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Brief Synopsis: "The film spans 30 years in Julieta’s life from a nostalgic 1985 where everything seems hopeful, to 2015 where her life appears to be beyond repair and she is on the verge of madness."

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David Baruffi88(full review)
Dan O'Neill50(full review)

People Involved

  • Emma Suárez (Julieta Arcos)
  • Adriana Ugarte (Julieta Arcos (young))
  • Daniel Grao (Xoan Feijóo)
  • Inma Cuesta (Ava)
  • Michelle Jenner (Beatriz)
  • Darío Grandinetti (Lorenzo)
  • Rossy de Palma (Marian)
  • Nathalie Poza (Juana)
  • Agustín Almodóvar (Train conductor)
  • Mariam Bachir (Sanáa)
  • Pilar Castro (Claudia (Beatrizs mother))
  • Jorge Pobes (Viajero Tren)
  • Bimba Bosé (Beatrizs friend)
  • Susi Sánchez (Sara (Julietas mother))
  • Priscilla Delgado (Antía Feijoo (teenager))
  • Tomás del Estal (Man on Train)
  • Blanca Parés (Antía Feijóo (18 yrs old))
  • Esther García (Woman at Cemetery)
  • Joaquín Notario (Samuel (Julietas father))
  • David Delfín (Beatrizs friend)
  • Paqui Horcajo (Train passenger)
  • Sara Jiménez (Beatriz (teenager))
  • Elena Benarroch (Beatrizs friend)
  • Ramón Aguirre (Goalkeeper)
  • Charles Centa (Bit part)
  • Jimena Solano (Antia Feijóo (2 yrs old))
  • María Mera ()
  • Lupe Roda ()
  • Ramón Ibarra ()
  • Lola García ()
  • Bimba Bosé (Amiga de Bea)
  • Pedro Almodóvar (Director)