review)
2 Guns201370893(full review)
30 Minutes Or Less201170893(full review) - Though it’s comedy gets a little lost and the film itself takes a little bit of awhile to get going, 30 Minutes or Less is still very funny with lowbrow humor rather than just raunchy jokes, a talented cast, and a slick time limit that keeps this film moving along as more and more fun ensues.
A Man Called Ove201570893(full review)
Abyss, The198970893(full review)
Admission201370893(full review)
Adult Beginners201570893(full review)
Afternoon Delight201370893(full review)
Air Force One199770893(full review)
Allied201670893(full review)
American Gangster200770893(full review) - The performances are great from all over the spectrum, and the direction from Ridley Scott makes this film a gritty but entertaining crime thriller, but never goes anywhere we haven’t seen before, and almost seems like a drag to get to the last scene that we all see coming.
Amistad199770893(full review)
Aquaman201870893(full review)
Arthur Christmas201170893(full review)
At Any Price201270893(full review)
Atomic Blonde201770893(full review)
August: Osage County201370893(full review)
Baby Mama200870893(full review)
Bad Times at the El Royale201870893(full review)
Bank Job, The200870893(full review)
Bart Got A Room200870893(full review)
Beach Rats201770893(full review)
Beautiful Girls199670893(full review) - Nothing much really happens here other than a bunch of conversations, but Beautiful Girls’ script is so good, that it kind of makes up for that, with it’s themes about men and women, and performances from a great cast, especially Natalie Portman.
Belle201470893(full review)
Black Book200670893(full review)
Black Panther201870893(full review)
Black Sea201470893(full review)
Blind201470893(full review)
Blood Father201670893(full review)
Blood Ties201470893(full review)
Blue Jasmine201370893(full review)
Bonnie and Clyde196770893(full review)
Bourne Identity200270893(full review)
Brave201270893(full review) - Brave definitely has some nice heart, humor, and beautiful visuals to show off, but it’s not Pixar’s best because of a surprising plot twist that takes it right into kiddie material, which wouldn’t be all that bad if it wasn’t any other flick. However, it is Pixar and the bar has been raised a little too high for them to do something like this, and almost get away with.
Breakdown199770893(full review)
Breathe In201370893(full review)
Bridesmaids201170893(full review) - Although it doesn’t work as a good structure for its story, Bridesmaids still has some very good performances from a very funny cast, that gives this material more laughing power, even when it does start to seem over-long.
Brigsby Bear201770893(full review)
Butler, The (2013 F Whitaker by Lee Daniels)201370893(full review)
C.O.G.201370893(full review)
Calvary201470893(full review)
Candyman199270893(full review)
Capitalism: A Love Story200970893(full review)
Change-Up, The201170893(full review) - The plot turns into some sympathetic and formulaic crap that kind knocks the comedy down more and more, but The Change-Up still has it’s fair shares of totally raunchy, dirty, and just downright wrong jokes that actually work mainly thanks to the very great performances from Reynolds and Bateman.
Chappie201570893(full review)
Charlie Countryman201370893(full review)
City of Ghosts201770893(full review)
Cloverfield200870893(full review) - Though it has problems with it’s script and the dumb things that usually are done by all characters in every single horror film, Cloverfield is well-filmed, scary, and at-times, clever gimmick. However, it’s a gimmick that works and makes you feel like you’re on a roller-coaster, including the nauseating side-effects.
Coherence201370893(full review)
Cold Weather201070893(full review)
Computer Chess201370893(full review)
Concussion201570893(full review)
Contagion201170893(full review) - Contagion has an impressive ensemble and makes you feel as if you are in a world of fear and panic during this epidemic, but you never actually feel totally involved with this story, and more of just a watcher of Soderbergh’s annoying way of showing how much cool science stuff he knows.
Counselor, The201370893(full review)
Croods, The201370893(full review)
Crying Game, The199270893(full review)
Crystal Fairy And The Magical Cactus201370893(full review)
Cyrus201070893(full review) - Cyrus suffers from some annoying indie problems, but it features a simple story with heart, awkward humor, and performances from the whole cast that feel genuine and perfectly picked for each of their characters.
Darkest Hour201770893(full review)
Dave199370893(full review)
Dick Tracy199070893(full review)
Digging for Fire201570893(full review)
Disconnect201370893(full review)
Do-Deca-Pentathlon, The201270893(full review)
Dom Hemingway201470893(full review)
Don Jon201370893(full review)
Draft Day201470893(full review)
Drive201170893(full review) - Drive has moments where it absolutely works with it’s stylish direction from Nicolas Winding Refn, great performances from the cast, especially Gosling, and some bloody and thrilling flashes of violence, but too much of it feels slow and features conversations that are more boring than one you would have with a wall.
Eastern Promises200770893(full review)
Eddie the Eagle201670893(full review)
El Mariachi199270893(full review)
Elvis & Nixon201670893(full review)
Enemy201370893(full review)
Enemy of the State199870893(full review) - Enemy of the State lacks in originality and a good script, but features a lot fun and exciting action, mostly lead by a charismatic performance from Smith.
Epic201370893(full review)
Escape From New York198170893(full review)
Escape Plan201370893(full review)
Event Horizon199770893(full review)
Everest201570893(full review)
Expendables, The201070893(full review) - The Expendables, may have a bad plot, and problems with its script, but it does provide plenty of the action it promised, and the cast still does provide plenty of fun for everybody.
Fast Five201170893(full review)
Fifth Element, The199770893(full review) - The overall look, pacing, and feel of this movie has you laughing and having a good time, but The Fifth Element fails to go that full mile when it’s script starts to fall apart by the last act.
Fifth Estate, The201370893(full review)
Filth201370893(full review)
Florence Foster Jenkins201670893(full review)
Fort Tilden201470893(full review)
Gangs of New York200270893(full review)
George Washington200070893(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish - Män som hatar kvinnor)200970893(full review)
God Help the Girl201470893(full review)
Gold201670893(full review)
Good Kill201570893(full review)
Grand Piano201370893(full review)
Green Mile, The199970893(full review)
Grifters, The199070893(full review) - Stephen Frears’ direction definitely makes you feel as if he is just playing with you, just in-order to be more like his subjects, but that’s why The Grifters does, and does not work in it’s own right. However, you can’t deny the charm and power that is within these three performances and it’s just wonderful to see them act each-and-every-single-one of their asses off, even if the pace seems to not be serving them the full-plate that they so rightfully deserves.
Happy Endings200570893(full review)
Hateship Loveship201470893(full review)
Heavenly Creatures199470893(full review) - Peter Jackson has way too much style here for me to actually be involved with this story, but regardless, Heavenly Creatures is a flick that is very disturbing, well-acted, and makes you feel as if you are in these girls’ heads as they go from normal to completley insane.
Help, The201170893(full review)
High Fidelity200070893(full review)
Hit and Run201270893(full review)
Horrible Bosses201170893(full review) - The script’s laughs relies too much on weak punch-lines, conversational comedy, and a script that could have focused more on the solid premise, but much thanks to the great cast full of big-names and some funny laughs, Horrible Bosses is funnier than a lot of recent buddy-films that have come out. Also, totally relatable because who hasn’t ever had a horrible boss that they haven’t ever had wanting to kill?
Hot Rod200770893(full review)
Hot Tub Time Machine201070893(full review) - Don’t expect any sense or reality from this film, but Hot Tub Time Machine works cause of its non-stop laughs, that border along terrible raunch, and funny satire.
How I Live Now201370893(full review)
I Love You Man200970893(full review) - With a simple premise, the cast uplifts this film with its perfect comedic performances, and the fact that it’s just a great time to watch and have fun.
Iceman, The201270893(full review)
Ides of March201170893(full review) - Though there are a lot of messy things about The Ides of March, Clooney makes up for it with a very interesting story that gets better as the film goes along, and a cast full of great star that bring so much to each of their characters.
Illusionist, The (2006)200670893(full review)
Imperial Dreams201470893(full review)
Impossible, The201270893(full review)
Incredible Hulk, The (Edward Norton)200870893(full review)
Internal Affairs199070893(full review)
Intolerable Cruelty200370893(full review)
Invictus200970893(full review) - Slow Paced and highly predictable, Invictus offers delightful performances from Damon and Freeman with inspiration, but isn’t Eastwood’s best work.
Iron Man 2201070893(full review)
It's Kind Of A Funny Story201070893(full review) - It’s Kind of a Funny Story is pretty funny, entertaining, and features a lot of heart as well, but it almost feels like it’s a little too scared to step into some very dark spots where I think it would have really worked a whole lot more if the directors and writers went that extra mile.
