Green Hornet, The

Lists: Comedy, Action

Brief Synopsis: "Britt Reid is the party-animal son of LA’s most distinguished media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence - until his father mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking a friendship with Kato, one of his father’s more inventive employees, Reid sees his chance to do something meaningful for the first time in his life: fight crime as the masked vigilante The Green Hornet with Kato at his side. Their plan? Break the law in order to protect it from the scum of LA, including crime lord Benjamin Chudnofsky."

Overall Ranking: 2044 (Rank from 2011: # 107)

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Buttery 0%
Regular 63.64%
Half-Popped 27.27%
Stale 0%
Burnt 9.09%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Teeter83 - This was a really fun movie to watch. The comedy was great throughout and the action was good as well. Christoph Waltz was amazing as the villain and showed he can do comedy to. Lots of laughs and a movie the family can watch together. I hope they make a second one.
Comedy: 8
Sex Appeal: 1
Scary: 1
Rewatch: 7
Nathan Adams and the Temple Of Reviews80(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest75Comedy: 5
Sex Appeal: 2
Scary: 1
Rewatch: 5
Dave Examines Movies75(full review)
Movie Evangelist70(full review)
Lisa Marie Bowman70 - It has enough funny moments to be enjoyable.
(full review)
Duke And The Movies65(full review)
Gorgon Reviews61(full review)
Dan O'Neill50 - The Green Hornet has moments of fun, with good comedy and stylish action, but the script lets down this cast, and promised us a new take on the superhero genre, even though it turns out to be the same as they all are, and you cant help thinking this could have been so much better given the talent involved.
(full review)
Comedy: 4
Sex Appeal: 3
Scary: 0
Rewatch: 5
Maurice of Movie Mixology40(full review)
Chris of This Is Madness25 - My ratings are on a five point scale, translated as such: 1 - Abysmal, 25 - Bad, 50 - Mediocre, 75 - Good, 100 - Great
(full review)

People Involved

  • Seth Rogen (Britt Reid / Green Hornet)
  • Jay Chou (Kato)
  • Christoph Waltz (Chudnofsky)
  • Cameron Diaz (Lenore Case)
  • Edward Furlong (Tupper)
  • Tom Wilkinson (James Reid)
  • Edward James Olmos (Michael Axford)
  • Analeigh Tipton (Anna Lee)
  • Chad Coleman (Chili)
  • Robert Clotworthy (Politician)
  • Michel Gondry (Director)