Pan's Labyrinth

Lists: Drama, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, War

Brief Synopsis: "Living with her tyrannical stepfather in a new home with her pregnant mother, 10-year-old Ofelia feels alone until she explores a decaying labyrinth guarded by a mysterious faun, who claims to know her destiny. If she wishes to return to her real father, Ofelia must complete three terrifying tasks ."

Overall Ranking: 374 (Rank from 2006: # 11)

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Buttery 57.14%
Regular 28.57%
Half-Popped 14.29%
Stale 0%
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Reviewer Rating Review
Keith Hughes100(full review)
David Baruffi97
Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium97(full review)
Thomas Pollock80
Dan O'Neill75(full review)
Bryan Lienesch50 - The problem with fantasy films is there's a very, very fine line between the movie having real contextual value and just being whimsical cow excrement. 'Pan's Labyrinth', as much as I hate to say it, leans toward the latter.

People Involved

  • Ivana Baquero (Ofelia)
  • Maribel Verdú (Mercedes)
  • Sergi López (Capitán Vidal)
  • Doug Jones (Fauno / Pale Man)
  • Ariadna Gil (Carmen)
  • Álex Angulo (Dr. Ferreiro)
  • Roger Casamajor (Pedro)
  • Manolo Solo (Garcés)
  • César Vea (Serrano)
  • Ivan Massagué (El Tarta)
  • Gonzalo Uriarte (Francés)
  • Eusebio Lázaro (Padre)
  • Francisco Vidal (Sacerdote)
  • Juanjo Cucalón (Alcalde)
  • Lina Mira (Esposa del alcalde)
  • Mario Zorrilla (Jefe de botiquín)
  • Sebastián Haro (Capitán Guardia Civil)
  • Mila Espiga (Esposa del doctor)
  • Pepa Pedroche (Conchita)
  • Lalá Gatóo (Jacinta)
  • Ana Sáez (Paz)
  • Chani Martín (Trigo)
  • Milo Taboada (Joven)
  • Fernando Albizu (Maquinista)
  • Pedro G. Marzo (Encargado)
  • José Luis Torrijo (Sargento Bayona)
  • Íñigo Garcés (Joven Guerrillero)
  • Fernando Tielve (Joven Guerrillero 2)
  • Federico Luppi (Rey)
  • Chicho Campillo (Anciano)
  • Pablo Adán (Narrator / Fauno (voice))
  • Guillermo del Toro (Director)