Jack Goes Boating201070893(full review)
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton201770893(full review)
John Wick201470893(full review)
Joy201570893(full review)
Jupiter Ascending201570893(full review)
Jurassic World201570893(full review)
Kids Are All Right, The201070893(full review) - The story isn’t as effective as I was expecting, and the plot feels a little all too familiar, but the characters are rich, and the performances keep this film running, even though you want more.
Kingsman: The Secret Service201570893(full review)
Kong: Skull Island201770893(full review)
La Femme Nikita199070893(full review)
Lady Macbeth201770893(full review)
Laggies201470893(full review)
Legally Blonde200170893(full review)
Liberal Arts201270893(full review)
Life201770893(full review)
Lizzie201870893(full review)
Lookout, The200770893(full review) - The Lookout may run into some predictable territory by the end, but Scott Frank’s direction keeps this flick fun and entertaining, with plenty of good performances from this cast that makes every character seem even more well-rounded than the last.
Lorax, The201270893(full review) - The Lorax may run into problems about getting a little too political with its message, but the talented cast and beautiful visuals keep this film going even when the story seems to slow down.
Love & Friendship201670893(full review)
Love Actually200370893(full review)
Love and Other Drugs201070893(full review) - It may be a bit un-even at plenty of points, and loses itself by the end, but the chemistry between the leads, and a nice balance between heart, and humor, makes this romantic comedy, a good one to say the least.
Lucy201470893(full review)
Machete Kills201370893(full review)
Maggie's Plan201570893(full review)
Magic Mike XXL201570893(full review)
Mallrats199570893(full review) - Though its not Smiths best, and surely doesn’t measure up to Clerks, Smith’s sophomore debut Mallrats is still a funny, if too edgy comedy, with insightful nuggets about love and comics, and good performances from the cast.
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom201370893(full review)
Maps to the Stars201470893(full review)
Margaret201170893(full review)
Master and Commander200370893(full review)
Mayhem201770893(full review)
Me Before You201670893(full review)
Men In Black 3201270893(full review) - Men in Black III may not be a threequel we needed to see nor does it bring anything new to this almost-forgotten franchise, but it does bring a lot of kid-oriented fun to it, with charming performances from the cast, a breezy pace, and a nice mixture of comedy and action that will remind you as to why this franchise worked so well in the first place.
Men, Women & Children201470893(full review)
Miles Ahead201670893(full review)
Miracle200470893(full review)
Molly's Game201770893(full review)
Mother and Child200970893(full review)
Much Ado About Nothing (2013 Joss Whedon)201370893(full review)
NARC200270893(full review) - Even though it’s ultimately a pretty formulaic cop story, writer/director Joe Carnahan gives Narc a style that is gritty, mean, and grungy, and the performances from Patric and Liotta make this more than just another another, run-of-the-mill story about two messed up cops.
Never Let Me Go201070893(full review) - If you are in happy mood and want to keep that going, then don’t check out Never Let Me Go, because it is sad, empty (in many ways), and doesn’t have any real moments of shining suns in the sky, but it is also beautiful to look at, a very moody piece that can really put you into its setting, and features a fine young cast that does a great job with all that their given.
Non-Stop201470893(full review)
Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer201770893(full review)
Nurse Betty200070893(full review)
Oculus201470893(full review)
Oldboy (2013 Spike Lee)201370893(full review)
Other Guys, The201070893(full review) - The Other Guys may not know what to do by the last act, so they just add unbelievable satire, and random explosions. However, the cast is hilarious, with a great amount of consistent laughs.
Out of the Furnace201370893(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful201370893(full review)
Pacific Rim201370893(full review)
Pain And Gain201370893(full review)
Patriot Games199270893(full review)
Paul201170893(full review) - People may not understand many of the many science fiction references that inhabit this film, but they still will get a chuckle out of this sweet, and funny screenplay, with a great cast. However, you do feel that it could have been better given the talent involved.
Pawn Sacrifice201570893(full review)
Payback199970893(full review)
People Like Us201270893(full review)
Phone Booth200270893(full review) - The direction and acting is what keeps Phone Booth tense and entertaining, but the focus seems a little bit too divided and there isn’t much that this film really tries to answer by the end of the film either.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007)200770893(full review)
Postcards from the Edge199070893(full review)
Primal Fear199670893(full review)
Prince of Tides, The199170893(full review) - The Prince of Tides may dive into some cornball material, and miss the mark as a romance drama, but it shows that Babs can direct a film well, with some emotionally true scenes, and good performances from the cast, especially Nolte.
Prometheus201270893(full review)
Public Enemies200970893(full review) - There are obvious faults here within Public Enemies, but they are somehow over-shadowed, by the great action sequences, and wonderful performances from the cast, minus Bale.
Pusher (1996)199670893(full review)
Pusher III: I am the Angel of Death200570893(full review)
Quantum of Solace200870893(full review)
RED201070893(full review)
Ride with the Devil199970893(full review)
Rise of the Guardians201270893(full review)
Road Trip200070893(full review)
Rock, The199670893(full review)
Rocket Science200770893(full review)
Rosewater201470893(full review)
Running Man, The198770893(full review)
Rust and Bone201270893(full review)
SALT201070893(full review)
Sausage Party201670893(full review)
Seabiscuit200370893(full review)
Sessions, The201270893(full review)
Sex and Lucia200170893(full review)
Sinister201270893(full review) - With a great sense of dread, fun, and suspense to it, Sinister comes off as being a better horror flick than what we are used to seeing, but still doesn’t fall short of being a little silly here and there, or by falling for the typical conventions we are used to seeing with horror movies in today’s world.
Skin I Live In, The (La piel que habito)201170893(full review)
Sleeping with Other People201570893(full review)
Sleepwalk With Me201270893(full review)
Sleepy Hollow199970893(full review)
Slow West201570893(full review)
Small Time Crooks200070893(full review)
Snow White and the Huntsman201270893(full review)
Southpaw201570893(full review)
Space Station 76201470893(full review)
Spectre201570893(full review)
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, The201570893(full review)
Stand And Deliver198870893(full review)
Stoker201370893(full review)
Straight Outta Compton201570893(full review)
Submarine201070893(full review)
Suicide Squad201670893(full review)
Sum Of All Fears200270893(full review)
Sunlight Jr.201370893(full review)
Sunshine200770893(full review)
Swimming with Sharks199470893(full review)
Swiss Army Man201670893(full review)
Synecdoche, New York200870893(full review)
Tabloid201170893(full review)
Taken200870893(full review)
The Birth of a Nation201670893(full review)
The Danish Girl201570893(full review)
The Diary of a Teenage Girl201570893(full review)
The Disaster Artist201770893(full review)
The Edge of Seventeen201670893(full review)
The Equalizer201470893(full review)
The Finest Hours201670893(full review)
The Fundamentals of Caring201670893(full review)
The Good Dinosaur201570893(full review)
The Good Girl200270893(full review)
The Good Lie201470893(full review)
The Harvest201370893(full review)
The Homesman201470893(full review)
The House That Jack Built201870893(full review)
The Imitation Game201470893(full review)
The Intern201570893(full review)
The Interview201470893(full review)
The Invitation201570893(full review)
The Joneses200970893(full review)
The Long Kiss Goodnight199670893(full review)
The Magnificent Seven201670893(full review)
The Mother200370893(full review)
The Mule201870893(full review)
The Normal Heart201470893(full review)
The Rover201470893(full review)
The Salvation201470893(full review)
The Score200170893(full review)
The Signal201470893(full review)
The Son's Room200170893(full review)
The Tailor of Panama200170893(full review)
The Trip201070893(full review)
The Two Faces of January201470893(full review)
The Upside of Anger200570893(full review)
The Village200470893(full review)
The Voices201570893(full review)
The Yards200070893(full review)
The Zero Theorem201370893(full review)
They Came Together201470893(full review)
Thirteen Days200070893(full review)
Time To Kill, A199670893(full review)
Tom at the Farm201370893(full review)
Transformers200770893(full review)
True Adolescents200970893(full review)
Trumbo201570893(full review)
Truth201570893(full review)
Unbroken201470893(full review)
Unfriended201570893(full review)
V/H/S/2201370893(full review)
V/H/S: Viral201470893(full review)
Very Bad Things199870893(full review)
We're The Millers201370893(full review)
White Bird in a Blizzard201470893(full review)
Wiener-Dog201670893(full review)
Wimbledon200470893(full review)
Wind River201770893(full review)
Youth201570893(full review)
Zero Effect199870893(full review)
A Bad Moms Christmas2017651172(full review)
A Cure for Wellness2017651172(full review)
About Last Night2014651172(full review)
Adventures of Tintin, The2011651172(full review) - The Adventures of Tintin still seems weird with the motion-capture animation and constantly moving plot, but where this film makes up for that is in its script that is full of mystery and humor, and a Spielberg direction that calls back his old Indiana Jones days that still works all of these years later.
