Fort Tilden

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Brief Synopsis: "Twenty-something Brooklynites Allie and Harper are directionless, privileged, and just a tiny bit damaged. All they want is to get to the beach, where a drug-fueled afternoon with cute boys awaits them. Alas, the journey becomes needlessly complicated, as the girls’ bike ride from Williamsburg to Fort Tilden Beach is littered with a barrage of unfriendly circumstances and the realization that their life skills are more limited than they should be."

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Dan O'Neill70(full review)

People Involved

  • Bridey Elliott (Harper)
  • Clare McNulty (Allie)
  • Alysia Reiner (Cobble Hill Mom)
  • Neil Casey (Ebb)
  • Peter Vack (Benji)
  • Griffin Newman (Sam)
  • Jeffrey Scaperrotta (Russ)
  • Reggie Watts (Reggie Watts)
  • Sarah-Violet Bliss (Director)

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