This list of movies is divided up into Ranked movies, which have been rated enough times to have a ranking, and then a list of other movies from this category/genre which haven't been rated enough times.

Also, there is a version of this list filtered down to movies available to you for streaming in this genre, if you're logged in and have provided a list of which streaming services to which you've subscribed.

Ranked Movies

Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Rankings Breakdown
Brief Encounter
95.67%HBO Max, Criterion Channel, FlixFling
La La Land
94.26%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
Singin' In The Rain
92.8%HBO Max
City Lights (1931)
92.5%HBO Max, Criterion Channel
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Gone with the Wind
92.17%HBO Max
Some Like It Hot
92%Amazon Prime Video
91.33%HBO Max, realeyz
Three Colors: Red
91.33%HBO Max, Criterion Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
90.88%fuboTV, Showtime, CBS, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
Chasing Amy
90.8%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
Bull Durham
90.5%Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Notorious (1946)
90%HBO Max
Before Midnight
89.9%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
Belle de Jour
89.33%HBO Max, Criterion Channel
It Happened One Night
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
89%Amazon Prime Video
Princess Bride, The
88.9%Disney Plus, Hulu
Groundhog Day
88.88%Starz, DIRECTV, Sling TV, Starz Play Amazon Channel, AMC Plus
Moonrise Kingdom
88.5%Amazon Prime Video
Sing Street
500 Days of Summer
88%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
His Girl Friday
88%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Hoopla, DIRECTV, Epix, Pure Flix, Classix, The Film Detective
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Philadelphia Story (1940)
87.5%HBO Max
The Big Sick
87.44%Amazon Prime Video
87.25%Criterion Channel, DIRECTV, realeyz, AMC Plus
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
Jerry Maguire
87.2%Sling TV, AMC Plus
Blue Valentine
87.1%Mubi, HBO Max, Mubi Amazon Channel
Forrest Gump
Away We Go
Y tu mama tambien
86.5%DIRECTV, AMC Plus
If Beale Street Could Talk
Love, Simon
86.25%fuboTV, Hulu, FXNow, DIRECTV
Say Anything...
Crazy Rich Asians
86.08%DIRECTV, Sling TV, TNT, TBS
Beauty and the Beast
86%Disney Plus, DIRECTV
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
Blue Is the Warmest Color
85.86%DIRECTV, AMC Plus
Aladdin (1992 Disney)
85.8%Disney Plus
Cinema Paradiso
85.5%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
Joe Versus the Volcano
Wrestler, The
85.15%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
51The Shape of Water 85.08%fuboTV, Hulu, FXNow, DIRECTV
52Husbands and Wives 85%None.
52Phantom Thread 85%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
52The Apartment 85%None.
52The Handmaiden 85%Amazon Prime Video
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
56A Star Is Born 84.83%HBO Max
57Ruby Sparks 84.77%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
58Clueless 84.67%Sling TV
59Once 84.65%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
60Love Actually 84.62%None.
61Stranger Than Fiction 84.6%Netflix
62West Side Story 84.57%Amazon Prime Video
63As Good as It Gets 84.5%Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
63Barry Lyndon 84.5%None.
65Harold and Maude 84.4%Amazon Prime Video
66An Education 84.36%HBO Max
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
67Carol 84.36%Netflix
68Romancing the Stone 84.33%None.
69Little Women 84.22%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
70Silver Linings Playbook 84.07%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel, USA Network
71Meet Joe Black 83.75%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
72Puffy Chair, The 83.67%None.
72Rebecca 83.67%None.
74Spectacular Now, The 83.56%fuboTV, Hoopla, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
75Up in the Air 83.53%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
76Edward Scissorhands 83.5%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
77Match Point 83.4%None.
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
78Lost in Translation 83.38%None.
79Cinderella Man 83.33%None.
79Dangerous Liaisons (1988) 83.33%HBO Max
79Virgin Suicides, The 83.33%Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, CBS
79What's Eating Gilbert Grape 83.33%Netflix
83Artist, The 83.3%Netflix
84Knocked Up 83.11%History Vault, Sling TV, USA Network
85Brooklyn 83.07%None.
86Big 83%Disney Plus
86Hairspray 83%HBO Max, Hoopla
88Charade 82.67%Amazon Prime Video, Mubi, Hoopla, Fandor, Classix, Fandor Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
88High Fidelity 82.67%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
88Sixteen Candles 82.67%fuboTV, DIRECTV, AMC Plus
88The Wind Rises 82.67%HBO Max
92About a Boy 82.66%None.
93A Single Man 82.5%Netflix, Urban Movie Channel
94True Romance 82.38%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
95Happy, Texas 82.33%Paramount Plus, CBS
96Slumdog Millionaire 82.24%None.
97Pretty Woman 82%Hulu
97Real Genius 82%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
99Leaving Las Vegas 81.75%DIRECTV
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
99The Next Three Days 81.75%Netflix
101Midnight in Paris 81.61%None.
102Before Sunrise 81.5%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
103Annie Hall 81.45%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
104Tootsie 81.4%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
105Safety Not Guaranteed 81.3%Netflix
106Vicky Cristina Barcelona 81.22%None.