Ant-Man2015651172(full review)
Anthropoid2016651172(full review)
Arbitrage2012651172(full review)
Assassin's Creed2016651172(full review)
Bad Boys1995651172(full review) - Bad Boys has the same formula we have seen many times before in all buddy-cop films, but features exciting action to mix with a great on-screen chemistry between both Lawrence and Smith, although I think they could have done something different.
Bad Boys II2003651172(full review)
Barbershop2002651172(full review)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016651172(full review)
Beaver, The2011651172(full review)
Best Man Holiday, The2013651172(full review)
Beyond the Lights2014651172(full review)
Bird Box2018651172(full review)
Black Sunday1977651172(full review)
Blackhat2015651172(full review)
Boy Meets Girl2015651172(full review)
Brick Mansions2014651172(full review)
Burnt2015651172(full review)
Buster's Mal Heart2016651172(full review)
Café Society2016651172(full review)
Camp X-Ray2014651172(full review)
Cinderella2015651172(full review)
Clear and Present Danger1994651172(full review)
Closed Circuit2013651172(full review)
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs2009651172(full review) - The movie changes into some unnecessary areas, but still features beautiful looking cinematography, and enough slapstick, quirky humor, and fun for the whole family to enjoy.
Cold in July2014651172(full review)
Constantine2005651172(full review)
Contraband2012651172(full review) - Contraband features many problems with its script, tone, and annoying camera issues, but the cast somehow rise above the material and make this crime/thriller/action/heist/drama flick a very entertaining, if flawed one to say the least. But hey, it’s January and I was at least entertained rather than feeling depressed.
Daddy's Home2015651172(full review)
Damsels in Distress2011651172(full review)
Darjeeling Limited2007651172(full review) - The Darjeeling Limited is well-acted and has its moments of pure drama and comedy, but everything feels too familiar with barely anything new or original to see here and the script is definitely one of Wes Anderson’s more uneven ones as of late.
David Brent: Life on the Road2016651172(full review)
Dead Man1995651172(full review)
Desperado1995651172(full review)
Dinner for Schmucks2010651172(full review) - The tone may be a little shifty and the central message is very strange as well, but Dinner For Schmucks has a hilarious cast, some very funny moments, and an unabashed sweetness to it that actually brings much more heart to this material than I actually expected.
Dogma1999651172(full review)
Dogtooth (Kynodontas)2009651172(full review)
Dolores Claiborne1995651172(full review)
East, The (2013)2013651172(full review)
Eight Men Out1988651172(full review)
Enter the Void2009651172(full review)
Equals2015651172(full review)
Equilibrium2002651172(full review)
Everything Is Illuminated2005651172(full review)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them2016651172(full review)
Five-Year Engagement, The2012651172(full review) - The tone may be a disjointed, the laughs may not be constant, and the run-time may be about 30 minutes too long, but The Five-Year Engagement still entertains enough with it’s very funny laughs, and it’s charming leads, that are backed by an amazing supporting cast that steals the scenes almost every chance they get.
Friends with Benefits2011651172(full review) - Friends with Benefits is a funny, well-written, and well-acted rom-com that actually uses it’s two leads perfectly as their chemistry holds the whole film until the film itself succumbs to the cliches that lie within the genre. But in the end I guess it’s all about how the film gets from point A to point B is what really counts.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013651172(full review)
Gangster Squad2013651172(full review)
Get Low2009651172(full review)
Good Doctor, The2012651172(full review)
Gran Torino2008651172(full review) - This may not be his best work, but Clint Eastwood does a great job on screen, with perfect presence, and a screenplay that shows humor, but also enough heart.
Grimsby2016651172(full review)
Guilt Trip, The2012651172(full review)
Hail, Caesar!2016651172(full review)
Hanna2011651172(full review)
Happy Christmas2014651172(full review)
Haywire2011651172(full review)
Head Games2012651172(full review)
Hercules2014651172(full review)
Hobo with a Shotgun2011651172(full review)
Holy Motors2012651172(full review)
Horns2013651172(full review)
Hostel2005651172(full review) - Hostel proves to be extremely violent, filled with plenty of gore and guts, and shows that Eli Roth loves his creations, but its pacing is very mishandled, the characters weren’t very likable, and starts out very bad which lessens the effect of the film.
Hostiles2017651172(full review)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The2014651172(full review)
Hunter, The2011651172(full review) - The Hunter features a very slow, but melodic pace, with great performances from the small cast and beautiful cinematography. However, when it steps away from the forest, the film tries too hard to get emotional on us and it just ends up being more forced than anything else.
Hyena2014651172(full review)
I Am Ali2014651172(full review)
I Am Love2009651172(full review)
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore2017651172(full review)
I Give It A Year2013651172(full review)
Immortals2011651172(full review) - Visionary director Tarsem Singh brings so many colorful, vibrant, beautiful, and larger-than-life sets to this film that it almost makes Immortals feel like some sort of dream filled with bloody and fun action, but also a lame script and long moments of boredom in between all of the slashing and killing.
In a Valley of Violence2016651172(full review)
In the Heart of the Sea2015651172(full review)
Insomnia2002651172(full review)
J. Edgar2011651172(full review)
Keep the Lights On2012651172(full review)
Kick-Ass 22013651172(full review)
Killer Inside Me, The2010651172(full review)
Krisha2015651172(full review)
Last Stand, The2013651172(full review) - The Last Stand isn’t necessarily re-inventing the wheel when it comes to the genre of action movies, but still offers more than plenty of fun, excitement, action, and lovable quips, courtesy of everybody’s favorite Austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Welcome back, Arnie. Glad to see you’re with us and still can’t speak a lick of understandable-English.
Last Vegas2013651172(full review)
Leatherheads2008651172(full review)
Lights Out2016651172(full review)
Macbeth2015651172(full review)
Magic in the Moonlight2014651172(full review)
Manchurian Candidate, The (2004)2004651172(full review)
Manglehorn2014651172(full review)
Menashe2017651172(full review)
Middle Men2010651172(full review) - Some of it is a bit messy, and a bit disjointed, but Middle Men also features some very good writing that gives us great detail about internet porn, while still providing good performances from the whole cast, especially Luke Wilson who shows that he can handle a film well too.
Midnight Special2016651172(full review)
Minions2015651172(full review)
Mission: Impossible II2000651172(full review) - Apparently Cruise can do it all. Yes, even kung-fu.
Monsters2010651172(full review)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding2002651172(full review)
Mystery Men1999651172(full review)
Nine Lives2005651172(full review)
Notorious (2009)2009651172(full review)
Olympus Has Fallen2013651172(full review)
Once Upon A Time In Mexico2003651172(full review)
Piranha (2010)2010651172(full review) - It could have been funnier and paced, however, Piranha 3-D made me realize that gore, blood, boobs, fish, and MTV tools all work out together well, no matter how campy the material may actually get.
