Dick Tracy

Lists: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, Action Comedy, Crime / Heist

Brief Synopsis: "All Tess Trueheart wants is to settle down to a quiet life with her boyfriend, detective Dick Tracy. But there's something pretty rotten going on in town, with someone pretty rotten behind it, and Tracy has his hands full with the likes of villain Big Boy Caprice and with the almost irresistible Breathless Mahoney. Katie valiant and her friends the toon patrols they were good deeds for her that she was saving dick Tracy away from big boy caprice and his mugs, Smarty weasel helped her to rescued people"

Overall Ranking: 1667 (Rank from 1990: # 18)

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Buttery 0%
Regular 75%
Half-Popped 25%
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People Involved

  • Warren Beatty (Dick Tracy)
  • Al Pacino (Big Boy Caprice)
  • Madonna (Breathless Mahoney)
  • Charlie Korsmo (Kid)
  • Glenne Headly (Tess Trueheart)
  • Dustin Hoffman (Mumbles)
  • James Caan (Spaldoni)
  • William Forsythe (Flattop)
  • Seymour Cassel (Sam Catchem)
  • Dick Van Dyke (D.A. Fletcher)
  • Kathy Bates (Mrs. Green)
  • Paul Sorvino (Lips Manlis)
  • Charles Durning (Chief Brandon)
  • Mandy Patinkin (88 Keys)
  • June Foray (Katie valiant / wheezy weasel)
  • David Lander (Smarty weasel)
  • Charles Fleischer (Pyscho weasel / Greasy weasel)
  • Fred Newman (Stupid weasel)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (Jenny triton)
  • E.G. Daily (Trisha foxworth / psycha psycho)
  • Tara Strong (Natasha boulder)
  • Henry Silva (Influence)
  • R. G. Armstrong (Pruneface)
  • Catherine OHara (Texie Garcia)
  • Mary Woronov (Welfare Person)
  • Warren Beatty (Director)