3:10 to Yuma (remake)

Lists: Action, Westerns, Remake or reboot

Brief Synopsis: "In Arizona in the late 1800's, infamous outlaw Ben Wade and his vicious gang of thieves and murderers have plagued the Southern Railroad. When Wade is captured, Civil War veteran Dan Evans, struggling to survive on his drought-plagued ranch, volunteers to deliver him alive to the "3:10 to Yuma", a train that will take the killer to trial."

Overall Ranking: 1401 (Rank from 2007: # 34)

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Reviewer Rating Review
Lisa Marie Bowman90 - An exciting western, with great performances from Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, and especially Ben Foster.
Jim Carrier88
Rob from GuysFilmQuest80
Mikey from The Reviewer.Net80(full review)
Dan O'Neill80(full review)
Thomas Pollock70
David Baruffi52
Bryan Lienesch50 - When you take on such a ubiquitous and classic genre, you better bring your A game. This remake sadly did not.

People Involved

  • Russell Crowe (Ben Wade)
  • Christian Bale (Dan Evans)
  • Logan Lerman (William Evans)
  • Dallas Roberts (Grayson Butterfield)
  • Peter Fonda (Byron McElroy)
  • Gretchen Mol (Alice Evans)
  • Ben Foster (Charlie Prince)
  • Alan Tudyk (Doc Potter)
  • Vinessa Shaw (Emmy Nelson)
  • Lennie Loftin (Glen Hollander)
  • Rio Alexander (Campos)
  • Pat Ricotti (Jorgensen)
  • Shawn Howell (Jackson)
  • Johnny Whitworth (Tommy Darden)
  • Kevin Durand (Tucker)
  • James Mangold (Director)

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  • Classic Westerns Remade