Pitch Black2000651172(full review)
Pitch Perfect 22015651172(full review)
Pixels2015651172(full review)
Planet Terror2007651172(full review)
Poltergeist2015651172(full review)
Power Rangers2017651172(full review)
Pretty in Pink1986651172(full review)
Queen of Katwe2016651172(full review)
Riddick2013651172(full review)
RockNRolla2008651172(full review)
Rocky II1979651172(full review)
Roman J. Israel, Esq.2017651172(full review)
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion1997651172(full review)
Rules Don't Apply2016651172(full review)
San Andreas2015651172(full review)
Secret in Their Eyes2015651172(full review)
Sexy Beast2000651172(full review)
She Hate Me2004651172(full review)
Sing2016651172(full review)
Sneakers1992651172(full review)
Snitch2013651172(full review)
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones2002651172(full review)
Sweet Virginia2017651172(full review)
The BFG2016651172(full review)
The D Train2015651172(full review)
The Girl in the Spider's Web2018651172(full review)
The Handmaiden2016651172(full review)
The Keeping Room2015651172(full review)
The Light Between Oceans2016651172(full review)
The Lovers2017651172(full review)
The Night Before2015651172(full review)
The Oath2018651172(full review)
The Overnight2015651172(full review)
The Peanuts Movie2015651172(full review)
The Purge: Anarchy2014651172(full review)
The Railway Man2014651172(full review)
The Shallows2016651172(full review)
The Visit2015651172(full review)
The We and the I2013651172(full review)
This Is Where I Leave You2014651172(full review)
Triple 92016651172(full review)
TRON1982651172(full review)
TRON: Legacy2010651172(full review)
Unbreakable2000651172(full review)
Valhalla Rising2009651172(full review)
Venom2018651172(full review)
Venus in Fur2014651172(full review)
War Machine2017651172(full review)
300: Rise of an Empire2014601325(full review)
A Knights Tale2001601325(full review)
A Most Wanted Man2014601325(full review)
A-Team, The (2010)2010601325(full review)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day2014601325(full review)
Ali2001601325(full review) - Ali lost me at points with its long time limit of scenes that just don’t matter, and although Smith is good here as Ali, it doesn’t seem like he captured the whole essence of Ali.
All Is Bright2013601325(full review)
All the Way2016601325(full review)
Anna Karenina2012601325(full review)
Annie2014601325(full review)
Another Earth2011601325(full review)
Australia2008601325(full review)
Barbershop: The Next Cut2016601325(full review)
Basic Instinct1992601325(full review)
Beautiful Boy2018601325(full review)
Beauty and the Beast2017601325(full review)
Before I Fall2017601325(full review)
Begin Again2014601325(full review)
Big Bad Wolves2013601325(full review)
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk2016601325(full review)
Blind Side, The2009601325(full review)
Bling Ring, The2013601325(full review)
Body of Lies2008601325(full review)
Boiler Room2000601325(full review)
Brad's Status2017601325(full review)
Burning Sands2017601325(full review)
Campaign, The2012601325(full review) - Though it’s satire never fully takes a bite, The Campaign still features a fun cast and a funny bunch of moments that are worth to see, if only for the two leads themselves.
Captain America: The First Avenger2011601325(full review) - With a couple of writing brush-ups, Captain America: The First Avenger could have been even better, but instead works with awesome visuals, kick-ass action, and some very good performances that really add so much more to this film and get you even more pumped up for The Avengers film.
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie2017601325(full review)
Catfight2017601325(full review)
Central Intelligence2016601325(full review)
Charlie Bartlett2007601325(full review)
Cider House Rules, The1999601325(full review)
Clouds of Sils Maria2014601325(full review)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind2002601325(full review)
Crank2006601325(full review) - Crank may have some slow parts here and there, but its still a fun, energetic, and not-so serious thrill ride that knows what it is and isn’t trying to be anything else. Also helps that you have Jason Statham in your lead role too but then again, that’s always a given.
Crazy, Stupid, Love2011601325(full review) - There are moments here that seem incredibly intelligent while others just have you shake your head at the predictable cheesy moments that take so much away from Crazy, Stupid, Love. despite an amazing cast and good moments of being smarter than other rom-com’s out there.
Crow, The1994601325(full review)
Cuban Fury2014601325(full review)
Dear White People2014601325(full review)
Denial2016601325(full review)
Dictator, The2012601325(full review) - At a swift 82 minutes (including credits), The Dictator doesn’t over-stay its welcome and shows that Cohen is still able to make his raunchy, mean, and offensive brand of comedy work despite pulling out of some very key comedy moments that would have really taken this to be more of a satire, and not just another ordinary, Hollywood comedy.
Disturbia2007601325(full review)
Downsizing2017601325(full review)
Ender's Game2013601325(full review)
eXistenZ1999601325(full review)
Experimenter2015601325(full review)
Falling Down1993601325(full review) - Falling Down is darkly funny, very well-acted by Douglas, and not your usual vigilante film, but has many cliches, and not enough screen time devoted to Douglas.
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009601325(full review) - Fantastic Mr. Fox is cute, at times funny, and visually splendid. I just didn’t feel like the jokes were too flattering, and the voices could have been a bit better.
Fast And Furious2009601325(full review) - The plot may be ludicrous, and the writing is the usual cheesy and predictable fare we have come to known of these films, but director Justin Lin brings back the old gang with awesome action sequences, and a different style of telling this story.
Fido2006601325(full review) - The cast, comedy, and original premise make Fido a lot more entertaining, but it never goes the full distance to be flat-out gory, sick, twisted, or even scary for that matter, and that’s one of the most disappointing factors of this could-have-been comedy-horror classic.
Final Destination 52011601325(full review)
Free State of Jones2016601325(full review)
Freeheld2015601325(full review)
From Paris with Love2010601325(full review)
Galveston2018601325(full review)
Ghost In The Shell1995601325(full review)
Ghostbusters2016601325(full review)
Goosebumps2015601325(full review)
Great Gatsby, The (2013)2013601325(full review)
Half Baked1998601325(full review)
Havoc2005601325(full review)
Here Comes the Boom2012601325(full review) - It’s predictable, obvious, cliched, and tries a tad too hard to be funny, but Here Comes the Boom still seems to have plenty of fun with itself, it’s cast, and it’s story that comes off as more passionate and heartfelt than you would expect from your usual James vehicle.
Hereafter2010601325(full review)
Horrible Bosses 22014601325(full review)
Hotel Artemis2018601325(full review)
Hungry Hearts2014601325(full review)
I Origins2014601325(full review)
I, Robot2004601325(full review)
If Beale Street Could Talk2018601325(full review)
Inferno2016601325(full review)
Insidious2010601325(full review)
Invention of Lying, The2009601325(full review)
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back2016601325(full review)
Junebug2005601325(full review)
Kings of Summer, The2013601325(full review)
Kinky Boots2005601325(full review)
Labor Day2014601325(full review)
Ladykillers2004601325(full review)
Larry Crowne2011601325(full review) - With it’s problem’s of being way too cute for no reason, Larry Crowne may not be the funniest thing to see, but the cast, especially an always likable Hanks, a cool and relaxed pace, and good themes make this a good watch for people who just had their mid-life crisis’, as well as for people who just want a smile.
Layer Cake2004601325(full review)
Legend2015601325(full review)
Legion2010601325(full review)
Leviathan2014601325(full review)
Limitless2011601325(full review) - Director Neil Burger uses a lot of different and crazy visuals to effectively create a state of mind when on drugs, and Bradley Cooper is good in this lead role, but the script lets-down Limitless with its many missed opportunities, and confusing outcomes.
Live by Night2016601325(full review)
Lockout2012601325(full review) - Predictable, dumb, and unoriginal, Lockout barely has any of the elements that makes a good, if memorable, sci-fi flick but with a reliable cast, quick pace, and fun action to boot, it doesn’t do so bad when it comes to just killing some time.
Louder Than Bombs2015601325(full review)
Maggie2015601325(full review)
Man On The Moon1999601325(full review)
Man with the Iron Fists, The2012601325(full review)
Mascots2016601325(full review)
Mission: Impossible1996601325(full review)
Mistress America2015601325(full review)
Moana2016601325(full review)
Monsters University2013601325(full review)
Monuments Men, The2014601325(full review)
Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?2016601325(full review)
Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist2008601325(full review)
Nines, The2007601325(full review)
No Escape2015601325(full review)
Nymphomaniac: Volume II2013601325(full review)
Obit2017601325(full review)
Office Christmas Party2016601325(full review)
On the Road2012601325(full review)
Pan2015601325(full review)
Paperboy, The2012601325(full review)
Parker2013601325(full review) - If you know what you’re getting yourself into when you walk through the doors of a movie starring Jason Statham, then you know exactly what to expect from Parker and that is loud, unpolished, and unapologetic joy and desire to have a good time, even if it is nothing new or refreshing that you haven’t already witnessed before.
Parkland2013601325(full review)
Perfect Storm, The2000601325(full review)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011601325(full review)
Pitch Perfect2012601325(full review) - Pitch Perfect has a very boring center and very predictable story to tell, but still kept me laughing with everything they threw at us, especially some of the most enjoyable singing performances I have heard in a film in a long, long time.