107Sound of Music, The 81.11%Disney Plus
108Brokeback Mountain 81%Netflix
108Enchanted 81%None.
110Gattaca 80.87%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
111Before Sunset 80.8%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
112Call Me by Your Name 80.67%fuboTV, Starz
112Your Name. 80.67%None.
114The Theory of Everything 80.56%Netflix
115Castle In The Sky 80.5%HBO Max
115Happiest Season 80.5%Hulu
115The Diary of a Teenage Girl 80.5%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
118Forgetting Sarah Marshall 80.43%Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, USA Network
119Punch-Drunk Love 80.33%Hoopla, Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
120Dan in Real Life 80.17%None.
121Roxanne 80%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
122Swiss Army Man 79.93%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
123Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 79.67%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
124Cant Hardly Wait 79.5%Netflix
124The Best Years of Our Lives 79.5%None.
126Sessions, The 79.4%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
127Lady And The Tramp (1955 Disney) 79.33%Disney Plus
127The Wedding Singer 79.33%DIRECTV, Sling TV, Bravo TV
129Only Lovers Left Alive 79.31%None.
130Top Hat 79.25%HBO Max
131A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 79.1%Mubi, Hoopla, DIRECTV, Shudder, Shudder Amazon Channel, Mubi Amazon Channel, AMC Plus
132Trainwreck 79.06%None.
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
133Crying Game, The 79%Paramount Plus, CBS, Showtime Amazon Channel
133Everything Must Go 79%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Hulu, DIRECTV, Epix, Sling TV
135Titanic 78.88%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
136I Love You Phillip Morris 78.71%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
137Professor Marston & the Wonder Women 78.6%None.
13840 Year Old Virgin, The 78.5%None.
139Anomalisa 78.4%None.
139Rust and Bone 78.4%None.
141Bridget Jones's Baby 78.33%None.
141Corpse Bride 78.33%HBO Max
141Thomas Crown Affair, The 78.33%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
144Crazy, Stupid, Love 78.28%Netflix
145The Lunchbox 78.25%None.
146I Love You Man 78.2%Amazon Prime Video
14745 Years 78.14%Criterion Channel, DIRECTV, AMC Plus
148A Beautiful Mind 78.13%None.
149Juno 77.94%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV
150Behind the Candelabra 77.86%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
151Ghost 77.75%Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Sling TV, IndieFlix
152Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool 77.67%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
153Seven Year Itch, The 77.4%None.
154The One I Love 77.38%Netflix
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
155Run, Fatboy, Run 77.33%None.
156My Fair Lady 77.25%Netflix
157Chocolat 77%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
157Deep Blue Sea, The (Rachel Weisz) 77%Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla, Sundance Now, Fandor Amazon Channel, AMC Plus
157Stardust 77%Netflix
160Revolutionary Road 76.83%None.
161Liberal Arts 76.75%Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
162Grosse Pointe Blank 76.71%None.
163Appropriate Behavior 76.67%fuboTV, realeyz
163Far from the Madding Crowd 76.67%None.
163Our Hospitality 76.67%None.
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
166Atonement 76.57%None.
166Southside With You 76.57%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
168Lars and the Real Girl 76.56%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
169Coming To America 76.5%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, DIRECTV, Freeform, Sling TV
170Mr. Nobody 76.33%Hoopla, Magnolia Selects
170Shakespeare in Love 76.33%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
172Enough Said 76.27%None.
173Beginners 76.25%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
173Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves 76.25%None.
175Celeste And Jesse Forever 76%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
175Greenberg 76%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
175Indignation 76%None.
175Majestic, The 76%Hoopla
179Mask, The 75.83%Hoopla
180Moulin Rouge! 75.7%Amazon Prime Video, IndieFlix
181About Time 75.66%Netflix
182Bram Stoker's Dracula 75.6%HBO Max, Yupp TV, Eros Now
183Begin Again 75.41%USA Network
184Loving 75.14%Netflix
185Obvious Child 75.1%fuboTV, Hoopla, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
186Cinderella (1950 Disney) 75%Disney Plus
186Mrs. Miniver 75%IndieFlix
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
188The Immigrant 74.93%None.
189Beyond the Hills 74.87%Criterion Channel, DIRECTV, AMC Plus
190Notting Hill 74.67%None.
190The Lobster 74.67%fuboTV, Hoopla, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
192Palm Springs 74.5%Hulu
192Wedding Crashers 74.5%Sling TV
194Brothers Bloom, The 74.33%Hoopla
194Keep the Lights On 74.33%Amazon Prime Video, Mubi, Hoopla, Dekkoo, Mubi Amazon Channel, Fandor Amazon Channel
194Mr. Deeds 74.33%None.
197Never Let Me Go 74.29%None.
198Sideways 74.2%Hulu
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
199Hello, My Name Is Doris 74.13%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Hulu, DIRECTV, Epix
200Inherent Vice 74%None.
201Submarine 73.86%Mubi, IndieFlix
20210 Things I Hate About You 73.83%Disney Plus
203Waitress 73.8%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
204Days of Thunder 73.67%fuboTV, Starz, Starz Play Amazon Channel
205Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 73.43%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
206English Patient, The 73.4%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
207The Light Between Oceans 73.29%None.
208The Fault in Our Stars 73.24%None.
