Batman (Keaton)

Lists: Action, Fantasy, Remake or reboot, DC Comics, Hero vs villain

Brief Synopsis: "The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker, who has seized control of Gotham's underworld."

Overall Ranking: 692 (Rank from 1989: # 10)

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Buttery 59.09%
Regular 31.82%
Half-Popped 4.55%
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  • Reviewer Rating Review
    Sean Kelly100 - Watched the film multiple times as a kid on VHS (the first one my family bought), though it was the only Batman film I had never seen theatrically. I just remedied that. Been many years since I last saw the film and I had forgotten how awesome Jack Nicholson is as The Joker.
    Rob from GuysFilmQuest97
    Sober Film Critic James Brown97(full review)
    CinemaVisitor Erik95 - Childhood favourite. It is not as serious and epic as Nolan's adaptation but it is still great fun to watch.
    Steve Habrat91 - A flawed but fun crowd-pleaser for diehard Batman fans and the average movie-going public alike.
    (full review)
    CineMarvellous George Beremov90(full review)
    Cassidy Haynes90
    R Moreno90
    Wayne of Man I Love Films88(full review)
    Dan Ladnier85
    Jordan K85
    Josh B85
    Pete B85
    Dave Examines Movies82(full review)
    Hypersonic55 Curt80(full review)
    Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick78(full review)
    Bryan Lienesch76 - Good, not great.
    J Patterson75
    Today I Watched A Movie75(full review)
    Dan O'Neill75 - Though it isn’t as emotionally involving as you would expect from such a dark and atmospheric superhero flick such as this, Batman benefits from some beautiful set-pieces from Tim Burton, great performances from Nicholson and Keaton, and some fun summer blockbuster entertainment to hold you over.
    (full review)
    Thomas Pollock60
    David Baruffi34

    People Involved

  • Michael Keaton (Batman)
  • Jack Nicholson (Joker)
  • Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale)
  • Michael Gough (Alfred)
  • Pat Hingle (Commissioner James Gordon)
  • Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Dent)
  • Jack Palance (Carl Grissom)
  • Jerry Hall (Alicia Grissom)
  • Tracey Walter (Bob the Goon)
  • Lee Wallace (Mayor)
  • William Hootkins (Eckhardt)
  • Edwin Craig (Rotelli)
  • Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox)
  • Bob Kane (Director)
  • Tim Burton (Director)
  • Warren Skaaren (Director)
  • magbo system