The Dirty Dozen

Lists: Action, Adventure, War

Brief Synopsis: "Classic World War II action drama about a group of 12 American military prisoners, who are ordered to infiltrate a well-guarded enemy château and kill the Nazi officers vacationing there. The soldiers, most of whom are facing death sentences for a variety of violent crimes, agree to the mission and the possible commuting of their sentences."

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People Involved

  • Lee Marvin (Maj. John Reisman)
  • Ernest Borgnine (Maj. Gen. Worden)
  • Charles Bronson (Joseph Wladislaw)
  • Jim Brown (Robert Jefferson)
  • John Cassavetes (Victor Franko)
  • Richard Jaeckel (Sergeant Bowren)
  • George Kennedy (Major Max Armbruster)
  • Trini López (Pedro Jiminez)
  • Ralph Meeker (Captain Stuart Kinder)
  • Robert Ryan (Col. Everett Dasher Breed)
  • Telly Savalas (Archer Maggott)
  • Donald Sutherland (Vernon Pinkley)
  • Clint Walker (Samson Posey)
  • Robert Webber (General Denton)
  • Tom Busby (Milo Vladek)
  • Ben Carruthers (Glenn Gilpin)
  • Stuart Cooper (Roscoe Lever)
  • Robert Phillips (Cpl. Morgan - MP Guard)
  • Colin Maitland (Seth Sawyer)
  • Al Mancini (Tassos Bravos)
  • George Roubicek (Pvt. Arthur James Gardner)
  • Thick Wilson (Gen. Wordens Aide)
  • Michael Anthony (German Officer in Staff Car (uncredited))
  • Leo Britt (German General in Staff Car (uncredited))
  • Alan Chuntz (French Servant (uncredited))
  • Gary Files (Ambulance Driver (uncredited))
  • Judith Furse (Drunken Generals Wife (uncredited))
  • Hal Galili (MP Master Sergeant / Hangman (uncredited))
  • Romo Gorrara (Airborne Soldier (uncredited))
  • Willoughby Gray (German Officer (uncredited))
  • Gerard Heinz (Card-Playing German Officer (uncredited))
  • John G. Heller (2nd German Sentry at Chateau (uncredited))
  • George Hilsdon (Medical Officer at Hanging (uncredited))
  • John Hollis (German Porter at Chateau (uncredited))
  • Alf Joint (German Sentry Wanting Light (uncredited))
  • Juba Kennerley (German Officer (uncredited))
  • Hildegard Knef ((uncredited))
  • Ann Lancaster (Prostitute (uncredited))
  • Richard Marner (German Sentry at Chateau (uncredited))
  • Dick Miller (MP at Hanging (uncredited))
  • Lionel Murton (MP Lt. Col. in charge at hanging (uncredited))
  • Suzanne Owens-Duval (Prostitute (uncredited))
  • Mike Reid (Sergeant at War Games HQ (uncredited))
  • Terry Richards (Blake (uncredited))
  • Frederick Schiller (Drunken German General (uncredited))
  • Michael Segal (Airborne Band Conductor (uncredited))
  • Richard Shaw (German Officer Who Seals the Bunker (uncredited))
  • Warren Stanhope (German Officer (uncredited))
  • Hedger Wallace (German Officer (uncredited))
  • Theodore Wilhelm (German Officer (uncredited))
  • Rocky Taylor (Airborne Soldier (uncredited))
  • Burnell Tucker (Army Doctor (uncredited))
  • Vicki Woolf (Prostitute (uncredited))
  • Aileen Lewis (German Officers Wife (uncredited))
  • Robert Aldrich (Director)
  • magbo system