Lists: Animated, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Brief Synopsis: "When Coraline moves to an old house, she feels bored and neglected by her parents. She finds a hidden door with a bricked up passage. During the night, she crosses the passage and finds a parallel world where everybody has buttons instead of eyes, with caring parents and all her dreams coming true. When the Other Mother invites Coraline to stay in her world forever, the girl refuses and finds that the alternate reality where she is trapped is only a trick to lure her."

Overall Ranking: 1535 (Rank from 2009: # 36)

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Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 12.5%
Regular 62.5%
Half-Popped 12.5%
Stale 12.5%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Josh B95
David Baruffi80
Thomas Pollock80
Today I Watched A Movie75(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik75
Rob from GuysFilmQuest70Scary: 4
Rewatch: 4
Gorgon Reviews61(full review)
Dan O'Neill35 - Coraline may look good, but itís stretch of the PG rating, and deep, dark story, just adds on worse to the slow pace.
(full review)

People Involved

  • Dakota Fanning (Coraline Jones (voice))
  • Teri Hatcher (Mother / Other Mother (voice))
  • Jennifer Saunders (Miss Spink (voice))
  • Dawn French (Miss Forcible (voice))
  • Keith David (Cat (voice))
  • John Hodgman (Father / Other Father (voice))
  • Robert Bailey Jr. (Wyborne Wybie Lovat)
  • Ian McShane (Mr. Sergei Alexander Bobinsky / Other Bobinsky)
  • Henry Selick (Director)