The Hero

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Brief Synopsis: "Lee, a former Western film icon, is living a comfortable existence lending his golden voice to advertisements and smoking weed. After receiving a lifetime achievement award and unexpected news, Lee reexamines his past, while a chance meeting with a sardonic comic has him looking to the future."

Overall Ranking: 2235 (Rank from 2017: # 98)

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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Lisa Marie Bowman75 - Not a perfect film but it does feature a perfect lead performance from Sam Elliott.
(full review)
Le Anne of Tinsel And Tine65.6 - "The Hero" mainly deals with Hayden making peace with knowing he sacrificed his marriage and relationship with his daughter to pursue an acting career that's only made him synonymous with one role and genre. This is where art imitates life, as Sam Elliott is well-known for being a mustachioed, mysterious cowboy type. This is why he was cast in The Big Lebowski and The Golden Compass – he said doing those roles helped him be more thankful for his western background.
(full review)
Rewatch: 4
David Baruffi52(full review)
Dan O'Neill50(full review)
Dominick Suzanne-Mayer50(full review)

People Involved

  • Sam Elliott (Lee Hayden)
  • Laura Prepon (Charlotte)
  • Krysten Ritter (Lucy)
  • Nick Offerman (Jeremy)
  • Katharine Ross (Valarie)
  • Meiling Melançon ()
  • Todd Giebenhain (Actor)
  • Doug Cox (Doctor)
  • Max Gail (Gary Babcock)
  • Ali Wong (Ali Wong)
  • Jackie Joyner (Betsy)
  • Patrika Darbo (Diane)
  • Rob Givens (Director)