209Illusionist, The (2006) 73.2%fuboTV, Hoopla, FlixFling
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
209Notebook, The 73.2%fuboTV, HBO Max, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
211Cruel Intentions 73%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
211Love and Other Drugs 73%None.
211Reader, The 73%None.
214American Pie 72.89%fuboTV
215Beyond the Lights 72.67%Hoopla, Sling TV
215Surviving Christmas 72.67%Amazon Prime Video
217Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 72.35%None.
218Cabaret 72.33%Hoopla
219It's Complicated 72.25%Sling TV
220Bridesmaids 72.21%None.
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
221Warm Bodies 71.96%None.
2222 Days in New York 71.83%Hoopla, Magnolia Selects
223Crimson Peak 71.7%None.
224Mallrats 71.6%None.
224Sleeping Beauty (1959 Disney) 71.6%Disney Plus
226Gilda 71.33%Criterion Channel
227Fido 65%Amazon Prime Video
228Grand Hotel 53.33%DIRECTV, TCM
229Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The 51.8%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel, USA Network
230Hes Just Not That Into You 51.67%Sling TV
230Killers 51.67%Netflix
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
232Safe Haven 51.56%Netflix
233Think Like a Man Too 51.5%None.
234The Other Woman 51.45%Sling TV, TNT, TBS
235This Means War 51.25%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
236Austenland 51.17%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
237Bodyguard, The 51%HBO Max
237Tiny Furniture 51%Criterion Channel, DIRECTV, AMC Plus
239Reality Bites 50.67%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel
240No Strings Attached 50.4%None.
241Just Go With It 50%Sling TV, USA Network
241Larry Crowne 50%Amazon Prime Video
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
243Longest Ride, The 49.83%fuboTV, FXNow, DIRECTV
244Aloha 48.8%Eros Now
245Step Up All In 48.67%None.
246Collateral Beauty 48.63%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
247Lifeguard, The 48.33%Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, DIRECTV, Epix
248Bel Ami 48.25%None.
249How to Be Single 48.2%Sling TV
249Meet the Parents 48.2%USA Network
251Home Again 48%DIRECTV, Sling TV, Showtime Amazon Channel, Bravo TV
252European Vacation, National Lampoon's 47.6%HBO Max
253Wanderlust 47.1%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
254Fifty Shades of Grey 46.98%DIRECTV, Sling TV, USA Network, TNT, TBS, tru TV
255Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The 46.77%fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV, Showtime Amazon Channel, USA Network, IndieFlix
256Host, The 46.43%fuboTV, DIRECTV, Syfy, Magnolia Selects
257360 45.5%Magnolia Selects
258Fifty Shades Freed 45%DIRECTV, Sling TV, USA Network, TBS, tru TV
258You Can't Take It With You 45%HBO Max
260Ammonite 44.4%Hulu, Spectrum On Demand
261Pearl Harbor 43.75%Max Go, DIRECTV, History Vault, Cinemax Amazon Channel
262Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 43.67%Spectrum On Demand
262Romeo and Juliet 43.67%Amazon Prime Video, Yupp TV
264Love Guru, The 43.4%Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Hoopla, CBS
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
265New Year's Eve 43.25%Max Go, DIRECTV, Cinemax Amazon Channel
266Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 42.22%None.
267Burlesque 42%Sling TV
267Zookeeper 42%Amazon Prime Video
269The Choice 41.83%Sling TV
270Step Up Revolution 41.5%Netflix, Hulu
271Other Boleyn Girl 41%fuboTV, Starz, DIRECTV, Starz Play Amazon Channel
272Vamps 40.33%Hoopla
273Diana 39.5%Hoopla, DIRECTV, Sundance Now, AMC Plus
274The Space Between Us 39.4%Netflix
275Winter's Tale 39.18%Hoopla
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
276Step Up 3D 38.87%None.
277Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 38.53%Netflix, Eros Now
278Endless Love 38.43%None.
279The Best of Me 38.2%Sling TV
280Around the World in Eighty Days 37.67%None.
281Playing For Keeps 37.38%Netflix
282And So It Goes 37.25%Amazon Prime Video, Hulu
283Something Borrowed 37%None.
284Fifty Shades Darker 36.4%DIRECTV, Sling TV, USA Network, TNT, TBS, tru TV
285I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry 32.75%Netflix
286How Do You Know? 32.15%Hulu
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer
287Endless Love 32%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
288Mother's Day 31.37%BritBox
289Bride Wars 30%Sling TV
290Step Up 2: The Streets 29.53%fuboTV, DIRECTV, Freeform
291Valentine's Day 29%HBO Max, Hoopla, Sling TV
292Lucky One, The 22.6%HBO Max, HBO Now, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon Channel
293Fifty Shades of Black 17.67%HBO Max, HBO Now, HBO Now Amazon Channel
294The Room 16.5%None.
