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The names listed below are individuals who have rated movies in our system, and some of them have written movie reviews. We’ve set apart a few of our favorites at the top to be featured, but that doesn’t mean they’ve rated the most films or scored the most points.

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Featured Members

Bryan LieneschDave Examines MoviesFilmHamster
Jay of Life Vs FilmLisa Marie BowmanMark Dujsik
Minnesota ManOften Off Topic Allie AdkinsPaul's Trip To The Movies
RMMR Daniel HernandezRob from GuysFilmQuestSilver Screen Riot Matt Oakes
Sober Film Critic James BrownSteve HabratTim The Film Guy

The Rest of the Popcorn Gallery

3Guys Adam3Guys Griff3Guys Scotty
42nd St Freaky Dave500 Days Of FilmA Moot Point with Aling Lukring
Aaron Leggo from Critical CriticsAdam MulgrewAdam Shaftoe
Alex Hunt EssentialsAlex RobinsonAlexander Myhre
Alistair RyderAmy BigmoreAndrea from Delusions Of Grandeur Reviews
Andrew Buckle of The Film EmporiumAndrew Crump of Go, See, Talk!Andrew Hathaway of Can't Stop The Movies
Andrew SAndy Watches MoviesAndyCrump
Angry VaderAnnwyn SAnother IWC Jerk
Arron GBarbara VanDenburgh of USA TodayBen Deutsch
Ben LaneBenjamin WilkinsBetsy Russo of CinemaNerdz
Bill Graham of Go, See, Talk!BKSTA Movie ReviewsBlaise O'Dell of Us Vs Film
BobTheMovieMannBrandon HBrandon P
Brandon ProsekBrandon S of Media In ReviewBrent
Brewtal BeardBrian from BS Movies PodcastBrian of No, Totally!
Brian WallaceBrittani Burnham of Rambling FilmBryan Lowers
BTS BrianBubba Wheat from Flights, Tights and Movie NightsC Debany
Candice Frederick of Reel Talk OnlineCarly BoothCarrie B
Cassidy HaynesCaz of Lets Go To The MoviesChris Aldred
Chris Bunker of Silver Screen RiotChris Nashawaty of EWChris of This Is Madness
Chris TurnerCindy PrascikCineKatz Michael
CineKatz RichCineKatz RiesCineKatz Shane
CineKatz SteveCineKatz VivekCinema Nerdz Patrick Dunn
CinemaNerdz Mike TyrkusCineMarvellous George BeremovCinematic Katzenjammer Nick
CinemaVisitor ErikCinephile CatherineCirque du Cinema
Citizen CharlieClairestBearest ReviewsColin Carman
Colin FlanaganColossal Is CrazyCommitted to Celluloid Fernando Rafael
Coogs Film BlogCool Movie Guy Dave RandalCue dot Confessions Michael Scott
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden RDamon SchneiderDan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews
Dan Franzen of Frothy RuminationsDan GoolsbyDan Ladnier
Dan O'Neilldan0mauDaniel Prinn at Daniel's Film Reviews
Danilo CastroDanny MDanny Rouhier
Darren Franich of EWDarren of Movie Reviews 101David Baruffi
David Ehrlich of IndieWireDavid Roth-LindbergDavidBirch
Devan Coggan of EWDJ Valentine from Simplistic ReviewsDominick Suzanne-Mayer
Donnie GuthrieDrew BDrezzy
Duke And The MoviesDylan BEmily Estep
Entertainment Blur RobEricRoterFast Film Reviews Mark Hobin
Fernby FilmsFilm Addict Jed WagmanFilm Drunk Vince Mancini
Film Frontier ReubenFilmHipster Chris DevineFlick Chicks Jenna
Focused Filmographer TerranceFoxFire409Fr Dennis
FTS Nick RFuriousCinemaGarth H
General Disdain from Critical Movie CriticsGeorge McCannGeorge Rother of MovieGuy 24/7
Giancarlo of Sci-Fi RemnantGomer Andy from The Movie WafflerGordon Maples
