Spider-Man 3

Lists: Action, Hero vs villain, Marvel Comics, Superhero movie

Brief Synopsis: "The seemingly invincible Spider-Man goes up against an all-new crop of villains -- including the shape-shifting Sandman -- in the third installment of this blockbusting comic book adventure series . While Spidey's superpowers are altered by an alien organism, his alter ego, Peter Parker, deals with nemesis Eddie Brock and gets caught up in a love triangle."

Overall Ranking: 2570 (Rank from 2007: # 53)

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Buttery 6.67%
Regular 33.33%
Half-Popped 46.67%
Stale 6.67%
Burnt 6.67%


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People Involved

  • Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man / Peter Parker)
  • Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson)
  • J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson)
  • Rosemary Harris (May Parker)
  • James Cromwell (Captain Stacey)
  • Daniel Gillies (John Jameson)
  • Bryce Dallas Howard (Gwen Stacey)
  • Theresa Russell (Mrs. Marko)
  • Dylan Baker (Dr. Curt Connors)
  • Bill Nunn (Joseph Robertson)
  • Cliff Robertson (Ben Parker)
  • Bruce Campbell (Maître d)
  • Elizabeth Banks (Miss Brant)
  • Ted Raimi (Hoffman)
  • James Franco (New Goblin / Harry Osborn)
  • Thomas Haden Church (Sandman / Flint Marko)
  • Topher Grace (Venom / Eddie Brock)
  • Perla Haney-Jardine (Penny Marko)
  • Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin / Norman Osborn)
  • Cliff Robertson (Ben Parker)
  • Elya Baskin (Mr. Ditkovitch)
  • Mageina Tovah (Ursula)
  • John Paxton (Houseman)
  • Becky Ann Baker (Mrs. Stacy)
  • Stan Lee (Man in Times Square)
  • Michael Papajohn (Dennis Carradine / Carjacker)
  • Joe Manganiello (Flash Thompson)
  • Steve Valentine (Photographer)
  • Hal Fishman (Anchorman)
  • Lucy Gordon (Jennifer Dugan)
  • Sam Raimi (Director)

  • Other Movies in the Series

  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man 2
  • Included in Achievement Trios...

  • Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man