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Brief Synopsis: "In the early 1960s, during the Vatican II era, a young woman training to become a nun struggles with issues of faith, sexuality and the changing church."

Overall Ranking: 1602 (Rank from 2017: # 52)

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People Involved

  • Margaret Qualley (Sister Cathleen)
  • Melissa Leo (Reverend Mother)
  • Julianne Nicholson (Nora Harris)
  • Dianna Agron (Sister Mary Grace)
  • Morgan Saylor (Sister Evelyn)
  • Liana Liberato (Sister Emily)
  • Denis OHare (Archbishop McCarthy)
  • Maddie Hasson (Sister Sissy)
  • Chris Zylka (Chuck Harris)
  • Eline Powell (Sister Candace)
  • Ashley Bell (Sister Margaret)
  • Rebecca Dayan (Sister Emanuel)
  • Chelsea Lopez (Sister Charlotte)
  • Marco St. John (Father Luca)
  • Marshall Chapman (Sister Louisa)
  • Lacy Hartselle (Sister Theresa)
  • Lisa Stewart (Sister Genevieve)
  • Neva Howell (Sister Eleanor)
  • Sasha Mason (Cathleen (Age 12))
  • Angela Fox (Sister Gloria)
  • Hannah Renèe Jackson (Sister Anne)
  • Kamryn Boyd (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Lucie Carroll (Professed Nun)
  • Adele Marie Pomerenke (Cathleens Sister)
  • Darla Pelton-Perez (Parent)
  • Cecilia Wyle (Professed Nun)
  • Joseph Wilson (Churchgoer)
  • Anna Swiney (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Sydney Hoover (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Kalista Dwyer (Cathleens Sister)
  • Julia Leigh (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Laurie Pallotta (Professed Nun)
  • Kaitlyn Williams (Cathleens Sister)
  • Kathy Walton (Professed Nun)
  • Bill Shick (Local Priest)
  • Melissa Nyenhuis (Wedding attendee)
  • Rachel Mae Moore (Cathleens Sister)
  • Jeromy Nichols (Churchgoer)
  • Abram Knott (Alter Boy)
  • Eliza Stella Mason (Cathleen Age 7)
  • Gabriela Contaldo (Nun)
  • Nettie Kraft (Friend of Noras)
  • Juliana Dougherty (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Sydney Harris (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Jordan Price (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Kirk H. Andersen (Churchgoer)
  • Ashley Hargrove (Cathleen Sister Nun)
  • Monty Powers (Parent of Nun)
  • Jeffrey Wilkerson (Church Goer)
  • Courtney Cook (2nd Year Novice Nun 1)
  • Kerry Graul (Churchgoer)
  • Jenny Revord (Professed Nun)
  • Bryan Fields (Church Goer)
  • David Alan Spodeck (Sister Evelyns father)
  • Kurstan Buck (Student)
  • Tallie Fausnaught (Cathleens Sister)
  • Robert Happy Allen (Church Dad)
  • Shelton Tison (Altar Boy)
  • Carter Stewart (Cathleens Son)
  • Kadence Riggs (Churchgoer)
  • Valeigh Rhiannon Alford (Catholic School Girl)
  • Kylie Knott (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Abby Harkins (Professed Nun)
  • Jasmin Maya Larsen (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Stephanie Heuer (Sister Evelyns Mom)
  • Debbie Swierk (Blessed Sorrows Nun)
  • Tonya Webb (Parent / Churchgoer)
  • Shelby Johnson (2nd Year Novice 2)
  • Emma Barberi (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Shayna-Raye Funderburk (Cathleens Sister)
  • Emma Grace Peper (Blessed Sorrows Student)
  • Victoria Bradford (Novice Nun)
  • Phillip Trammel (Novitiate Parent)
  • Margaret Betts (Director)