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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Toy Story 320101001(full review)
Up20091001(full review)
Inside Out2015953(full review)
Ratatouille2007953(full review)
Beauty and the Beast1991905(full review) - Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful and true-tale about love, acceptance, and the real person within humans. However, the beautiful animation, and musical numbers still work, and are just about as fresh as they were 20 years ago.
Finding Dory2016905(full review)
Finding Nemo2003905(full review)
Monsters Inc2001905(full review)
Wall-E2008905(full review)
Anomalisa20158510(full review)
Frozen20138510(full review)
How To Train Your Dragon20108510(full review) - Although not as memorable as other animated films that have came out in the past couple of years, How To Train Your Dragon still impresses with its great story, that has effective emotional depth, and enchanting visuals, that keep you watching.
Avatar20098013(full review) - Avatar has beautifully enchanting visuals, very effective performances, and an exciting if done before story, that has us forgetting about the real world we live in, with such a beautiful way.
Beavis and Butthead Do America19968013(full review)
How to Train Your Dragon 220148013(full review)
LEGO Movie, The20148013(full review)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman20148013(full review)
Puss in Boots20118013(full review)
Rio20118013(full review)
Shaun the Sheep Movie20158013(full review)
Tangled20108013(full review)
Zootopia20168013(full review)
Big Hero 620147523(full review)
Coco20177523(full review)
Frankenweenie20127523(full review)
ParaNorman20127523(full review)
The Lego Batman Movie20177523(full review)
Arthur Christmas20117028(full review)
Brave20127028(full review) - Brave definitely has some nice heart, humor, and beautiful visuals to show off, but itís not Pixarís best because of a surprising plot twist that takes it right into kiddie material, which wouldnít be all that bad if it wasnít any other flick. However, it is Pixar and the bar has been raised a little too high for them to do something like this, and almost get away with.
Croods, The20137028(full review)
Epic20137028(full review)
Lorax, The20127028(full review) - The Lorax may run into problems about getting a little too political with its message, but the talented cast and beautiful visuals keep this film going even when the story seems to slow down.
Rise of the Guardians20127028(full review)
Sausage Party20167028(full review)
The Good Dinosaur20157028(full review)
Adventures of Tintin, The20116536(full review) - The Adventures of Tintin still seems weird with the motion-capture animation and constantly moving plot, but where this film makes up for that is in its script that is full of mystery and humor, and a Spielberg direction that calls back his old Indiana Jones days that still works all of these years later.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs20096536(full review) - The movie changes into some unnecessary areas, but still features beautiful looking cinematography, and enough slapstick, quirky humor, and fun for the whole family to enjoy.
Minions20156536(full review)
Sing20166536(full review)
The Peanuts Movie20156536(full review)
Fantastic Mr. Fox20096041(full review) - Fantastic Mr. Fox is cute, at times funny, and visually splendid. I just didnít feel like the jokes were too flattering, and the voices could have been a bit better.
Ghost In The Shell19956041(full review)
Moana20166041(full review)
Monsters University20136041(full review)
The Secret Life of Pets20166041(full review)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie20175546(full review)
Despicable Me20105047(full review) - Despicable Me has great-looking animation and some chuckles here and there, but overall itís too centered towards kids, predictable by the end, and just an animated film that doesnít do much else different than what we have already seen done before and better from far-superior Pixar films.
Despicable Me 220135047(full review)
Hotel Transylvania20125047(full review) - Even though it is your typical, kiddie fare with jokes that will have them howling, Hotel Transylvania is still a fun and entertaining flick with a great look of animation, interesting story, and a voice cast that handles all of their material well.
Rio 220145047(full review)
The Boxtrolls20145047(full review)
Coraline20093552(full review) - Coraline may look good, but itís stretch of the PG rating, and deep, dark story, just adds on worse to the slow pace.

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