Lists: Action, Fantasy, Coming of age, Hero vs villain, Marvel Comics, Superhero movie

Brief Synopsis: "After being bitten by a genetically altered spider, nerdy high school student Peter Parker is endowed with amazing powers."

Overall Ranking: 1135 (Rank from 2002: # 24)

Adjusted* Rating:
(lowest rating dropped)

Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 47.06%
Regular 35.29%
Half-Popped 11.76%
Stale 5.88%
Burnt 0%


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  • People Involved

  • Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man / Peter Parker)
  • Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin / Norman Osborn)
  • Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson)
  • Cliff Robertson (Ben Parker)
  • James Franco (Harry Osborn)
  • J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson)
  • Joe Manganiello (Flash Thompson)
  • Gerry Becker (Maximilian Fargas)
  • Rosemary Harris (May Parker)
  • Bill Nunn (Joseph Robbie Robertson)
  • Bruce Campbell (Ring Announcer)
  • Stanley Anderson (General Slocum)
  • Ron Perkins (Dr. Mendell Stromm)
  • Michael Papajohn (Carjacker)
  • K.K. Dodds (Simkins)
  • Jack Betts (Henry Balkan)
  • Elizabeth Banks (Miss Brant)
  • Shan Omar Huey (Teacher)
  • Lucy Lawless (Punk Rock Girl)
  • Robert Kerman (Tugboat Captain)
  • Ted Raimi (Hoffman)
  • John Paxton (Houseman)
  • Randy Savage (Bone Saw McGraw)
  • Octavia Spencer (Check-In Girl)
  • Jayce Bartok (Subway Guitarist)
  • Sara Ramirez (Cop at Carjacking)
  • Una Damon (Lab Tour Guide)
  • Danny Elfman (Director)
  • magbo system