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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Hurt Locker, The20081001(full review)
Moulin Rouge!20011001(full review)
Up20091001(full review)
Brokeback Mountain2005954(full review)
Letters from Iwo Jima2006954(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King2003954(full review)
Sixth Sense, The1999954(full review)
An Education2009908(full review)
Babel2006908(full review)
Capote2005908(full review)
District 92009908(full review) - District 9 has some very obvious plot holes, but is brings up many good points, and will leave you emotionally distraught with enough action to keep you on your seat amazed at how real it looks.
Gladiator2000908(full review) - Gladiator may not be as perfect as some may claim, but Ridley Scottís inspired direction keeps this well-acted, beautifully shot, and tremendously entertaining epic, on its toes by never once diving into cheesy or lame territory.
Inglourious Basterds2009908(full review) - Though some viewers will be thrown off by a lot of the talking, Quentin Tarantino still has that masterful mind to have viewers thoroughly enjoyed by his amazing script, non-stop suspense, and great acting from the cast that looks like their all just having a great time.
Juno2007908(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers2002908(full review) - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second-installment that hits, and hits hard with enough emotions, action, and characters running through, that you feel like you have a full grip and feel of this story, whatís happening in it, and whatís to come of it in itís grand, epic finale. Return of the King, here I come!
Lost in Translation2003908(full review)
There Will Be Blood2007908(full review)
Up in the Air2009908(full review) - Up in the Air may start to slow down by the end, however, is highly entertaining with its great script, with enough funny moments, and dramatic moments, that are provided by incredibly strong performances from the three leads.
A Beautiful Mind20018519(full review)
Atonement20078519(full review)
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The20088519(full review)
Departed, The20068519(full review) - A fearless direction from Scorsese, perfect screenplay, and great acting makes The Departed a crime/mob classic for the ages. The ending may have not been the best way to go out for this film, but the whole film keeps your attention, and that is something that makes this a near-perfect film.
Frost/Nixon20088519(full review)
Good Night, and Good Luck.20058519(full review)
In the Bedroom20018519(full review)
Insider, The19998519(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring20018519(full review)
Million Dollar Baby20048519(full review)
Mystic River20038519(full review)
Precious20098519(full review)
Sideways20048519(full review)
Avatar20098032(full review) - Avatar has beautifully enchanting visuals, very effective performances, and an exciting if done before story, that has us forgetting about the real world we live in, with such a beautiful way.
Aviator20048032(full review)
Chocolat20008032(full review)
Crash20048032(full review)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon20038032(full review)
Gosford Park20018032(full review)
Michael Clayton20078032(full review)
Munich20058032(full review)
Ray20048032(full review)
Traffic20008032(full review)
A Serious Man20097542(full review)
Gangs of New York20027043(full review)
Green Mile, The19997043(full review)
Master and Commander20037043(full review)
Seabiscuit20037043(full review)
Blind Side, The20096047(full review)
Cider House Rules, The19996047(full review)

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