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Title Year Rating Rank Review
JFK19911001(full review)
Pulp Fiction19941001(full review)
Sense and Sensibility19951001(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The19941001(full review)
Babe1995955(full review) - Donít be fooled, Babe is one of the best family fun adventures featuring, great performances and voicing, a screenplay that touches on the themes it wants to very well, and pulls a lot of heart string, while providing enough fun for the whole family.
Braveheart1995955(full review)
Goodfellas1990955(full review) - Everything about this movie is just fantastic:acting, music, dialouge, camera work, and especially the directing. Though with a little bit of character involvement errors and a not so fantastic ending, I still believe this movie is a great American classic for all to see.
Schindlers List1993955(full review)
Beauty and the Beast1991909(full review) - Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful and true-tale about love, acceptance, and the real person within humans. However, the beautiful animation, and musical numbers still work, and are just about as fresh as they were 20 years ago.
Dances with Wolves1990909(full review)
English Patient, The1996909(full review)
Shakespeare in Love1998909(full review) - The pacing may be a bit off, but Shakespeare in Love is an amazing romantic comedy, that has hilarious and sweet screenplay, that provides great attention to detail, as well as perfect performances from the cast, that just allow you to be entertained and have a great time while watching no matter how much or how little you know of Shakespeare.
Shine1996909(full review)
Thin Red Line, The1998909(full review)
Unforgiven1992909(full review)
Apollo 1319958516(full review)
Few Good Men, A19928516(full review) - A Few Good Men may be your conventional story, it all gets over-shadowed by itís great script, powerful acting from the whole cast, and those last 20 minutes that will just take you back so much.
Il postino19948516(full review) - Though slow, Il Postino features great writing , about love, poetry, and the things that inspire us to write, as well as two great performances from the cast, as well as to a perfect farewell to an actor that never got his shot.
L.A. Confidential19978516(full review)
Quiz Show19948516(full review) - Robert Redford may lose some moments in script-writing with Quiz Show but other than itís amazing with pitch-perfect performances from the whole cast (except for maybe Morrow), a nice deal of subject material goes a long way, and just a great message about morals and why they should come in the way of almost every decision we ever make in our lives, even if it does concern a game-show. That Robert Redford, not only is he handsome as hell, he can write and direct like a legend.
Awakenings19908021(full review)
Fargo19968021(full review)
Full Monty, The19978021(full review)
Good Will Hunting19978021(full review) - Some toning down was needed here and there, but Good Will Hunting is still an emotional and at times witty tale of being the best to your ability, anchored by great performances from the cast, as well as a great first-time script job from Damon and Affleck.
Jerry Maguire19968021(full review)
Scent of a Woman19928021(full review)
Crying Game, The19927027(full review)
Prince of Tides, The19917027(full review) - The Prince of Tides may dive into some cornball material, and miss the mark as a romance drama, but it shows that Babs can direct a film well, with some emotionally true scenes, and good performances from the cast, especially Nolte.

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