Dark Shadows

Lists: Horror, Comedy

Brief Synopsis: "Vampire Barnabas Collins is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate and family have fallen into ruin."

Overall Ranking: 2584 (Rank from 2012: # 156)

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Buttery 0%
Regular 14.29%
Half-Popped 78.57%
Stale 7.14%
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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Sean Kelly80(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik70 - Tim Burton is in good form again with this dark/gothic comedy. Won't be a classic like Edward Scissorhands but better than his recent works.
(full review)
Comedy: 3
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 1
Rewatch: 5
Maurice of Movie Mixology60(full review)
Sober Film Critic James Brown56.6(full review)
Usman Ashraf50 - I only have one word to describe this movie: 'meh.' This movie is just an alright movie, and I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you're going to rent it out, and even then make sure that there aren't any better movies you haven't seen yet.
(full review)
Comedy: 4
Sex Appeal: 2
Scary: 2
Rewatch: 2
Darren of Movie Reviews 10150
Colin Flanagan43(full review)
David Baruffi43(full review)
Caz of Lets Go To The Movies43(full review)
Gorgon Reviews43(full review)
Dan O'Neill40 - Definitely has some moments that are funny and very cool to look at, but as a whole, squanders a original premise with annoying jokes, loses its comedic edge with itís semi-serious tone, and lets a great ensemble cast like this, do nothing other than play second-fiddle to the Tim Burton and Johnny Depp freak show.
(full review)
Comedy: 3
Sex Appeal: 4
Scary: 1
Rewatch: 2
Daniel Prinn at Daniel's Film Reviews40(full review)
Thomas Pollock40
Patrick Devitt30

People Involved

  • Johnny Depp (Barnabas Collins)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard)
  • Helena Bonham Carter (Dr. Julia Hoffman)
  • Jonny Lee Miller (Roger Collins)
  • Jackie Earle Haley (Willie Loomis)
  • Eva Green (Angelique Bouchard)
  • Bella Heathcote (Victoria Winters)
  • Chlo√ę Grace Moretz (Carolyn Stoddard)
  • Gulliver McGrath (David Collins)
  • Thomas McDonell (Young Barnabas Collins)
  • Ray Shirley (Mrs. Johnson)
  • Christopher Lee (Clarney)
  • Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper)
  • Ivan Kaye (Joshua Collins)
  • Susanna Cappellaro (Naomi Collins)
  • Raffey Cassidy (Young Angelique)
  • Tim Burton (Director)