Office Space

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Brief Synopsis: "Peter is a drone for a software company well on his way to a nervous breakdown when a hypnosis mishap opens his eyes. He becomes so apathetic toward his job that he can't even muster up the energy to quit. His new no-work ethic is mistaken by a pair of corporate headhunters as "middle-management potential," and he is promoted as his pals Michael and Samir are laid off. Frustrated in his attempts to be down-sized, Peter hatches a plot to embezzle the company."

Overall Ranking: 169 (Rank from 1999: # 5)

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Buttery 64.29%
Regular 35.71%
Half-Popped 0%
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Jason Coleman100
Rob from GuysFilmQuest93
Tom Little of Digital Shortbread92(full review)
Patrick Devitt90
David Baruffi88
Dave Examines Movies85(full review)
Dan O'Neill80 - Office Space may not have the best plot out there, but it still a comedy that works mainly because of its satire of middle-class, blue-collar America with hilarious one-liners, and pitch-perfect observations from the master, Mike Judge. Definitely gets better if you have ever worked a job in your life too.
(full review)
J Collins80

People Involved

  • Ron Livingston (Peter Gibbons)
  • Stephen Root (Milton Waddams)
  • Diedrich Bader (Lawrence)
  • Jennifer Aniston (Joanna)
  • David Herman (Michael Bolton)
  • Ajay Naidu (Samir Nagheenanajar)
  • Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh)
  • Richard Riehle (Tom Smykowski)
  • John C. McGinley (Bob Slydell)
  • Paul Willson (Bob Porter)
  • Alexandra Wentworth (Anne)
  • Joe Bays (Dom Portwood)
  • Kinna McInroe (Nina)
  • Todd Duffey (Brian)
  • Greg Pitts (Drew)
  • Michael McShane (Dr. Swanson)
  • Linda Wakeman (Laura Smykowski)
  • Jennifer Jane Emerson (Female Temp)
  • Kyle Scott Jackson (Rob Newhouse)
  • Orlando Jones (Steve - Magazine Salesman)
  • Barbara George-Reiss (Peggy - Lumberghs Secretary)
  • Tom Schuster (Construction Foreman)
  • Rupert Reyes (Mexican Waiter)
  • Jackie Belvin (Swansons Patient #1)
  • Gabriel Folse (Swansons Patient #2)
  • Jesse De Luna (Cop at Fire)
  • Mike Judge (Stan - Chotchkies Manager)
  • Justin Possenti (Spectator)
  • Jack Betts (Judge)
  • Mike Judge (Director)
  • magbo system