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28 Days Later2002951(full review) - Maybe, just maybe, Iím in the minority with this one but 28 Days Later is one of my favorite horror films of all-time. The world that Boyle paints is as devastating and frightening as it gets; the characters are more well-rounded and developed than the script actually gives them credit for; the scares and chills get to you by the utter feel of realism that shoots-out in every frame of this picture; and the message about who we are as humans and what weíll do to live-on in life is as heartbreaking and brutally honest as it can get. Definitely go out there and see it, not just to be scared, but also to be a bit enlightened as well.
Zombieland2009902(full review)
28 Weeks Later2007753(full review) - 28 Weeks Later is definitely one of the better horror movie-sequels out there due to itís grim atmosphere and mood, but still pales in comparison to what Danny Boyle was able to do with the original and the lasting-effect itís material it had on you, in terms of horror and emotion. Please come back for one last movie, Danny, please.
Warm Bodies2013753(full review)
Planet Terror2007655(full review)
World War Z2013606(full review)
Life After Beth2014557(full review)

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