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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Psycho19601001(full review)
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)2003952(full review) - Oldboy is an astonishing, full of originality, and well-acted, that goes past its revenge violent ways and delves into more deeper material about life and grace.
Shining, The1980952(full review)
Blair Witch Project, The1999904(full review) - It may not be a true story, like the film suggests, but the scares here work because you see nothing, there is no big-budget special effects, and its all about feeling and atmosphere, which makes it all feel so realistic, and equally as terrifying.
Exorcist, The1973904(full review) - The Exorcist still works all of these years later because of the atmosphere that Friedkin creates, the things that actually happens when the scares arenít happening, and the acting that elevates this flick upon any other horror film that Iíve seen recently. Definitely deserved that Best Picture win, even though ĎThe Stingí is a great film in its own right too.
Requiem for a Dream2000904(full review)
Alien1979857(full review) - Alien is definitely a sci-fi movie amongst sci-fi movies because it features a highly-stylized direction from one of the greats, Ridley Scott, who gives this film a very tense, dreary, and gloomy feeling the whole way through, and also keeps you guessing until the very end with scenes that are so iconic, I donít even need to mention here. Just get out and go see it before you see Prometheus, because something tells me youíre going to have to do your homework for this one.
Candyman1992708(full review)
Hostel2005659(full review) - Hostel proves to be extremely violent, filled with plenty of gore and guts, and shows that Eli Roth loves his creations, but its pacing is very mishandled, the characters werenít very likable, and starts out very bad which lessens the effect of the film.

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