Toy Story 3

Lists: Animated, Comedy, Family, Best Picture nominee 2010 to 2019

Brief Synopsis: "Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy's toys haven't been played with in years. With Andy about to go to college, the gang find themselves accidentally left at a nefarious day care center. The toys must band together to escape and return home to Andy."

Overall Ranking: 451 (Rank from 2010: # 14)

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Buttery 60%
Regular 30%
Half-Popped 10%
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Dan O'Neill100(full review)
Jay of Life Vs Film100(full review)
Harvey Gardner100
David Baruffi97
Darren of Movie Reviews 10197(full review)
Skooch95(full review)
J Patterson95
Sir M Hayes XIV90
CinemaVisitor Erik90
Bryan Lienesch89 - It's the ending the franchise deserves. As some who grew up semi-parallel to Andy, I will never watch this movie again. The final half hours is nothing short of gut-wrenching.
Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium88(full review)
Nick Ledgerwood85
Nathan Adams and the Temple Of Reviews80(full review)
Thomas Pollock80
Patrick Devitt80
Gorgon Reviews80
Alex Robinson70
Rob from GuysFilmQuest66
Mikey from The Reviewer.Net61(full review)
Brandon H50

People Involved

  • Tom Hanks (Woody (voice))
  • Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear (voice))
  • Joan Cusack (Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl (voice))
  • Ned Beatty (Lotso (voice))
  • Michael Keaton (Ken (voice))
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Stretch the Octopus (voice))
  • Bonnie Hunt (Purple-haired doll (voice))
  • Wallace Shawn (Rex (voice))
  • John Ratzenberger (Hamm (voice))
  • Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head (voice))
  • Estelle Harris (Mrs. Potato Head (voice))
  • John Lasseter (Director)
  • Lee Unkrich (Director)
  • Michael Arndt (Director)

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