Rank Movie Avg Streaming Options Reviewer Ratings

Un-Ranked Movies

Movie Current Avg
A Raisin in the Sun 100%
An Unmarried Woman 100%
Away from Her 100%
Body and Soul 100%
Breaking the Waves 100%
Fallen Angels 100%
Shadowlands 100%
The Heiress 100%
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 100%
Red River 98.5%
Scenes from a Marriage 98.5%
Movie Current Avg
Sid & Nancy 98.5%
Sullivan's Travels 98.5%
Adam's Rib 97%
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul 97%
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 97%
All That Heaven Allows 97%
An Affair to Remember 97%
Angel-A 97%
Antwone Fisher 97%
Arthur 97%
Ash Is Purest White 97%
Movie Current Avg
Ashes and Diamonds 97%
Atlantic City 97%
Behind the Screen 97%
Body Heat 97%
Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl 97%
Broken Flowers 97%
Claires Knee 97%
Days of Heaven 97%
Death Takes a Holiday 97%
Flipped 97%
Frida 97%
Movie Current Avg
Guys and Dolls 97%
High Art 97%
Horse Feathers 97%
I'm No Angel 97%
Imitation of Life 97%
In a Lonely Place 97%
Johnny Guitar 97%
Jules and Jim 97%
L.A. Story 97%
Last Tango in Paris 97%
Leap Year (2009 Mexican film) 97%
Movie Current Avg
Like Water for Chocolate 97%
Little Children 97%
Marty 97%
Monsoon Wedding 97%
Never Look Away 97%
Notes on a Scandal 97%
Piano, The 97%
Portrait of a Lady on Fire 97%
Reds 97%
Rent 97%
Sabrina (1954) 97%
Movie Current Avg
Shanghai Express 97%
Sita Sings the Blues 97%
Splendor in the Grass 97%
Swept Away 97%
Swing Time 97%
Tale of Tales 97%
Talk to Her 97%
The Loves of a Blonde 97%
The Merchant of Venice 97%
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 97%
The More the Merrier 97%
Movie Current Avg
The Piano Teacher 97%
The Rules of the Game 97%
The Shape of Things 97%
The Sure Thing 97%
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The 97%
Water 97%
Wings of Desire 97%
Written On the Wind 97%
Witness 93%
Howards End 92.5%
Pride & Prejudice 92.5%
Movie Current Avg
Roman Holiday 92.5%
Lucas 92%
Il postino 91%
The Purple Rose of Cairo 91%
Aladdin 90%
Carancho 90%
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 90%
Junior 90%
Only Yesterday 90%
To aru hikoushi e no tsuioku 90%
The American President 89.5%
Movie Current Avg
Vanilla Sky 89.5%
An Officer and a Gentleman 89%
The Bridges Of Madison County 89%
The Time Machine 89%
Accidental Tourist, The 88.5%
Beauty and the Beast 88.5%
Marnie 88.5%
Merry Christmas 88.5%
Moonstruck 88.5%
A Night at the Roxbury 88%
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty 88%
Movie Current Avg
Certified Copy 88%
Delirious (2006) 88%
Easy Virtue 88%
In the Realm of the Senses 88%
Jewel Robbery 88%
Léon Morin, Priest 88%
Lebanon, Pa. 88%
Maudie 88%
Mountains May Depart 88%
Out of Sight 88%
Out of the Past 88%
Movie Current Avg
Pillow Talk 88%
Purple Rain 88%
Right Now, Wrong Then 88%
Romantics Anonymous 88%
Sleeper 88%
Sophie's Choice 88%
Tamara Drewe 88%
Tender Mercies 88%
That Obscure Object of Desire 88%
The African Queen 88%
The Age of Innocence 88%
Movie Current Avg
The Fabulous Baker Boys 88%
The Future 88%
The Goodbye Girl 88%
The Last Station 88%
The Myth of the American Sleepover 88%
The Tao of Steve 88%
The Wedding Banquet 88%
Transit 88%
Women Who Kill 88%
Yi Yi: A One and a Two 88%
The Cooler 87.5%
Movie Current Avg
Fever Pitch 86.5%
Paterson 86.5%
5 to 7 86%
Hitch 86%
Lust, Caution 86%
The Family Man 86%
Valley of the Dolls 86%
An American in Paris 85%
Bubble Boy 85%
Caf de Flore 85%
Can't Buy Me Love 85%
Movie Current Avg
Enemies: A Love Story 85%
Gia 85%
Jewel of the Nile, The 85%
Loverboy 85%
So I Married an Axe Murderer 85%
The Stratton Story 85%
To Catch A Thief 85%
When Harry Met Sally... 85%
Wuthering Heights 85%
Defending Your Life 84%
I.Q. 84%
Movie Current Avg
Last Chance Harvey 84%
Leap of Faith 84%
Princess Cyd 84%
Remains of the Day, The 84%
Teen Wolf 84%
The Mermaid 84%
White Christmas 84%
The Lonely Guy 83.6%
Jack Goes Boating 83.5%
Me and Orson Welles 83.5%
Mother and Child 83.5%
Movie Current Avg
The Good Girl 83.5%
Definitely, Maybe 83%
In Your Eyes 83%
Isn't It Romantic 83%
Their Finest 83%
