Taxi Driver

Lists: Drama, Crime / Heist, Psychological Thrillers, AFI 100 (2007), Best Picture nominee 1970 to 1979, Classics, Sight And Sound Critics Top 250

Brief Synopsis: "Robert De Niro stars as Travis Bickle in this oppressive psychodrama about a Vietnam veteran who rebels against the decadence and immorality of big city life in New York while working the nightshift as a taxi driver."

Overall Ranking: 52 (Rank from 1976: # 1)

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Buttery 85.71%
Regular 7.14%
Half-Popped 7.14%
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  • Scorsese and DeNiro Round 1

  • Reviewer Rating Review
    3Guys Scotty100
    Josh of Classicblanca100
    Thomas Pollock100
    Patrick Devitt100
    David Baruffi97
    Mark of Marked Movies 97 - It took me a while to come round to this but there's no doubt that it's the classic that it's claimed to be. One if Scorsese and DeNiro's finest moments.
    (full review)
    Dan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews95(full review)
    3Guys Griff95(full review)
    Jim Carrier95
    Bryan Lienesch91 - An unsettling character study that shows how fragile the boundaries of good and evil can be.
    Dan O'Neill90 - Taxi Driver is a very dark film backed by an incredibly disturbing performance from De Niro, and a fearless direction from Scorsese, but focuses too much on one plot when the strongest plot comes by the end.
    (full review)
    Lisa Marie Bowman90 - Disturbing and powerful.
    (full review)
    Rob from GuysFilmQuest81(full review)
    Gorgon Reviews52

    People Involved

  • Robert De Niro (Travis Bickle)
  • Cybill Shepherd (Betsy)
  • Harvey Keitel (Sport Matthew)
  • Jodie Foster (Iris Steensma)
  • Peter Boyle (Wizard)
  • Leonard Harris (Senator Charles Palantine)
  • Albert Brooks (Tom)
  • Diahnne Abbott (Concession Girl)
  • Frank Adu (angry black man)
  • Gino Ardito (Policeman al rally)
  • Martin Scorsese (Man in cab)
  • Martin Scorsese (Director)
  • magbo system