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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Raging Bull19801001(full review)
Amadeus1984952(full review) - Amadeus is a character-driven biography, on one of the greatest minds in art, and the man that wanted his fame the most. It is filled with enough great settings, pieces, very very realistic writing, and most of all terrific performances from both leads, that this film is a joy in all of film.
Platoon1986952(full review)
Ordinary People1980904(full review)
Rain Man1988904(full review)
Color Purple, The1985856(full review)
Driving Miss Daisy1989856(full review)
Elephant Man, The1980856(full review) - With a surprisingly straight-forward direction by David Lynch, a pair of great performances from Hurt and Hopkins, and an inspirational story at the heart of it all, The Elephant Man is a wonderful flick that will make you feel for itís main subject but also realize what itís like to be a human, and what it takes to care for the other humans around you as well.
Hannah and Her Sisters1986856(full review) - Hannah and Her Sisters is a great Woody Allen flick because it balances out heart, darkness, humor, and tenderness all so well with a very well-written script, and performances from everybody involved that add so much more dimensions to these already interesting characters. Oh and it also has Thanksgiving din-din in the film so watch it around that time.
Kiss of the Spider Woman1985856(full review) - Kiss Of The Spider Woman may seem too much like a play, but has great lead performances, a heart-felt message, and a good look at homosexuals in a world that wasnít accepting it.
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown1989856(full review) - There were moments in this film that seemed a bit predictable, but thanks to Sheridanís way of creating a realistic, precise, and inspirational story, mixed with the amazing performance from Day-Lewis, is what makes this film a must-see. In other words: I liked it.
Accidental Tourist, The19888012(full review) - Though slow and dull at times, The Accidental Tourist works as a drama about finding love with a very good screenplay, as well as great performances from the cast, mainly Davis.
Fatal Attraction19878012(full review)
Moonstruck19878012(full review) - Moonstruck may be too cute for some serious issues, but it provides plenty of great, and hilarious comedy, with even better performances from the cast, and the timely feel of having a crazy family.
Big Chill, The19835015(full review) - There are a lot of faults here including the generation gap, lack of subtlety from characters and plot, and no real message, but has good performances from its ensemble cast, a great soundtrack, and wonderful writing that is real and tragic.
Children of a Lesser God19865015(full review)

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