Mother's Day

Lists: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Brief Synopsis: "Intersecting stories with different moms collide on Mother's Day."

Overall Ranking: 3419 (Rank from 2016: # 175)

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Le Anne of Tinsel And Tine56.6 - character Sandy is the focal storyline. She's a mother of two boys under age 13, an interior designer, with a super hot ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant) who is an excellent co-parent; they have one of those divorces that allows for a closer relationship now, than when they were married. So when Henry lays the bomb on her that he's remarrying, Sandy's not only blindsided by the surprise of it, but has to now contend with this new child-bride, Tina (Shay Mitchell) who's perky, gorgeous, fun loving, well-meaning and basically a nightmare for a 40-something woman to have to compete with, even one in as good shape as Jennifer Aniston - sidenote: Aniston's skin is looking like she's been out in the sun too often, that Aveeno lotion she's always hawking doesn't seem to be doing the trick.
(full review)
Scott Davis of CinemaNerdz43(full review)
Often Off Topic Allie Adkins40(full review)
Paul's Trip To The Movies25(full review)
Mahan25(full review)
Dan O'Neill20(full review)
Minnesota Man10 - A backwards-facing blight
(full review)

People Involved

  • Jennifer Aniston (Sandy)
  • Julia Roberts (Miranda)
  • Kate Hudson (Jesse)
  • Jason Sudeikis (Bradley)
  • Timothy Olyphant (Henry)
  • Sarah Chalke (Gabi)
  • Margo Martindale (Flo)
  • Jon Lovitz (Jackie Burn)
  • Britt Robertson (Kristin)
  • Shay Mitchell (Tina)
  • Jack Whitehall (Zack)
  • Loni Love (Kimberly)
  • Gianna Simone (Val)
  • Cameron Esposito (Max)
  • Aasif Mandvi (Russell)
  • Lucy Walsh (Jody)
  • Sandra Taylor (Lexi)
  • Christine Lakin (Hostess)
  • Owen Vaccaro (Charlie)
  • Ella Anderson (Vicky)
  • Ariana Neal (Evette)
  • Grayson Russell (Tommy)
  • Paul Vogt (Tiny)
  • Inder Kumar (Bar Patron)
  • (Director)