Layer Cake

Lists: Action, Drama, Thriller, Crime / Heist

Brief Synopsis: "When a seemingly straight-forward drug deal goes awry, XXXX has to break his die-hard rules and turn up the heat, not only to outwit the old regime and come out on top, but to save his own skin..."

Overall Ranking: 959 (Rank from 2004: # 22)

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Buttery 42.86%
Regular 28.57%
Half-Popped 28.57%
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Morgan On Media97(full review)
karma90 - Layer Cake is tied with Casino Royale for my favorite Daniel Craig film. Here's some funny facts regarding my family watching this one. My brothers and I had to pause and rewind this film several times because of the near incomprehensible mumble-mouth English accents and slang dialogue. That's my only pet peeve with British films. The country is the origin of the English language and nobody speaks the damn language!
Rob from GuysFilmQuest85
Rich Alejandro80 - Layer Cake is an interesting one. It's the movie that got Daniel Craig in the door for 007. It's got that feel of many different movies at once. It gets heady, because it's talking about the different classes in life and even in the criminal underworld. Even if you don't like him as Bond, it's a good view. Definitely worthy of a cult status.
David Baruffi80
Chris Turner60
Dan O'Neill60(full review)

People Involved

  • Daniel Craig (XXXX)
  • Tom Hardy (Clarkie)
  • Jamie Foreman (Duke)
  • Sally Hawkins (Slasher)
  • Burn Gorman (Gazza)
  • George Harris (Morty)
  • Tamer Hassan (Terry)
  • Colm Meaney (Gene)
  • Marcel Iures (Slavo)
  • Francis Magee (Paul the Boatman)
  • Dimitri Andreas (Angelo)
  • Kenneth Cranham (Jimmy Price)
  • Garry Tubbs (Brian)
  • Nathalie Lunghi (Charlie)
  • Marvin Benoit (Kinky)
  • Rab Affleck (Mickey)
  • Dexter Fletcher (Cody)
  • Steve John Shepherd (Tiptoes)
  • Ben Whishaw (Sidney)
  • Sienna Miller (Tammy)
  • Paul Orchard (Lucky)
  • Stephen Walters (Shanks)
  • Louis Emerick (Trevor)
  • Ivan Kaye (Freddie Hurst)
  • Jason Flemyng (Crazy Larry)
  • Ben Brasier (Jerry Kilburn)
  • Neil Finnighan (Troop)
  • Michael Gambon (Eddie Temple)
  • Budge Prewitt (Golf Host)
  • Don McCorkindale (Albert Carter)
  • Dragan Mićanović (Dragan)
  • Peter Rnic (Serbian Gangster)
  • Michael Gambon (Eddie Temple)
  • J.J. Connolly (Director)