Gorgon ReviewsGreg Eichelberger of Critical Movie CriticsGreg N
Greg of Klymkiw Film CornerGruesome HertzoggGuiltyFilm Andrew N
GuiltyFilm David KGuiltyFilm Jennifer DGuiltyFilm Kevin M
GuiltyFilm Mark MGuiltyFilm Melanie JGuiltyFilm Renee K
GuiltyFilm Scott WHal KitchenHarlan H
Harvey GardnerHC Movie ReviewsHead In A Vice Tyson Carter
heckmanHidai MHorror Hounds
Howard Schumann of Critical Movie CriticsHubbs Movie ReviewsHypersonic55 Curt
Ian Simmons of Kicking The SeatJ BumgardnerJ Collins
J PattersonJack HarringtonJackson Shrout
Jake of Peffer ReviewsJames PatrickJames Rios of Us Vs Film
Jamie HawkinsJason ColemanJD Duran of InSessionFilm
Jeanette WardJeff BeckJeff Wright
Jeremy MJester SmilesJim Carrier
Joe GiulianoJoey Nolfi of EWJohn Ambitious
John GillingJohn IleyJordan K
Josh BJosh of ClassicblancaJourdan Villalon of Us Vs Film
JR BJRebanalJustin A
Kala WkarmaKatie Wong
Keith And The MoviesKeith HughesKeith Noakes
Kevin McCarthyKhalid RafiKincaid
Le Anne of Tinsel And TineLeadbetter On FilmLeah Greenblatt of EW
LetsChatChrisRevillLiz HawkLord Of The Films Ryan
Lucien of Buzz HubLuke Ramerlunacrip
M JMac the Movie GuyMaddWolf George
MaddWolf HopeMaddWolfBrandonMaddWolfCat
MahanMalfreyMandF Reviews
Marc Ciafardini of Go, See, Talk!Mario LMark Avery
Mark ChapmanMark of Marked Movies Mark The Random Viewer
Marshall And The MoviesMatt GMatt Wells
matthew liedkematthewsimpsonMaurice of Movie Mixology
Mesh The Movie FreakMichael RoffmanMichigan Movie Guy Silent Bob
Mike Kowzun of Critical Movie CriticsMike Kuhn from Down In FrontMike Messina
Mikey from The Reviewer.NetMiranda Clarke of CinemaNerdzMLB
Monique Steans of Tinsel And TineMorgan On MediaMountanto
Movie EvangelistMovie Waffler Eric HillisMovie Waffler Joshua LF Mitchell
Movies and BaconMovies Hate You TooMr Jeffery of JDB Records
Nathan Adams and the Temple Of ReviewsNathan TNathan Zoebl
Nelson MonteiroNick LedgerwoodOTC Bill
OTC ChrisPaskalis DamarakPatrick Devitt
Patrick GalvanPaul BPaul Perkins
Pete BPeter BlewittPizza Sliced Reviewer Corry
Pizza Sliced Reviewer MattPlannedBanterPop Culture Case Study
Popcorn ScornR McNeelyR Moreno
Ray Rahman of EWRay Willmottraymondwatt
ReelViews James BerardinelliRich AlejandroRichard Kirkham
Ricky TaylorRob KingRobert of Sci-Fi Remnant
Robert Woodward JrRoberto Montiel of Critical CriticsRyan Blackburn
Ryan CriticRyan from Ten Stars Or LessS Amos
SaJaKSamdiniScott Davis of CinemaNerdz
ScreenZealotLouisaMooreSean Burton from Review AvenueSean Kelly
Sean LubySeth Paul of Cinema NerdzSForbes
Shala ThomasShane of Film ActuallyShelly from BS Movies Podcast
ShiftingPersona from And So It BeginsSir M Hayes XIVSketchy Details Robert
SkoochSober Film Chick Mary DiengStaceyJ
Stephen Wilger of Critical CriticsSteve AldersleySteve Barna
Steve Goldberg of CinemaNerdzSteven Gahm of CinemaNerdzStewart Hoffman
Stu Loves FilmSweet Popcorn And Late Nightstanyablack
TeeterTen K MoviesThat Movie Guy Dion Wyn Hughes
The VoidThomas PollockTim Belloff
Today I Watched A MovieTom BarnesTom Little of Digital Shortbread
Tom ParryTravis HopsonTrenten Barker
Trial 5TrystanUsman Ashraf
V LionheartVern of Video Vanguard and Video VortexVicDeLeon
War Machine HorseWarning SignWayne of Man I Love Films
WBDowlerWill of Silver Emulsionwingchunlife
Words of WisTIMZach Murphy