Predestination2014601325(full review)
Pride and Glory2008601325(full review)
Promised Land2012601325(full review)
Proof of Life2000601325(full review)
Ralph Breaks the Internet2018601325(full review)
Ransom1996601325(full review)
Redbelt2008601325(full review)
Reign Over Me2007601325
Risk2017601325(full review)
Roll Bounce2005601325(full review)
Room 2372013601325(full review)
Runaway Bride1999601325(full review)
Scrooged1988601325(full review)
Shadow Dancer2012601325(full review)
Sightseers2012601325(full review)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For2014601325(full review)
SLC Punk1999601325(full review)
Starsky & Hutch2004601325(full review)
Suburbicon2017601325(full review)
Suffragette2015601325(full review)
Terminator Genisys2015601325(full review)
That Awkward Moment2014601325(full review)
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby2014601325(full review)
The Discovery2017601325(full review)
The Duke of Burgundy2014601325(full review)
The Fall2006601325(full review)
The Frighteners1996601325(full review)
The Girl on the Train2016601325(full review)
The Great Wall2016601325(full review)
The Kingdom2007601325(full review)
The Legend of Tarzan2016601325(full review)
The Little Hours2017601325(full review)
The Maze Runner2014601325(full review)
The Secret Life of Pets2016601325(full review)
The Theory of Everything2014601325(full review)
The Walk2015601325(full review)
Time Out of Mind2014601325(full review)
Tiny Furniture2010601325
To the Wonder2013601325(full review)
True Story2015601325(full review)
U-5712000601325(full review)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets2017601325(full review)
Valkyrie2008601325(full review)
Veronica Mars2014601325(full review)
War of the Worlds2005601325(full review)
We Are Marshall2006601325(full review)
Welcome to Me2014601325(full review)
Welcome to the Dollhouse1995601325(full review)
Wendigo2001601325(full review)
Whatever Works2009601325(full review)
Where to Invade Next2015601325(full review)
White House Down2013601325(full review)
Wilson2017601325(full review)
Wonder2017601325(full review)
World War Z2013601325(full review)
X-Men2000601325(full review)
XX2017601325(full review)
xXx2002601325(full review)
312016551495(full review)
3602011551495(full review) - With an exceptional amount of good stories and performances from this large, cultural cast, 360 does deliver on giving us a drama that keeps our attention but when it comes to providing us with some major issues and themes about the world we live in where sex is everywhere? Nope, not really there.
48 Hours1982551495(full review) - 48 Hrs. is a bit dated and not as funny as you would expect, but features some good action, with a pleasent chemistry from Nolte and Murphy.
About Time2013551495(full review)
Adore2013551495(full review)
Alex of Venice2014551495(full review)
All Is by My Side2013551495(full review)
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane2013551495(full review)
American Ultra2015551495(full review)
American, The2010551495(full review) - The American features some beautiful sights, a slow but tense pace, and a different but good performance from George Clooney, but has too many scenes where they didn’t feel needed and a bit disjointed, which doesn’t do much for the whole character study aspect of this script.
Angels And Demons2009551495(full review)
Any Given Sunday1999551495(full review) - Oliver Stone’s “football movie” is a bit messy and some parts don’t seem like they belong at all, but Stone’s direction that captures the perfect feel of the game, and the perfect performances of the cast make this a film that any football fan can and probably will enjoy. It will just take about 2½ hours out of your day to watch it.
Assassination Nation2018551495(full review)
Bachelorette2012551495(full review)
Beautiful Creatures (2013)2013551495(full review)
Big Trouble in Little China1986551495(full review) - Though it is of course dated in many places, Big Trouble in Little China has some awesome and just fun action sequences, with writing that doesn’t take itself too seriously so therefore nobody else should whoever wants to see this one.
Broken City2013551495(full review)
Call, The2013551495(full review)
Charlie's Angels2000551495(full review)
Chi-Raq2015551495(full review)
Cold Souls2009551495(full review)
Color of Money, The1986551495(full review)
Confirmation2016551495(full review)
Conspirator, The2010551495(full review)
Crimson Peak2015551495(full review)
Da Sweet Blood of Jesus2014551495(full review)
Defiance2008551495(full review)
Demolition2016551495(full review)
Devil's Advocate1997551495(full review)
DUFF, The2015551495(full review)
Escape from Tomorrow2013551495(full review)
Extract2009551495(full review)
Fast And The Furious (2001)2001551495(full review) - Loud, aggressive, dumb, stupid, and ultimately entertaining, The Fast and the Furious may have huge problems with its script, but it will keep you excited the whole time with it’s B-Level thrills to give you the ultimate guilty pleasure feel.
Faults2015551495(full review)
Fighting2009551495(full review)
Friends with Kids2012551495(full review) - Friends with Kids has some good insight, some funny moments, and a good ensemble that works well with this material, but it ends up falling into conventions that not only take away from the first hour but also make Westfeldt’s sloppiness as a director show up a lot more.
Fright Night (2011)2011551495(full review)
Grudge Match2013551495(full review)
Hall Pass2011551495(full review) - The laughs aren’t non-stop like you would expect from an idea like this, and the sub-plot is terribly boring, but the cast does a good job with this script, and the jokes did somehow have me laughing, which makes Hall Pass a nice return for The Farrelly Brothers.
Hands of Stone2016551495(full review)
Hulk (Eric Bana)2003551495(full review) - Director Ang Lee strives for ambition here with some dramatic depth to the story, good performances from the cast, and a beautiful, comic-book look to the film, but overall there’s too much talking and most of it just feels plain boring with not enough cool action sequences which makes me question how didn’t Lee know why Lee tried to aim for a Greek tragedy?
I Heart Huckabees2004551495(full review)
I Saw the Light2015551495(full review)
In Time2011551495(full review)
Insidious Chapter 22013551495(full review)
Justice League2017551495(full review)
K-19: The Widowmaker2002551495(full review)
Life After Beth2014551495(full review)
Losers, The2010551495
Made2001551495(full review)
Man On A Ledge2012551495(full review)
Marie Antoinette2006551495(full review)
Martha Marcy May Marlene2011551495(full review)
Miss You Already2015551495(full review)
Mojave2015551495(full review)
Morgan2016551495(full review)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 22016551495(full review)
Now You See Me2013551495(full review)
One Hour Photo2002551495(full review)
Passengers2016551495(full review)
Pompeii2014551495(full review)
Puncture2011551495(full review)
RoboCop2014551495(full review)
Self/less2015551495(full review)
Speed Racer (2008)2008551495(full review)
Spider-Man 32007551495(full review)
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi 1983551495(full review)
Taken 22012551495(full review) - Taken 2 is your typical unneeded, stupid, and unintentionally sequel that seems to get pushed-out every couple of times a year, but for this time, it’s actually fun and keeps your eyes moving along with the quick-fire pace at 91 minutes of pure adrenaline fun, and Liam Neeson bad-assery.
Ted 22015551495(full review)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)2014551495(full review)
Thank You for Your Service2017551495(full review)
The Book of Henry2017551495(full review)
The Chumscrubber2005551495(full review)
The Disappearance of Alice Creed2009551495(full review)
The Hitman's Bodyguard2017551495(full review)
The Holiday2006551495(full review)
The Indian Runner1991551495(full review)
The Infiltrator2016551495(full review)
The Judge2014551495(full review)
The Lady in the Van2015551495(full review)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie2017551495(full review)
The Painted Veil2006551495(full review)
The Runaways2010551495(full review)
Thelma2017551495(full review)
Thing, The (2011)2011551495(full review)
Tomorrowland2015551495(full review)
Transcendence2014551495(full review)
Trouble with the Curve2012551495(full review)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona2008551495(full review)
War on Everyone2016551495(full review)
Whale Rider2003551495(full review)
Whip It2009551495(full review)
Words, The2012551495(full review)
2 Fast 2 Furious2003501588(full review) - 2 Fast 2 Furious may be entertaining and have the same slick look the first one had, but the script brings this film and it’s cast way farther down.
212008501588(full review)
3 Days to Kill2014501588(full review)
47 Ronin2013501588(full review)
5 Flights Up2015501588(full review)
A Deadly Adoption2015501588(full review)
A Walk in the Woods2015501588(full review)
A.C.O.D.2013501588(full review)
Act of Valor2012501588(full review)
Adjustment Bureau2011501588(full review) - The tone may be all over-the-place, and the premise doesn’t go the extra mile it could have, but the script is nice, and the overall genuine chemistry between Damon and Blunt has us really involved with this story.
