Lists: Action, Sci-Fi

Brief Synopsis: "In a dystopic, future crime-ridden Detroit controlled by a powerful corporation, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a company-owned cyborg with submerged memories haunting him."

Overall Ranking: 1193 (Rank from 1987: # 14)

Adjusted* Rating:
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Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 20%
Regular 70%
Half-Popped 10%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Tim The Film Guy88(full review)
Dan O'Neill85(full review)
Sober Film Critic James Brown80(full review)
David Baruffi80
Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick77(full review)Comedy: 5
Sex Appeal: 3
Scary: 7
Rewatch: 7
Minnesota Man75(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest70Comedy: 2
Scary: 3
Rewatch: 5
Thomas Pollock70
Today I Watched A Movie65(full review)
Gorgon Reviews61

People Involved

  • Peter Weller (Officer Alex J. Murphy)
  • Peter Weller (RoboCop)
  • Nancy Allen (Officer Anne Lewis)
  • Ronny Cox (Dick Jones)
  • Kurtwood Smith (Clarence Boddicker)
  • Miguel Ferrer (Bob Morton)
  • Ray Wise (Leon Nash)
  • Felton Perry (Johnson)
  • Paul McCrane (Emil Antonowsky)
  • Jesse D. Goins (Joe Cox)
  • Robert DoQui (Sgt. Warren Reed)
  • Dan OHerlihy (The Old Man)
  • Sage Parker (Tyler)
  • Stephen Berrier (Roosevelt)
  • Laird Stuart (Cecil the Clerk)
  • John Davies (Chessman)
  • Tyress Allen (Starkweather)
  • Yolanda Williams (Ramirez)
  • Ken Page (Kinsey)
  • Charles Carroll (Bail Bondsman)
  • Gregory Poudevigne (Slimey lawyer)
  • Gene Wolande (Prisoner)
  • Neil Summers (Dougy)
  • Fred Hice (Bobby)
  • Edward Edwards (Manson)
  • Michael Gregory (Lieutenant Hedgecock)
  • Lee de Broux (Sal)
  • Rick Lieberman (Walker)
  • Calvin Jung (Steve Minh)
  • Del Zamora (Kaplan)
  • Karen Radcliffe (Technician #1)
  • Darryl Cox (Technician #2)
  • Jerry Haynes (Dr. McNamara)
  • Bill Schockley (Creep)
  • Donna Keegan (Rape victim)
  • Mike Moroff (Hophead)
  • Marjorie Rynearson (Grocery mom)
  • Jo Livingston (Grocery pop)
  • Joan Pirkle (Barbara)
  • Diane Robin (Chandra)
  • Adrianne Sachs (Tammy)
  • Maarten Goslins (Salesman)
  • Angie Bolling (Murphys wife)
  • Jason Levine (Murphys son)
  • S.D. Nemeth (Bobby Snyder)
  • Bill Farmer (Justin Ballard-Watkins)
  • Michael Hunter (Peter the Homeowner)
  • Spencer Prokop (Gas station attendant)
  • L.J. King (Emergency Doctor)
  • David Packer (Emergency Doctor)
  • Leeza Gibbons (Jesse Perkins, TV announcer)
  • Mario Machado (Casey Wong, TV announcer)
  • Paul Verhoeven (Director)

  • Other Movies in the Series

  • RoboCop 2
  • RoboCop 3