How To Train Your Dragon

Lists: Adventure, Animated, Fantasy, Family

Brief Synopsis: "As the son of a Viking leader on the cusp of manhood, shy Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III faces a rite of passage: He must kill a dragon to prove his warrior mettle. But after downing a feared dragon, he realizes that he no longer wants to destroy it. So, he befriends the beast -- which he names Toothless -- much to the chagrin of his warrior father"

Overall Ranking: 1172 (Rank from 2010: # 34)

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Buttery 42.86%
Regular 28.57%
Half-Popped 28.57%
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Ryan from Ten Stars Or Less100(full review)
Alex Robinson95
CineMarvellous George Beremov93(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest85
CinemaVisitor Erik85
Dan O'Neill85 - Although not as memorable as other animated films that have came out in the past couple of years, How To Train Your Dragon still impresses with its great story, that has effective emotional depth, and enchanting visuals, that keep you watching.
(full review)
David Baruffi80
Thomas Pollock80
Stu Loves Film80(full review)
Movie Evangelist70(full review)
Gorgon Reviews61(full review)
Gorgon Reviews61(full review)
Fast Film Reviews Mark Hobin61(full review)
Patrick Devitt40

People Involved

  • Jay Baruchel (Hiccup)
  • Gerard Butler (Stoick)
  • Craig Ferguson (Gobber)
  • America Ferrera (Astrid)
  • Jonah Hill (Snotlout)
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fishlegs)
  • T.J. Miller (Tuffnut)
  • Kristen Wiig (Ruffnut)
  • Robin Atkin Downes (Ack)
  • Philip McGrade (Starkard)
  • Kieron Elliott (Hoark the Haggard)
  • Ashley Jensen (Phlegma the Fierce)
  • David Tennant (Spitelout)
  • Bonnie Arnold (Director)

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