Up Close & Personal 83%
A Room with a View 82.5%
Adventures Of Robin Hood 82.5%
Spring 82.5%
Frankie and Johnny 81.5%
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him 81.5%
Movie Current Avg
Broadcast News 81%
Club Paradise 81%
Down to Earth 81%
I Am Love 81% 80%
42nd Street 80%
Against All Odds 80%
Atlantics 80%
Bed and Board 80%
Bedazzled 80%
Belle Époque 80%
Movie Current Avg
Bellflower 80%
Born Yesterday 80%
Breathe 80%
Bright Star 80%
Ceremony 80%
Chaos Theory 80%
Chico & Rita 80%
Every Day 80%
Everyone Says I Love You 80%
Flakes 80%
Footloose 80%
Movie Current Avg
Frantz 80%
Front Cover 80%
Garden State 80%
Ghost Town 80%
Going the Distance 80%
Grand Central 80%
Hannah Takes the Stairs 80%
House of Flying Daggers 80%
I Think I Love My Wife 80%
Intimate Strangers 80%
Japanese Story 80%
Movie Current Avg
Kinyarwanda 80%
Kiss Me Kate 80%
Love Affair 80%
Mad Dog And Glory 80%
Moscow, Belgium 80%
My Beautiful Laundrette 80%
My Summer of Love 80%
Mystic Pizza 80%
On the Town 80%
Pollock 80%
Pumpkin 80%
Movie Current Avg
Risky Business 80%
Safety Last! 80%
Serious Moonlight 80%
Seven Chances 80%
Shall We Dance 80%
Show Me Love 80%
Sidewalks of New York 80%
Sleeping Beauty (live action) 80%
Sleepless in Seattle 80%
Splash 80%
Summerland 80%
Movie Current Avg
Tanna 80%
The Broadway Melody 80%
The Brothers McMullen 80%
The Circus 80%
The Crowd 80%
The Dancer Upstairs 80%
The Duchess 80%
The Emperor's Club 80%
The French Lieutenant's Woman 80%
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love 80%
The Little Death 80%
Movie Current Avg
The Portrait of a Lady 80%
The Red Shoes 80%
The River 80%
The Unknown 80%
This Movie Is Broken 80%
Touched With Fire 80%
Trainwreck: My Life as an Idoit 80%
Underdogs 80%
Undertow 80%
Variety Lights 80%
Victor/Victoria 80%
Movie Current Avg
Victoria 80%
Walking and Talking 80%
Water Lilies 80%
Weathering with You 80%
Wild Grass 80%
Black Butterflies 79%
Crazy Heart 79%
Four Weddings and a Funeral 79%
Muriel's Wedding 79%
Newlyweds 79%
Pauline at the Beach 79%
Movie Current Avg
Some Kind of Wonderful 79%
The Incredible Jessica James 79%
Far from Heaven 78.5%
Whatever Works 78.5%
Flyboys 78%
American Gigolo 77.5%
Cutting Edge, The 77.5%
In the Land of Women 77.5%
Mighty Aphrodite 77.5%
Nine 1/2 Weeks 77.5%
Wings 77.5%
Movie Current Avg
Break-Up, The 77%
Starter For 10 77%
Snow Angels 76.8%
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel 76.5%
Last Seduction, The 76.5%
Nine Lives 76.5%
Peggy Sue Got Married 76.5%
The English Teacher 76.5%
The Nutty Professor 76.5%
Chungking Express 76%
Employee of the Month 76%
Movie Current Avg
Hide and Seek 76%
Walk the Line 76%
X/Y 76%
27 Dresses 75%
Ashby 75%
Beach Rats 75%
Cold War 75%
Cyrano de Bergerac 75%
Escobar: Paradise Lost 75%
Final Analysis 75%
Fool's Gold 75%
Movie Current Avg
Happy Endings 75%
HappyThankYouMorePlease 75%
Head Over Heels 75%
Learning to Drive 75%
Long Shot 75%
Mermaids 75%
Omar 75%
Uncertainty 75%
What Women Want 75%
Alfie 74.5%
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 74.5%
Movie Current Avg
Meet the Patels 74.5%
John Tucker Must Die 74%
Stargirl 74%
Always Be My Maybe 73.5%
Forever Young 73%
Shuffle 73%
Side Out 73%
Beautiful Girls 72.5%
Phenomenon 72.5%
SLC Punk 72.5%
Great Gatsby, The (1974) 72%
Movie Current Avg
Hair 71.5%
Leap Year (2010 Amy Adams) 71.5%
Sense and Sensibility 71.5%
Steel Magnolias 71.5%
You've Got Mail 71.5%
The Love Witch 70%
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You 70%
Xanadu 70%
Gloria Bell 52%
Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench 52%
In This Corner of the World 52%
Movie Current Avg
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms 52%
The Makioka Sisters 52%
The Princess of Montpensier 52%
Voice from the Stone 52%
Comet 51%
High School Musical 2 50.5%
Anne of the Thousand Days 50%
Bad Guy 50%
By the Sea 50%
Frank & Lola 50%
Gentleman's Agreement 50%
Movie Current Avg
Indecent Proposal 50%
Life Partners 50%
Made of Honor 50%
New York Stories 50%
Passengers 50%
The Aeronauts 50%
The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart 50%
