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Title Year Rating Rank Review
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19751001(full review)
Star Wars IV: A New Hope19771001(full review)
Annie Hall1977953(full review)
Chinatown1974953(full review)
Deer Hunter, The1978953(full review) - The Deer Hunter deserved all the Oscars it got because of its heart-breaking, but true realities of life, and life after war, with great performances from the cast, stellar direction from Cimino, and ultimately one of the best stories about the war on Vietnam of all-time.
Rocky1976953(full review) - Rocky is a perfect film for anybody who ever believes that they have what it takes because of it’s perfect screenplay, genuine performances from everybody involved, and just the overall good and happy feeling that this film will give you once you start to here Rocky yelling out “ADRIAAAAAN!”.
All the Presidents Men1976907(full review)
Apocalypse Now1979907(full review)
Dog Day Afternoon1975907(full review)
Exorcist, The1973907(full review) - The Exorcist still works all of these years later because of the atmosphere that Friedkin creates, the things that actually happens when the scares aren’t happening, and the acting that elevates this flick upon any other horror film that I’ve seen recently. Definitely deserved that Best Picture win, even though ‘The Sting’ is a great film in its own right too.
Taxi Driver1976907(full review) - Taxi Driver is a very dark film backed by an incredibly disturbing performance from De Niro, and a fearless direction from Scorsese, but focuses too much on one plot when the strongest plot comes by the end.
Heaven Can Wait19788512(full review)
Sting, The19738512(full review) - Though it runs on too long, The Sting is still beautiful to look at as well as being incredibly entertaining, charming, funny, well-acted, and featuring lots and lots of twists and turns to keep any watcher on the edge of their seat.
Midnight Express19788014(full review) - Midnight Express gives a very brutal but powerful look at a Turkish prison, but falls a little too overboard when it shows the Turks as just simply evil people.

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