After Earth2013501588(full review)
All I See Is You2017501588(full review)
Almost Christmas2016501588(full review)
Aloha2015501588(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The2012501588(full review) - The Amazing Spider-Man is exactly what you come to expect from a superhero flick: fun, action-packed, wild and crazy set pieces, baddies doing bad things, goodies doing good things, romantic love story, and some little shots of humor to liven everything up. Problem is, this is a reboot of a series that has already had its movies, and were ones that still stay stuck in my mind no matter what.
American Assassin2017501588(full review)
Anesthesia2016501588(full review)
Anonymous2011501588(full review) - Anonymous has its fair share of flaws, but also has some great qualities with some great performances, an interesting story that benefits from some smart theories, and has Roland Emmerich on top of his game doing something else other than just blowing up the world, one blockbuster at a time.
As I Lay Dying2013501588(full review)
Austenland2013501588(full review)
Bad Teacher2011501588(full review) - Here and there, Bad Teacher had me laughing, but not as much as I thought it would have because it goes into predictable, if not cheesy territories, and just doesn’t really push the envelope when it comes to it’s comedy. Still, the cast makes this a somewhat enjoyable dark comedy.
Barbershop 2: Back in Business2004501588(full review)
Bee Movie2007501588(full review)
Big Chill, The1983501588(full review) - There are a lot of faults here including the generation gap, lack of subtlety from characters and plot, and no real message, but has good performances from its ensemble cast, a great soundtrack, and wonderful writing that is real and tragic.
Book Thief, The2013501588(full review)
Boy Next Door, The2015501588(full review)
Bright2017501588(full review)
Bringing Out the Dead1999501588(full review)
Bullet To The Head2013501588(full review)
Butter2011501588(full review) - Butter has some delightful moments and features a fine cast, except for Jennifer Garner who is annoying to watch and listen to, but never goes down to those deep deaths of hell that they call satire and decides to play it safe with it’ story and what it is essentially poking jokes at.
By the Sea2015501588(full review)
Canyons, The2013501588(full review)
Casa De Mi Padre2012501588(full review) - Casa de Mi Padre features some very funny moments that will either leave you crying or just chuckling thinking about it long after the movie is over, but there are times where the jokes seem to go on for too long and the fact that it isn’t consistently funny may be a bit of a draw-back, especially when you consider that Will Ferrell is in it.
Cesar Chavez2014501588(full review)
Children of a Lesser God1986501588(full review)
Chronicles of Riddick2004501588(full review)
Clash of the Titans (2010)2010501588(full review)
Cop Land1997501588(full review) - Cop Land has its obvious cliches and bad ending, but features a fun and interesting story, backed by an effective dramatic performance from Stallone, but not enough time was given to the others in my opinion.
Criminal2016501588(full review)
Crown Heights2017501588(full review)
Da Vinci Code, The2006501588(full review)
Daredevil2003501588(full review) - Daredevil has a dark and gritty tone to go along with it and action scenes that contain plenty of energy, but the script is written too poorly to be any different from any of the other superhero flicks, except the fact that the superhero himself is a blind dude. I also think that this is one of the very rare, superhero stories that could have at least benefited from an R-rating.
Dead Man Down2013501588(full review)
Death Sentence2007501588(full review)
Despicable Me2010501588(full review) - Despicable Me has great-looking animation and some chuckles here and there, but overall it’s too centered towards kids, predictable by the end, and just an animated film that doesn’t do much else different than what we have already seen done before and better from far-superior Pixar films.
Despicable Me 22013501588(full review)
Dirty Grandpa2016501588(full review)
Divergent2014501588(full review)
Doors, The1991501588(full review)
Eagle Eye2008501588(full review)
Evil Dead (2013)2013501588(full review)
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close2011501588(full review)
Fading Gigolo2014501588(full review)
Fifty Shades of Grey2015501588(full review)
Fist Fight2017501588(full review)
Foul Play1978501588(full review)
Four Rooms1995501588(full review)
From Dusk Till Dawn1996501588(full review) - The film is highly energetic filled with over-the-top action that will keep you glued, but I expected more from Tarantino and Rodriguez teaming together and didn’t feel my needs were there.
Genius2016501588(full review)
Green Hornet, The2011501588(full review) - The Green Hornet has moments of fun, with good comedy and stylish action, but the script lets down this cast, and promised us a new take on the superhero genre, even though it turns out to be the same as they all are, and you can’t help thinking this could have been so much better given the talent involved.
Green Lantern2011501588
Hangover Part II, The2011501588(full review) - There is a more darker, meaner, and grittier tone than the first, but there are still not as many surprises nor as many of actual humor here at all. The Hangover: Part II is just a remake of the first with a few chuckles, but nothing else really new to bring to the table.
Hansel and Gregel: Witch Hunters2013501588(full review)
Happy Death Day2017501588(full review)
Hellion2014501588(full review)
Hesher2010501588(full review)
Hollow Man2000501588(full review)
Homefront2013501588(full review)
Hotel Transylvania2012501588(full review) - Even though it is your typical, kiddie fare with jokes that will have them howling, Hotel Transylvania is still a fun and entertaining flick with a great look of animation, interesting story, and a voice cast that handles all of their material well.
How to Be Single2016501588(full review)
Hyde Park On Hudson2012501588(full review)
I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House2016501588(full review)
I Smile Back2015501588(full review)
I'm Not There.2007501588(full review)
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The2013501588(full review)
Indecent Proposal1993501588(full review) - The performances are rich, and the film itself brings up good questions about the limitations of marriage and love, but it never does much with them and just makes those questions turn into a sappy soap opera.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008501588(full review)
Insidious Chapter 32015501588(full review)
Jane Got a Gun2015501588(full review)
Jeff, Who Lives At Home2011501588(full review)
Jersey Boys2014501588(full review)
jOBS2013501588(full review)
John Dies At The End2013501588(full review)
Jonah Hex (2010 live action)2010501588(full review)
Julieta2016501588(full review)
Just One Of The Guys1985501588(full review)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter2014501588(full review)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter2014501588(full review)
Last Days on Mars, The2013501588(full review)
London Has Fallen2016501588(full review)
Lovelace2013501588(full review)
Lucky Number Slevin2006501588(full review)
Madame Bovary2015501588(full review)
Maleficent2014501588(full review)
Man Without a Face, The1993501588(full review)
Maniac2013501588(full review)
Men Who Stare At Goats, The2009501588(full review) - A future cult classic, The Men Who Stare at Goats could have been better given the right tone, touch, and writing, but still has enough funny moments, with enough good performance to satisfy, though it still disappoints.
Miracles from Heaven2016501588(full review)
Morning Glory2010501588(full review)
Mr And Mrs Smith2005501588(full review)
My Week with Marilyn2011501588(full review)
Mysterious Skin2004501588(full review)
Nasty Baby2015501588(full review)
New York Stories1989501588(full review)
Nobody Walks2012501588(full review)
Notting Hill1999501588(full review) - Notting Hill has an underdeveloped romance that gets very predictable by the end, but the chemistry and performances from Grant and Roberts both save this film and make it an enjoyable rom-com. But then again, aren’t they all?!? Maybe not.
Oblivion2013501588(full review)
Odd Life of Timothy Green, The2012501588(full review) - Though it is well-acted and features a nice message for the whole family, The Odd Life of Timothy Green just doesn’t bring any surprises, emotional resonance, or any type of extravagant characters to hold onto. Still, it’s bearable to sit through and won’t kill you to check out on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.
Open Grave2014501588(full review)
Our Idiot Brother2011501588(full review) - Paul Rudd is charming and the film has it’s fair shares of sweet moments, but Our Idiot Brother is too thinly written, too serious, and just too much of a huge comedic let-down to actually be one of the most memorable comedies I have ever seen, but it’s just OK.
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones2014501588(full review)
Patriot, The2000501588(full review)
Patti Cake$2017501588(full review)
Pearl Harbor2001501588(full review)
Philomena2013501588(full review)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales2017501588(full review)
Planet of the Apes (2001)2001501588(full review) - Planet of the Apes is cheesy, poorly written, and filled with sub-par performances from the impressive cast, but it’s still an entertaining B-flick with great visuals, some fun action, and a feel of not taking itself too seriously which is good for any film about a world of apes.
Posse1993501588(full review)
Premium Rush2012501588(full review) - Premium Rush gives the audience the type of escapism fun that they need around the dog days of August, but almost ruins itself with a convoluted plot, over-the-top acting from Shannon, and a terrible script that just gets worse and worse as it goes along, almost until the point of where you just want these people to just ride their freakin’ bikes and shut the hell up!
