Big Trouble in Little China

Lists: Action

Brief Synopsis: "When trucker Jack Burton agreed to take his friend Wang Chi to pick up his fiancee at the airport, he never expected to get involved in a supernatural battle between good and evil. Wang's fiancee has emerald green eyes, which make her a perfect target for an immortal sorcerer named Lo Pan and his three invincible cronies. Lo Pan must marry a girl with green eyes so he can regain his physical form."

Overall Ranking: 1395 (Rank from 1986: # 13)

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Buttery 28.57%
Regular 42.86%
Half-Popped 28.57%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Sean Kelly90(full review)
Jim Carrier87 - One of my favorite roles that Kurt Russell ever did. He's so goofy, cocky & enjoyable. No one could've done that role better. If someone else would've been Jack Burton, I wouldn't be giving a review. If you haven't seen, watch it. It's well worth your time.
Comedy: 6
Sex Appeal: 4
Scary: 2
Rewatch: 8
Jordan K80
Rob from GuysFilmQuest75Comedy: 3
Sex Appeal: 1
Scary: 3
Rewatch: 5
Fast Film Reviews Mark Hobin70(full review)
Dan O'Neill55 - Though it is of course dated in many places, Big Trouble in Little China has some awesome and just fun action sequences, with writing that doesn’t take itself too seriously so therefore nobody else should whoever wants to see this one.
(full review)
Comedy: 6
Sex Appeal: 2
Scary: 3
Rewatch: 4
Patrick Devitt50

People Involved

  • Kurt Russell (Jack Burton)
  • Kim Cattrall (Gracie Law)
  • James Hong (David Lo Pan)
  • Dennis Dun (Wang Chi)
  • Victor Wong (Egg Shen)
  • Kate Burton (Margo)
  • James Pax (Lightning)
  • Peter Kwong (Rain)
  • Carter Wong (Thunder)
  • Rummel Mor (Joe Lucky)
  • Donald Li (Eddie Lee)
  • Suzee Pai (Miao Yin)
  • Chao Li Chi (Uncle Chu)
  • Jeff Imada (Needles)
  • Craig Ng (One Ear)
  • June Kyoto Lu (White Tiger)
  • John Carpenter (Director)