Crimson Tide

Lists: Action, Drama, Thriller, War

Brief Synopsis: "Instability in Russia results in the deployment of the the nuclear submarine "Alabama". Russian rebels have taken over a nuclear missile site and are refueling them for a possible strike against the USA. Tensions run high undersea, when the launch message is received, followed by an incomplete followup. Could the followup message have been to cancel the earlier orders?"

Overall Ranking: 745 (Rank from 1995: # 17)

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Dan O'Neill85 - It may look like slam-bang action thriller, but it has more ideas and messages than just your ordinary popcorn thriller. The cast is having a ball with this material, and Scott is probably at his best keeping the suspense, as well as energy up the whole time.
(full review)
Jim Carrier81
Darren of Movie Reviews 10181(full review)
Bryan Lienesch78 - For something that boils down to essentially a testosterone-packed, machismo-laced soap opera, it works surprisingly well.

People Involved

  • Gene Hackman (Captain Frank Ramsey)
  • Denzel Washington (Lt. Commander Ron Hunter)
  • Viggo Mortensen (Lt. Peter WEAPS Ince)
  • James Gandolfini (Lt. Bobby Dougherty)
  • Matt Craven (Lt. Roy Zimmer, USS Alabama Communications Officer)
  • George Dzundza (Chief of the Boat)
  • Rocky Carroll (Lt. Darik Westergaurd)
  • Jaime Gomez (Officer of the Deck Mahoney)
  • Michael Milhoan (Chief of the Watch Hunsicker)
  • Scott Burkholder (T.S.O. Billy Linkletter)
  • Danny Nucci (Petty Officer First Class Danny Rivetti)
  • Lillo Brancato (Petty Officer Third Class Russell Vossler)
  • Eric Bruskotter (Bennefield)
  • Rick Schroder (Lt. Paul Hellerman)
  • Steve Zahn (William Barnes)
  • Marcello Thedford (Lawson)
  • Tony Scott (Director)