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Brief Synopsis: "When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for."

Overall Ranking: 2084 (Rank from 2012: # 102)

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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Darren of Movie Reviews 10190(full review)
Dan O'Neill80(full review)
Gorgon Reviews80(full review)
Bryan Lienesch73 - It's a haunted house of a film: full of spine-tingling thrills....and not even a shred of a cohesive story to tie everything together.
Comedy: 2
Sex Appeal: 6
Scary: 7
Rewatch: 6
Nathan Adams and the Temple Of Reviews61(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik60 - Basically five sick and freaky short films put together in one in found footage style. Pointless but pretty decent watch.
(full review)
Tim The Film Guy54(full review)
Drezzy50 - The wrap-around story, "Tape 56," finds four thugs (who enjoy videotaping their sexual assault on women in parking lots and smashing houses) hired to find a VHS tape in an old house, which gives us them watching each of these as they're slowly picked off one by one. The first segment, "Amateur Night," is one of the best of the bunch, and I want at least one succubus-based horror film to come out soon. "Second Honeymoon" is terrible and the worst of the bunch. "Tuesday the 17th" is a solid premise with decent execution, as the survivor of a serial killer attack brings her boyfriend and two other friends out as bait to lure the killer into a series of traps, with the major highlight being the static that fills the camera around the killer. "The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger" has a solid premise - a girlfriend talking to her boyfriend, who's away on business, via webcam - and builds the tension, but fails at the big reveal. "10/31/98" is the best of the bunch, easily, as four friends go to the wrong house looking for a Halloween party and come across some sort of exorcism/Satanic ritual, causing supernatural chaos for all of them. The final one slowly builds tension throughout the entire thing, with the end twist only being foreseen if you know your horror and urban legends. Overall, V/H/S is a great concept, but its execution leaves much to be desired. Skip "Second Honeymoon" and "The Sick Thing..." and stick to the three good ones.
Dave Examines Movies47(full review)
Patrick Devitt20

People Involved

  • Calvin Reeder (Gary)
  • Lane Hughes (Zak)
  • Adam Wingard (Rock)
  • Hannah Fierman (Lily)
  • Mike Donlan (Shane)
  • Joe Sykes (Patrick)
  • Drew Sawyer (Clint)
  • Jas Sams (Lisa)
  • Joe Swanberg (Sam)
  • Sophia Takal (Stephanie)
  • Kate Lyn Sheil (The Stalker)
  • Drew Moerlein (Joey Brenner)
  • Jason Yachanin (Spider)
  • Helen Rogers (Emily)
  • Chad Villella (Chad)
  • Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (Matt)
  • Tyler Gillett (Tyler)
  • Paul Natonek (Paul)
  • Nicholas Tecosky (Bartender)
  • Nicole Erb (The Girl)
  • John Walcutt (Cult Leader)
  • Bilal Mir (Cult Dude)
  • Damion Stephens (Cult Dude)
  • Koz McRae (Cult Dude)
  • Eric Curtis (Eric)
  • Nicole Boccumini (Niky)
  • Lisa Marie Thomas (Lisas Friend)
  • Melinda Fleming (Melinda)
  • Rob Mosca (Bouncer)
  • Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (Director)

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