Pretty Woman1990501588(full review)
Punisher: War Zone2004501588(full review)
Purge, The2013501588(full review)
Quartet2012501588(full review)
Race2016501588(full review)
Red Dawn (1984)1984501588(full review)
Ride2014501588(full review)
Ride Along2014501588(full review)
Rio 22014501588(full review)
Runner Runner2013501588(full review)
Scoop2006501588(full review)
Soul Men2008501588(full review)
St. Vincent2014501588(full review)
Thanks for Sharing2013501588(full review)
The 332015501588(full review)
The Belko Experiment2017501588(full review)
The Boss2016501588(full review)
The Boxtrolls2014501588(full review)
The Captive2014501588(full review)
The Fault in Our Stars2014501588(full review)
The Gambler2014501588(full review)
The Gunman2015501588(full review)
The Hero2017501588(full review)
The Hundred-Foot Journey2014501588(full review)
The Last Five Years2015501588(full review)
The Most Hated Woman in America2017501588(full review)
The Mummy2017501588(full review)
The Ninth Gate1999501588(full review)
The November Man2014501588(full review)
The Sacrament2014501588(full review)
To the Bone2017501588(full review)
Touchy Feely2013501588(full review)
Transformers: Age of Extinction2014501588(full review)
Warcraft2016501588(full review)
Wet Hot American Summer2001501588(full review)
Where the Truth Lies2005501588(full review)
Wild Card2015501588(full review)
Wish I Was Here2014501588(full review)
Wolf Creek2005501588(full review)
Wrath of the Titans2012501588(full review)
X-Men: The Last Stand2006501588(full review)
xXx: Return of Xander Cage2017501588(full review)
You, Me and Dupree2006501588(full review)
Youth in Revolt2009501588(full review)
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016451751(full review)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter2012451751(full review) - You’re enjoyment level of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, will most likely depend on whether or not you are able to accept that title and it’s wild premise, but if you can, it’s fun, crazy, filled with memorable action, and has a nice leading role from Benjamin Walker.
Adventureland2009451751(full review) - Adventureland has a nicer and sweeter tone than most teen comedies, and some fun in the script, but it doesn’t have as much as fun as I think it could have, and ultimately just feels forgettable, except for the memory of the awesome Lou Reed song.
Alpha Dog2006451751(full review) - Alpha Dog has some genuinely chilling and disturbing moments that are heightened by the whole ensemble cast that’s in this film, but too many times does this film get a little too laughable to take seriously and the characters just weren’t as likable except for two or three maybe.
Black or White2015451751(full review)
Bronson2008451751(full review) - Tom Hardy’s performance is purely amazing, and there are a lot of awesome ass-kicking scenes, but the script fails at actually being a story, or giving any insight into a real-life person I would have loved to know so much more about.
Cowboys & Aliens2011451751(full review) - Though it promised so much more, Cowboys & Aliens has some good action sequences and gives us what we see in the title, but suffers from writing that doesn’t bring anything new to the table and brings us constant cliches, bad one-liners, and an overall feel of disappointment because we know this could have been so much more wild than what we got. You got Han Solo and James Bond loading up their guns looking to shoot some aliens, how hard could it have been!?!?
Exodus: Gods and Kings2014451751(full review)
I Love You, Daddy2017451751(full review)
Identity Thief2013451751(full review)
Longest Ride, The2015451751(full review)
Masterminds2016451751(full review)
Newness2017451751(full review)
Run All Night2015451751(full review)
Sleight2017451751(full review)
Star Wars I: Phantom Menace 1999451751(full review)
The Comedian2017451751(full review)
The House2017451751(full review)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009451751(full review)
A Dangerous Method2011401770(full review)
About Last Night...1986401770(full review)
Alex Cross2012401770(full review) - Alex Cross is what you expect from any conventional/unoriginal detective-movie that feels like it could have been so much better, but just isn’t because of it’s lazy-direction, under-written roles that feels like a big waste of time for the talent that’s in them, and an incredible over-use of the “crack-cam” that I always hate to see in movies, except for The Bourne Ultimatum, but I’m going to act like I didn’t even mention that movie in the review for this one.
Before We Go2015401770(full review)
Choke2008401770(full review)
Collateral Beauty2016401770(full review)
Dark Shadows2012401770(full review) - Definitely has some moments that are funny and very cool to look at, but as a whole, squanders a original premise with annoying jokes, loses its comedic edge with it’s semi-serious tone, and lets a great ensemble cast like this, do nothing other than play second-fiddle to the Tim Burton and Johnny Depp freak show.
Frank2014401770(full review)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009401770(full review) - The action and mayhem is in your face and keeps your eyes glued to the screen but the cheesy liners delivered by some horrendous acting just makes this film another big-budget summer movie.
Get Him To The Greek2010401770(full review) - There are some laughs here, much ado to the amazing cast here, but there is too much random raunch that seems put there to make crazy situations, seem even crazier, and the sweetness by the end doesn’t seem real.
Grown Ups2010401770(full review) - Grown Ups at its best is just a mindless family comedy, kind of, that has some funny moments mostly because of its cast, but the jokes, and lame script just weigh everything down to a point of where you don’t know if your supposed to laugh.
Grudge, The (2004)2004401770(full review)
He Named Me Malala2015401770(full review)
Hes Just Not That Into You2009401770(full review) - He’s Just Not That into You, could have been an important film about relationships, instead is dry, cliched beyond belief, and has some charming performances, but most seem wooden.
Hits2014401770(full review)
I'm So Excited!2013401770(full review)
Jumper2008401770(full review)
Last Exorcism, The2010401770(full review) - The Last Exorcism features some thrills and two good performances from this cast, but overall features too much silly writing that totally loses itself by the end, and a low-budget direction that actually makes this film seem less realistic and more of just an indie production.
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates2016401770(full review)
Mirror Mirror2012401770(full review)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children2016401770(full review)
Money Monster2016401770(full review)
Serendipity2001401770(full review)
Seven Pounds2008401770(full review)
Sex Tape2014401770(full review)
Stonewall2015401770(full review)
Ten Thousand Saints2015401770(full review)
The Astronaut Farmer2006401770(full review)
The Bad Batch2016401770
The Core2003401770(full review)
The International2009401770(full review)
Third Person2013401770(full review)
Tumbledown2016401770(full review)
Victor Frankenstein2015401770(full review)
Winter's Tale2014401770(full review)
Woman in Gold2015401770(full review)
A Million Ways to Die in the West2014351806(full review)
Celebrity1998351806(full review)
Chloe2010351806(full review)
Coraline2009351806(full review) - Coraline may look good, but it’s stretch of the PG rating, and deep, dark story, just adds on worse to the slow pace.
Elite Squad2007351806(full review)
Girl, Interrupted1999351806(full review)
Hitman: Agent 472015351806(full review)
Island, The2005351806(full review)
Lone Ranger, The2013351806(full review)
Now You See Me 22016351806(full review)
Paper Towns2015351806(full review)
Point Break2015351806(full review)
Stand Up Guys2013351806(full review)
Sucker Punch2011351806(full review)
The Other Woman2014351806(full review)
Time Traveler's Wife2009351806(full review)
Year One2009351806(full review)
20122009301823(full review)
Armageddon1998301823(full review)
Battle: Los Angeles2011301823(full review)
Bedtime Stories2008301823(full review) - Here and there was a couple of chuckles, mainly from the cast, but Bedtime Stories is a great kids movies, that may be too colorful, dull, and little heart, for the whole family to enjoy, especially the adults.
Being Flynn2012301823(full review)
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The2011301823(full review)
Beyond the Reach2014301823(full review)
Big Wedding, The2013301823(full review)
Box, The2009301823(full review)
Chasing Mavericks2012301823(full review) - Though the surf culture will probably eat this movie up from start-to-finish (if they can remember it), Chasing Mavericks is still not a film that’s worth seeing by others because of it’s thinly-written characters, lack of energy, and nothing to really grab-on to and take ahold of you. It’s just there, and that’s pretty much it.
Child 442015301823(full review)
Delivery Man2013301823(full review)
Family, The2013301823(full review)
Fifty Shades Darker2017301823(full review)
Final Destination, The (part 4) (2009)2009301823(full review)
Gentlemen Broncos2009301823
Gerontophilia2013301823(full review)
Get Hard2015301823(full review)
Girl Next Door, The2004301823(full review)
Halloween (2007 Rob Zombie remake)2007301823(full review)
Hangover Part III, The2013301823(full review)
Hardcore Henry2016301823(full review)
High-Rise2016301823(full review)
Host, The2013301823(full review)
I Know What You Did Last Summer1997301823(full review) - It has enough kills, jumps, and scares, to satisfy most horror fans, but is way too lauaghable with its overall premise, bad guy, and everything else.