The Mexican 50%
The Program 50%
Third Person 50%
A Case of You 48.5%
Movie Current Avg
Surrogate Valentine 47.6%
The Last Song 47.6%
A Summer In Genova 47.5%
Charlie Countryman 47.5%
Jane Eyre 47.5%
Never Been Kissed 47.5%
The Discovery 47%
Pink Cadillac 46%
Mannequin 45.8%
I Love You, Beth Cooper 45.5%
Pulling Strings 45.3%
Movie Current Avg
Newness 45%
Play Misty for Me 45%
Song to Song 45%
The Money Pit 45%
Color of Night 43.5%
Wristcutters: A Love Story 43.5%
An Invisible Sign 43%
Anna Karenina 43%
Beastly 43%
Betty Blue 43%
Blue Crush 43%
Movie Current Avg
Bran Nue Dae 43%
Breakfast at Tiffanys 43%
Casual Sex? 43%
Charlie St. Cloud 43%
Confessions of a Shopaholic 43%
Doctor Zhivago 43%
Eat Pray Love 43%
Elsa & Fred 43%
Every Day 43%
Excess Baggage 43%
Eyes Wide Open 43%
Movie Current Avg
Fame 43%
Five Dances 43%
Four Sheets to the Wind 43%
From Prada to Nada 43%
Girlfriend 43%
Good Dick 43%
Helena from the Wedding 43%
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo 43%
I Don't Know How She Does It 43%
Indochine 43%
Ironclad 43%
Movie Current Avg
Joe Dirt 43%
Just Before I Go 43%
Liz & Dick 43%
Love and Honor 43%
Love N' Dancing 43%
Love's Kitchen 43%
Love, Wedding, Marriage 43%
Meet Bill 43%
Monte Carlo 43%
My Life in Ruins 43%
Norwegian Wood 43%
Movie Current Avg
Passion Play 43%
Peace, Love & Misunderstanding 43%
Revenge of the Bridesmaids 43%
Shelter Me 43%
Sliding Doors 43%
Step Up 43%
Stepmom 43%
Summer '04 43%
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain 43%
The Perfect Match 43%
The Switch 43%
Movie Current Avg
The Wedding Plan 43%
The Well Digger's Daughter 43%
Waiting for Forever 43%
We'll Never Have Paris 43%
Wonderful World 43%
X 43%
You Again 43%
Flashdance 42.5%
Sex and the City 2 42%
Before We Go 40%
Book Club 40%
Movie Current Avg
Comes a Bright Day 40%
Mr Woodcock 40%
Paris Can Wait 40%
Romance in the Outfield 40%
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension 40%
Tumbledown 40%
Big Stone Gap 38.6%
Somebody Up There Likes Me 37.5%
Dean 37%
War Room 36.5%
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 35%
Movie Current Avg
Meet the Fockers 35%
At Middleton 34%
Gigli 34%
Kiss of the Damned 34%
Lover's Prayer 34%
Meet Me in St. Louis 34%
Monkey Business 34%
Picnic 34%
Private Romeo 34%
Prizzis Honor 34%
Sexual Life 34%
Movie Current Avg
Strictly Sexual 34%
Swept Away 34%
The First Grader 34%
The Pick-up Artist 34%
The Scarlet Empress 34%
The Sweetest Thing 34%
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 34%
Cottage Country 32%
Barefoot 30%
Gerontophilia 30%
Love 30%
Movie Current Avg
She's Funny That Way 30%
Two Night Stand 30%
Overboard 29.5%
Blind 29%
Accidental Love 27.5%
Grace of Monaco 27.5%
God Bless the Broken Road 27%
Cool As Ice 25%
Glitter 25%
Look Who's Talking Now! 25%
Look Who's Talking Too 25%
Movie Current Avg
Memoirs of a Geisha 25%
Sweet Home Alabama 25%
The Affair of the Necklace 25%
The Other Man 25%
Valley Girl 25%
Without Men 25%
Youngblood 25%
From Justin to Kelly 23%
Crazy Eyes 20%
Last Christmas 20%
Spread 20%
Movie Current Avg
Alexander 18.3%
Double Hour, The 16%
Honey 16%
LOL 16%
Restless 16%
Scenes of a Sexual Nature 16%
School for Scoundrels (2006) 16%
Jack and Diane 11.6%
The Next Best Thing 11.6%
Urban Cowboy 11.6%
Bongwater 10%
Movie Current Avg
Gibsonburg 10%
Little Fockers 10%
Miss March 10%
Textuality 1%
10 Rules for Sleeping Around 0%
20 Dates 0%
200 Cigarettes 0%
A Letter to Three Wives 0%
A Life Less Ordinary 0%
A Matter of Life and Death 0%
A Midsummer Night's Dream 0%
Movie Current Avg
A Perfect Ending 0%
A Pornographic Affair 0%
A Star Is Born 0%
A Star Is Born 0%
A Walk on the Moon 0%
Absence of Malice 0%
Act of Love 0%
Adrift 0%
After 0%
After Midnight 0%
Alfie 0%
Movie Current Avg
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 0%
All My Life 0%
All This, and Heaven Too 0%
Along the Great Divide 0%
Among Giants 0%
And Then We Danced 0%
Annie Get Your Gun 0%
Arthur 2: On the Rocks 0%
Asthma 0%
Autumn in New York 0%
Baby Boom 0%
Movie Current Avg
Bad Education 0%
Ball of Fire 0%
Barcelona 0%
Barely Lethal 0%
Beach, The (2000) 0%
