X-Men: Days of Future Past

Lists: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Marvel Comics, Superhero movie, Time travel

Brief Synopsis: ""Days of Future Past" is a popular storyline in the Marvel Comics comic book The Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142, published in 1981. It deals with a dystopian alternative future in which mutants are incarcerated in internment camps. An older Kitty Pryde transfers her mind into the younger, present-day Kitty Pryde, who brings the X-Men to prevent a fatal moment in history which triggers anti-mutant hysteria."

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    Adam Mulgrew80 - After his X-Men and X2 helped kickstart the superhero movie boom back in the early 2000's, director Bryan Singer has returned to the franchise that has had its ups and downs since his departure. Directors have come and gone and multiple sequels and prequels have muddied the waters of continuity, leaving the series in the tricky spot of having to decide what to do with the original cast, as well as the younger versions introduced in Matthew Vaughn's prequel/reboot X-Men: First Class.
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    People Involved

  • Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier (Future))
  • James McAvoy (Professor Charles Xavier (Past))
  • Michael Fassbender (Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto (Past))
  • Ian McKellen (Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto (Future))
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Raven / Mystique)
  • Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy / Beast)
  • Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine)
  • Anna Paquin (Rogue)
  • Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat)
  • Shawn Ashmore (Iceman)
  • Peter Dinklage ()
  • Halle Berry (Ororo Munroe / Storm)
  • BooBoo Stewart ()
  • Bingbing Fan (Clarice Ferguson / Blink)
  • Daniel Cudmore (Piotr Rasputin / Colossus)
  • Adan Canto ()
  • Omar Sy ()
  • Evan Peters (Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver)
  • Bryan Singer (Director)
  • Jane Goldman (Director)
  • Lauren Shuler Donner (Director)