X2: X-Men United

Lists: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Marvel Comics, Superhero movie

Brief Synopsis: "Professor Charles Xavier and his team of genetically gifted superheroes face a rising tide of anti-mutant sentiment led by Col. William Stryker in this sequel to the Marvel Comics-based blockbuster X-Men. Storm, Wolverine and Jean Grey must join their usual nemeses Magneto and Mystique to unhinge Stryker's scheme to exterminate all mutants."

Overall Ranking: 735 (Rank from 2003: # 10)

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Buttery 65%
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Reviewer Rating Review
Sober Film Critic James Brown97(full review)
Darren of Movie Reviews 10192(full review)
Dan O'Neill90 - Despite some plot holes, X2 is a total improvement from the first showing a lot more action, special effects, and a more deeper and darker story-line that will take you by storm (pun intended) and won’t let you go until the credits are up.
(full review)
CineMarvellous George Beremov90(full review)
Harvey Gardner90
Brandon H90
Rob from GuysFilmQuest90
Dave Examines Movies88(full review)
JR B87
Jeremy M85 - This was a huge improvement. Loved Nightcrawler's performance.
Rich Alejandro85
Hypersonic55 Curt85(full review)
Sir M Hayes XIV85 - awesome follow up. I was so excited how it ended setting up a third... and then?
Nathan Adams and the Temple Of Reviews80(full review)
Drezzy80 - one of the best comic book movies ever made, showing a large amount of the mutants we all know and love while actually taking the time to give most of them some backstory and drama
Bryan Lienesch78 - It does what a sequel should: it builds off the original story. This is not a new adventure for this band of Marvel Superheroes, but rather the same adventure extended.
Jay of Life Vs Film70(full review)
Gorgon Reviews70
David Baruffi61
Ryan from Ten Stars Or Less40(full review)

People Involved

  • Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier)
  • Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine)
  • Ian McKellen (Eric Lensherr / Magneto)
  • Halle Berry (Ororo Munroe / Storm)
  • Famke Janssen (Jean Grey / Phoenix)
  • James Marsden (Scott Summers / Cyclops)
  • Anna Paquin (Anna Marie / Rogue)
  • Rebecca Romijn (Raven Darkholme / Mystique)
  • Brian Cox (William Stryker)
  • Alan Cumming (Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler)
  • Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly)
  • Aaron Stanford (John Allerdyce / Pyro)
  • Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake / Ice Man)
  • Kelly Hu (Yuriko Oyama / Lady Deathstrike)
  • Katie Stuart (Kitty Pryde / Sprite)
  • Kea Wong (Jubilee)
  • Cotter Smith (President McKenna)
  • Chiara Zanni (White House Tour Guide)
  • Bryan Singer (Director)
  • David Hayter (Director)
  • Zak Penn (Director)

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