This Is Where I Leave You

Lists: Comedy

Brief Synopsis: "A Jewish family that isn't used to observing their faith's traditions is forced to fulfill their father's final wish and sit Shivah together for an entire week and confront their problems."

Overall Ranking: 2274 (Rank from 2014: # 112)

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Buttery 7.69%
Regular 46.15%
Half-Popped 38.46%
Stale 7.69%
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Reviewer Rating Review
Mac the Movie Guy85(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest81 - Much more heart to it than I expected. Rose Byrne was really good in it, as was Adam Driver and Timothy Olyphant.
Paul's Trip To The Movies80(full review)
Le Anne of Tinsel And Tine75 - This is Where I Leave You to hit that blended comedy/drama thing smack in the middle, where it should be, including a slight pallor to the coloring of the film. Each scene is entertaining without trying to be too heartrending or too hilarious.
(full review)
Bryan Lienesch74 - The whole dysfunctional family dramedy has been so overdone at this point, that you really need to bring something special to make an impression. For 'This Is Where I Leave You', that something special is Tina Fey.
Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick68(full review)
Dan O'Neill65(full review)
FilmHamster61(full review)
Sober Film Critic James Brown61 - I could go on and on talking about how the cast members give endearing, entertaining performances. However, we've got a case in which a good cast meets a bad film in This Is Where I Leave You. It is Shawn Levy's responsibility to drive this film towards a cohesive vision that can stand on its own apart from Jonathan Tropper's source material.
(full review)
Gorgon Reviews61(full review)
David Baruffi61(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik60
Minnesota Man30 - Plastic and phony -- like Jane Fonda's boobs.
(full review)

People Involved

  • Jason Bateman (Judd Altman)
  • Rose Byrne (Penny Moore)
  • Jane Fonda (Hillary Altman)
  • Kathryn Hahn (Alice Altman)
  • Corey Stoll (Paul Altman)
  • Abigail Spencer (Quinn Altman)
  • Adam Driver (Phillip Altman)
  • Shawn Levy (Director)
  • magbo system