Old School

Lists: Comedy

Brief Synopsis: "Mitch, Frank and Beanie are disillusioned with their personal lives begining when Mitch's nymphomanic girlfriend, Heidi, cheats on him, then former party animal Frank gets married, but unwilling to get go of his wild life, and Beanie is a family man seeking to reclaim his wild and crazy youth."

Overall Ranking: 1574 (Rank from 2003: # 25)

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Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 26.67%
Regular 40%
Half-Popped 26.67%
Stale 0%
Burnt 6.67%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Wayne of Man I Love Films97(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest93Comedy: 8
Sex Appeal: 4
Scary: 1
Rewatch: 8
Bryan Lienesch87 - Old School, like a college student, is crude, silly, energetic, and often intoxicated...and doesn't have any regrets about it.
Comedy: 8
Sex Appeal: 7
Scary: 2
Rewatch: 7
Tim The Film Guy86(full review)
Dan O'Neill80 - Though not consistently funny, Old School still has perfect humor for all the raunch lovers, and also the witty comedy lovers too, that has just enough humor to satisfy all dudes who watch on.
(full review)
Sir M Hayes XIV75
Brandon H75
Darren of Movie Reviews 10175
Chris Turner70
Drezzy65 - There's some outstanding bits of gold in this one ("I'm here for the gangbang," "we're going streaking," "you're my boy, Blue," and the scenes towards the end when they have to defend their status as a fraternity) but the total is less than the sum of its parts. The movie is insanely quotable, though.
Jeremy M60
Dave Examines Movies57(full review)
karma50 - This isn't my favorite comedy by any stretch. But there are some very funny parts in it. The less-talented Wilson brother slapping the shit out of his co-worker for mentioning the boss' daughter is priceless.
David Baruffi25

People Involved

  • Luke Wilson (Mitch Martin - The Godfather)
  • Will Ferrell (Frank „The Tank“)
  • Vince Vaughn (Beanie)
  • Ellen Pompeo (Nicole)
  • Leah Remini (Lara Campbell)
  • Elisha Cuthbert (Darcie)
  • Jeremy Piven (Dean Gordon "Cheese" Pritchard)
  • Juliette Lewis (Heidi)
  • Sarah Shahi (Erica)
  • Perrey Reeves (Marissa Jones)
  • Todd Phillips (Director)

  • Included in Achievement Trios...

  • New Lease On Life