Bedazzled 0%
Beijing Love Story 0%
Being Charlie 0%
Bells Are Ringing 0%
Bewitched 0%
Beyond Borders 0%
Movie Current Avg
Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas 0%
Biloxi Blues 0%
Bitter Harvest 0%
Blast from the Past 0%
Blaze 0%
Blind Date 0%
Blossoms in the Dust 0%
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening 0%
Boomerang 0%
Bounty Hunters 0%
Breathless 0%
Movie Current Avg
Brigadoon 0%
Brown Sugar 0%
Buffaloed 0%
Call Me Madam 0%
Can-Can 0%
Career Opportunities 0%
Carousel 0%
Cashback 0%
Castaway on the Moon 0%
Centre Stage 0%
Chances Are 0%
Movie Current Avg
Charmer 0%
Chemical Hearts 0%
Chennai Express 0%
Christmas in Connecticut 0%
Cinderella 0%
Cleopatra 0%
Confetti 0%
Cousin Bette 0%
Crash Pad 0%
Criminal Lovers 0%
Crossroads 0%
Movie Current Avg
Crossroads 0%
Daddy's Little Girls 0%
Damage 0%
Darling Companion 0%
Deliver Us from Eva 0%
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 0%
Dog Days 0%
Down to the Bone 0%
Downton Abbey 0%
Dreaming of Joseph Lees 0%
Drumline 0%
Movie Current Avg
Dudley Do-Right 0%
Earthquake Bird 0%
East of Eden 0%
Easter Parade 0%
Eisenstein in Guanajuato 0%
Emma 0%
Entrapment 0%
Evening 0%
Fair Game 0%
Falling in Love 0%
Falling in Love Again 0%
Movie Current Avg
Feast of Love 0%
Femme Fatale 0%
Fiddler on the Roof 0%
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 0%
First Knight 0%
Five Feet Apart 0%
Flower Drum Song 0%
For Love or Money 0%
For Whom the Bell Tolls 0%
Funny Face 0%
George of the Jungle 0%
Movie Current Avg
Girl Crazy 0%
Girl on a Bicycle 0%
Girls Just Want to Have Fun 0%
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero 0%
Gone to Earth 0%
Good Deeds 0%
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 0%
Gross Anatomy 0%
Hacker's Game 0%
Hank and Asha 0%
Happy Anniversary 0%
Movie Current Avg
Heartbreaker 0%
Heartburn 0%
Heaven Can Wait 0%
Hello, Dolly! 0%
Herbie Rides Again 0%
Here Comes Mr. Jordan 0%
High Society 0%
Higher Learning 0%
Highway 0%
Hit by Lightning 0%
Hold Back the Dawn 0%
Movie Current Avg
Honeymoon in Vegas 0%
Hotel Exotica 0%
Housesitter 0%
How to Marry a Millionaire 0%
I Was a Male War Bride 0%
I Will Follow 0%
Imagine Me & You 0%
Immortal Beloved 0%
In Lieu of Flowers 0%
In The Heights 0%
In the Mood for Love 0%
Movie Current Avg
Intersection 0%
Intimacy 0%
Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light 0%
Inventing the Abbotts 0%
Island Dreams 0%
Kama Sutra - A Tale of Love 0%
Keeping the Faith 0%
King Creole 0%
Kings Row 0%
Kiss Me, Stupid 0%
Kitty Foyle 0%
Movie Current Avg
L'Atalante 0%
Late Marriage 0%
Le Divorce 0%
Less Than Zero 0%
Libeled Lady 0%
Little 0%
Little Bitches 0%
Little Fish 0%
Little Women 0%
Live Flesh 0%
Living 'til the End 0%
Movie Current Avg
Lone Star 0%
Long Distance 0%
Loser 0%
Love Affair 0%
Love and Other Catastrophes 0%
Love at the Christmas Table 0%
Love Exposure 0%
Love in Paris 0%
Love Me Tender 0%
Lover Come Back 0%
Loving You 0%
Movie Current Avg
Lucía, Lucía 0%
Luck By Chance 0%
Madame Curie 0%
Madea's Family Reunion 0%
Main Tera Hero 0%
Making Mr. Right 0%
Malang 0%
Mannequin: On the Move 0%
Mansfield Park 0%
Me You and Five Bucks 0%
Mediterraneo 0%
Movie Current Avg
Middleground 0%
Millennium Actress 0%
Mississippi Masala 0%
Modern Romance 0%
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears 0%
Mr. Jones 0%
Mulan Legend 0%
Music and Lyrics 0%
Music Man, The 0%
Must Love Dogs 0%
My Boyfriend's Back 0%
Movie Current Avg
My Cousin Rachel 0%
My Dear Secretary 0%
My Father the Hero 0%
My Name Is Joe 0%
My Name Is Khan 0%
My Teacher's Wife 0%
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder 0%
Nekromantik 2 0%
Next Stop Wonderland 0%
Nights in Rodanthe 0%
Nine Months 0%
Movie Current Avg
Nobody's Fool 0%
North Shore 0%
Ode to Joy 0%
Oklahoma! 0%
Old Fashioned 0%
One Crazy Summer 0%
Operation Christmas Drop 0%
Oscar and Lucinda 0%
Our Beloved Month of August 0%
Our Lady of the Assassins 0%
Our Town 0%
Movie Current Avg
Outside Providence 0%
Pal Joey 0%
Pali Road 0%
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman 0%
Perfect 0%
Permanent Midnight 0%
