Grifters, The

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Brief Synopsis: "A young short-con grifter suffers both injury and the displeasure of reuniting with his criminal mother, all the while dating an unpredictable young lady."

Overall Ranking: 1040 (Rank from 1990: # 9)

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Buttery 33.33%
Regular 66.67%
Half-Popped 0%
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David Baruffi97(full review)
Dan O'Neill70 - Stephen Frearsí direction definitely makes you feel as if he is just playing with you, just in-order to be more like his subjects, but thatís why The Grifters does, and does not work in itís own right. However, you canít deny the charm and power that is within these three performances and itís just wonderful to see them act each-and-every-single-one of their asses off, even if the pace seems to not be serving them the full-plate that they so rightfully deserves.
(full review)
Minnesota Man65(full review)

People Involved

  • Anjelica Huston (Lilly Dillon)
  • John Cusack (Roy Dillon)
  • Annette Bening (Myra Langtry)
  • Jan Munroe (Guy in bar)
  • Robert Weems (Racetrack Announcer)
  • Stephen Tobolowsky (Jeweler)
  • Jimmy Noonan (Bartender)
  • Richard Holden (Cop)
  • Henry Jones (Sims)
  • Michael Laskin (Irv)
  • Eddie Jones (Mintz)
  • Sandy Baron (Doctor)
  • Lou Hancock (Nurse)
  • Gailard Sartain (Joe)
  • Noelle Harling (Nurse Carol Flynn)
  • Ivette Soler (Maid)
  • Pat Hingle (Bobo Justus)
  • Paul Adelstein (Sailor - Young Paul)
  • Jeremy Piven (Sailor - Freshman)
  • Gregory Sporleder (Sailor - Spooney)
  • David Sinaiko (Sailor - Stinky)
  • Jeff Perry (Drunk)
  • Jon Gries (Drunks Friend (as Jonathan Gries))
  • Charles Napier (Gloucester Hebbing)
  • J.T. Walsh (Cole)
  • Teresa Gilmore (Receptionist 1 (as Teresa Gilmore Capps))
  • Elizabeth Ann Feeley (Receptionist 2)
  • Billy Ray Sharkey (FBI man)
  • Frances Bay (Arizona Motel Clerk)
  • Xander Berkeley (Lt. Pierson)
  • Micole Mercurio (Waitress)
  • Stephen Frears (Director)