Internship, The2013301823(full review)
Last Boy Scout, The1991301823(full review)
Law Abiding Citizen2009301823(full review)
Lila & Eve2015301823(full review)
Lions For Lambs2007301823(full review)
Loft, The2015301823(full review)
Love2015301823(full review)
Million Dollar Arm2014301823(full review)
Mortdecai2015301823(full review)
Need for Speed2014301823(full review)
Other Boleyn Girl2008301823(full review)
Our Brand Is Crisis2015301823(full review)
Passion2012301823(full review)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies2016301823(full review)
Regression2015301823(full review)
She's Funny That Way2015301823(full review)
Sliver1993301823(full review)
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li2009301823(full review)
Taken 32015301823(full review)
Tammy2014301823(full review)
The Circle2017301823(full review)
The Face of an Angel2015301823(full review)
The Hunting Party2007301823(full review)
The Mothman Prophecies2002301823(full review)
Vantage Point2008301823(full review)
Wedding Ringer, The2015301823(full review)
Welcome to the Punch2013301823(full review)
What's Your Number?2011301823(full review)
Young Guns1988301823(full review)
Young Ones2014301823(full review)
Zoolander 22016301823(full review)
Alice In Wonderland (2010 - Johnny Depp)2010251879(full review)
Annabelle2014251879(full review)
Baggage Claim2013251879(full review)
Couples Retreat2009251879(full review) - Though with it’s moments, Couple Retreat seems very lazy, and not very funny nor very providing on relationships and couples.
Dark Places2015251879(full review)
Devil's Knot2014251879(full review)
Dumb and Dumber To2014251879(full review)
Getaway (2013)2013251879(full review)
God's Pocket2014251879(full review)
I, Frankenstein2014251879(full review)
Insurgent: The Divergent Series2015251879(full review)
Jack and Jill2011251879(full review) - Jack and Jill had chuckles mostly thanks to Al Pacino, but other than that is just not funny because Jill is incredibly unlikable and just a person that nobody would ever want to be around, let alone her own brother.
Knowing2009251879(full review)
Life of Crime2014251879(full review)
No Strings Attached2011251879(full review) - The cast tries their best with whatever they can do, but the script brings No Strings Attached down way too many notches, with it’s bad jokes, and very mushy romance that isn’t very appealing. Rent Love & Other Drugs instead.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 22015251879(full review)
RED 22013251879(full review)
Red Dawn (2012)2012251879(full review)
Red Riding Hood2011251879(full review)
Sabotage2014251879(full review)
The Best of Me2014251879(full review)
The Choice2016251879(full review)
The Cobbler2014251879(full review)
The Happytime Murders2018251879(full review)
The Lazarus Effect2015251879(full review)
The Pacifier2005251879(full review)
The Riot Club2014251879(full review)
The Zookeeper's Wife2017251879(full review)
To Do List, The2013251879(full review)
We Are Your Friends2015251879(full review)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot2016251879(full review)
21 and Over2013201910(full review)
A Long Way Down2014201910(full review)
Are You Here2014201910(full review)
Battleship2012201910(full review) - Battleship definitely thrills with it’s loud explosions and fun direction from Peter Berg, but the script takes away from everything else with its overt silliness, lines that seem like they are jokes in and of itself, and characters that don’t make any sense but are just here to give us people to care about and root on to win the good fight. Michael Bay will be back people, get ready.
Blair Witch2016201910(full review)
Blended2014201910(full review)
Bulletproof1996201910(full review)
Cake2014201910(full review)
Carrie (2013)2013201910(full review)
CHIPS2017201910(full review)
Cobra (1986 Stallone)1986201910(full review)
Cosmopolis2012201910(full review) - Cosmopolis may be a very thought-provoking and smart thing to read on-paper, but being adapted into a feature film just doesn’t cut it because of the dull performances from everybody involved, the uninteresting direction that Cronenberg goes for and succeeds in, sadly, and the ideas and insight into the world we live in that seem very current, but just don’t bring anything new to what we have already heard before.
Diana2013201910(full review)
Dirty Weekend2015201910(full review)
Drillbit Taylor2008201910(full review) - Though it may have some funny moments, Drillbit Taylor has problems with it script, because it gets too carried away with bullying, and just doesn’t fit well in today’s world.
Dude Where's My Car?2000201910(full review)
Endless Love2014201910(full review)
Entourage2015201910(full review)
Every Secret Thing2014201910(full review)
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald2018201910(full review)
Gimme Shelter2014201910(full review)
Good Day To Die Hard, A2013201910(full review)
Haunted House, A2013201910(full review)
Hector and the Search for Happiness2014201910(full review)
Hot Pursuit2015201910(full review)
Hot Tub Time Machine 22015201910(full review)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas2000201910(full review) - Jim Carrey shines as The Grinch, but cannot save this emotionaless, gloomy, and uninspired tale from just being another terrible remake.
Kill Your Friends2015201910(full review)
Lady in the Water2006201910(full review)
Left Behind2014201910(full review)
Missing, The (2003)2003201910(full review)
Mother's Day2016201910(full review)
Mystery, Alaska1999201910(full review)
Play It to the Bone1999201910(full review)
Promotion, The2008201910(full review) - The cast may be game, but The Promotion starts off original, then falls into cheap and forced laughs, backed by some disturbing moments by the end of the film.
Revolver2005201910(full review)
Saint Laurent2015201910(full review)
Serena2014201910(full review)
Stargate1994201910(full review)
The Giver2014201910(full review)
The Limits of Control2009201910(full review)
The Nun2018201910(full review)
The Transporter Refueled2015201910(full review)
Tusk2014201910(full review)
Unfinished Business2015201910(full review)
Wall Street1987201910(full review)
Cop Out2010151956(full review) - The gags are stale, the jokes are unfunny, and the action makes you want to yawn. To call Cop Out unwatchable is an understatement, this is just total shit, and it really is sad to see from a Kevin Smith fan’s standpoint, that this was actually done by him.
G Force2009151956(full review) - This movie is crap, and barely even a good family movie.
Gamer2009151956(full review) - By taking a glorious amount of psychedelics beforehand one could actually have an enjoyable time with this crazy, all-over-the-place action thriller, but if sober, you may find yourself totally bored, annoyed, and just not entertained one bit by this dumb piece of failed satire.
Girl Most Likely2013151956(full review)
Grown Ups 22013151956(full review)
House at the End of the Street2012151956(full review)
Let's Be Cops2014151956(full review)
Love the Coopers2015151956(full review)
Paranoia2013151956(full review)
Ride Along 22016151956(full review)
Rush (1991)1991151956(full review)
The Sitter2011151956(full review)
This Means War2012151956(full review)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen2009151956(full review)
Walk of Shame2014151956(full review)
A Thousand Words2012101971(full review)
Apollo 182011101971(full review) - Apollo 18 is boring beyond belief without any real thrills to hold you over, or any real sense of fun with this flick considering they try so hard to make it seem real, and in the end just seems like another cheap attempt on hitting big with the “found-footage” genre.
Apparition, The2012101971(full review)
Babymakers, The2012101971(full review)
Burn Hollywood, Burn1998101971(full review)
Devil Inside, The2012101971(full review)
Godzilla (1998)1998101971(full review)
Intruders2011101971(full review)
Last Airbender, The (2010)2010101971(full review)
Lucky One, The2012101971(full review)
Miss March2009101971(full review)
Mobsters1991101971(full review)
Movie 432013101971(full review)
Piranha DD (2012)2012101971(full review)
Play Misty for Me1971101971(full review)
Playing For Keeps2012101971(full review)
Something Borrowed2011101971(full review)
The Ridiculous 62015101971(full review)
Weekend at Bernie's1989101971(full review)
Yoga Hosers2016101971(full review)
88 Minutes200751991(full review)
American Pie 2200151991(full review) - American Pie 2 features an over-abundance of what the first one did and starts to drag a lot, but the moments that worked, really made me laugh, and it was just also great to see the cast all back together doing what they do best with these likable characters.
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star201151991(full review)
Happening, The (2008)200851991(full review)
Hudson Hawk199151991(full review) - I really wish I didn’t have to take time out of my life and watch this, honestly.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry200751991(full review)
Nothing but Trouble199151991(full review)
The Room200351991(full review)

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