Apollo 18

Lists: Horror

Brief Synopsis: "Officially, Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon. But a year later in 1973, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. What you are about to see is the actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission. While NASA denies it's authenticity, others say it's the real reason we've never gone back to the moon."

Overall Ranking: 2640 (Rank from 2011: # 156)

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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Keith And The Movies70(full review)
Darren of Movie Reviews 10158(full review)
Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick43(full review)Comedy: 1
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 3
Rewatch: 2
Gorgon Reviews43(full review)
Dan O'Neill10 - Apollo 18 is boring beyond belief without any real thrills to hold you over, or any real sense of fun with this flick considering they try so hard to make it seem real, and in the end just seems like another cheap attempt on hitting big with the “found-footage” genre.
(full review)

People Involved

  • Warren Christie (Capt. Benjamin Anderson)
  • Ryan Robbins (Lt. Col. John Grey)
  • Lloyd Owen (Cdr. Nathan Walker)
  • Andrew Airlie (Mission Control)
  • Michael Kopsa (Deputy Secretary of Defense)
  • Kurt Max Runte (Lab Tech #1)
  • Ali Liebert (Nates Girlfriend)
  • Gonzalo LĂłpez-Gallego (Director)