Phat Girlz 0%
Photograph 0%
Picture Perfect 0%
Poison Ivy II: Lily 0%
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction 0%
Movie Current Avg
Populaire 0%
Possession 0%
Prefontaine 0%
Primrose Path 0%
Providence 0%
Racing with the Moon 0%
Random Harvest 0%
Rape Me 0%
Redoubtable 0%
Regarding Henry 0%
Return to Me 0%
Movie Current Avg
Return to Two Moon Junction 0%
Revenge 0%
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie 0%
Riding in Cars with Boys 0%
Rodin 0%
Romance in the Outfield: Double Play 0%
Running On Empty 0%
Sabrina (1995) 0%
Say It Isn't So 0%
Sea of Love 0%
Second Act 0%
Movie Current Avg
Secret Admirer 0%
Seems Like Old Times 0%
Send Me No Flowers 0%
Separate Lies 0%
Sequoia 0%
Sergeant York 0%
Seven Minutes in Heaven 0%
Sex Ed 0%
Shaandaar 0%
She's Having a Baby 0%
She's the Man 0%
Movie Current Avg
Shining Through 0%
Shithouse 0%
Shooting Fish 0%
Show Boat 0%
Sister Code 0%
Slam Dunk Ernest 0%
Someone Like You... 0%
Something New 0%
Something Wild 0%
Something, Anything 0%
Somewhere in Time 0%
Movie Current Avg
Sommersby 0%
Son in Law 0%
Soul Plane 0%
South Pacific 0%
Starman 0%
State Fair 0%
Strangers When We Meet 0%
Summer Catch 0%
Summer Days With Coo 0%
Summer Stock 0%
Sundown 0%
Movie Current Avg
Suspicion 0%
Sweet Dreams 0%
Sweet November 0%
Swing Shift 0%
Sylvia 0%
Teen Witch 0%
Tess 0%
Test 0%
The Amazing Adventure 0%
The Art of Racing in the Rain 0%
The Bad and the Beautiful 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Band Wagon 0%
The Battle of Shaker Heights 0%
The Big Parade 0%
The Big Trees 0%
The Blue Lagoon 0%
The Blue Lagoon 0%
The Bounce Back 0%
The Breakup Guru 0%
The Brothers 0%
The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream 0%
The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold 0%
The Day After 0%
The Decoy Bride 0%
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 0%
The Docks of New York 0%
The Dog of Flanders 0%
The Door Into Summer 0%
The Escort 0%
The Fortune Cookie 0%
The Front Page 0%
The Garden of Words 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Good Guy 0%
The Great Race 0%
The Heavenly Kid 0%
The High Note 0%
The Hollars 0%
The Hottie & The Nottie 0%
The Human Stain 0%
The Idiot 0%
The Jazz Singer 0%
The King and I 0%
The Letter 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Little Foxes 0%
The Little Mermaid 0%
The Living End 0%
The Lovebirds 0%
The Mafia Only Kills in Summer 0%
The Man from Snowy River 0%
The Mother and the Whore 0%
The Mountain Between Us 0%
The Open Road 0%
The Panic in Needle Park 0%
The Photograph 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Pirate Movie 0%
The Postman Always Rings Twice 0%
The Preacher's Wife 0%
The Princess Diaries 0%
The Rules of Attraction 0%
The Scarlet Letter 0%
The Scent of Green Papaya 0%
The Small Back Room 0%
The Souvenir 0%
The Summer of Sangaile 0%
The Tales of Hoffmann 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Third Wheel 0%
The Three Musketeers 0%
The Wedding Planner 0%
The Wendell Baker Story 0%
The Westerner 0%
The Wrong Missy 0%
The Year of Living Dangerously 0%
There's No Business Like Show Business 0%
They Knew What They Wanted 0%
This Is Not What I Expected 0%
Thomas Crown Affair, The (1968) 0%
Movie Current Avg
Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 0%
Throw of the Dice 0%
To Begin Again 0%
Tolkien 0%
Tommy's Honour 0%
Town & Country 0%
Trouble Every Day 0%
Trouble in Paradise 0%
Trust the Man 0%
Two Girls and a Guy 0%
Two Moon Junction 0%
Movie Current Avg
Two of Us 0%
Unlocking Christmas 0%
Valmont 0%
View from the Top 0%
Vision Quest 0%
Viva Las Vegas 0%
Waves 0%
Way Down East 0%
We're No Angels 0%
West Side Story 0%
What Men Want 0%
Movie Current Avg
What Other Couples Do 0%
When a Man Loves a Woman 0%
While You Were Sleeping 0%
Why Did I Get Married Too? 0%
Wild Orchid 0%
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! 0%
Within Our Gates 0%
Woman of the Year 0%
Woman on Top 0%
Women Who Flirt 0%
Working Girl 0%
Movie Current Avg
Year by the Sea 0%
Young Man with a Horn 0%
Young People Fucking 0%
Movie Current Avg