Hulk (Eric Bana)

Lists: Action, Sci-Fi, Marvel Comics, Superhero movie

Brief Synopsis: "Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry"

Overall Ranking: 3010 (Rank from 2003: # 39)

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Buttery 14.29%
Regular 14.29%
Half-Popped 28.57%
Stale 14.29%
Burnt 28.57%


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CineMarvellous George Beremov88(full review)
David Baruffi70
Dan O'Neill55 - Director Ang Lee strives for ambition here with some dramatic depth to the story, good performances from the cast, and a beautiful, comic-book look to the film, but overall there’s too much talking and most of it just feels plain boring with not enough cool action sequences which makes me question how didn’t Lee know why Lee tried to aim for a Greek tragedy?
(full review)
Sober Film Critic James Brown52(full review)
Hypersonic55 Curt30(full review)
Gorgon Reviews25
Tim The Film Guy12(full review)

People Involved

  • Eric Bana (Dr. Bruce Banner / The Hulk)
  • Jennifer Connelly (Dr. Betty Ross)
  • Sam Elliott (General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross)
  • Nick Nolte (David Banner /"Absorbing Man")
  • Josh Lucas (Major Glenn Talbot)
  • Stan Lee (Security Guard)
  • Cara Buono (Edith Banner)
  • Paul Kersey (Young David Banner)
  • Ang Lee (Director)

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