Hurt Locker, The

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Brief Synopsis: "Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly bomb."

Overall Ranking: 316 (Rank from 2008: # 7)

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Buttery 66.67%
Regular 25%
Half-Popped 8.33%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Dan O'Neill100(full review)
David Baruffi97
Bryan Lienesch96 - What Platoon was to Vietnam, Hurt Locker is to Iraq. Beautifully done. Keeps you fully engrossed and never falls into the temptation of giving you a political perspective on the war.
Comedy: 4
Sex Appeal: 1
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 9
Kevin McCarthy90(full review)
Brandon H90
CinemaVisitor Erik90
Patrick Devitt90
Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium88(full review)
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden R80(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest80(full review)Comedy: 2
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 4
Rewatch: 5
Thomas Pollock70
Gorgon Reviews61

People Involved

  • Jeremy Renner (Sgt. William James)
  • Anthony Mackie (Sgt. JT Sanborn)
  • Brian Geraghty (Spc. Owen Eldridge)
  • Guy Pearce (Sgt. Matt Thompson)
  • Ralph Fiennes (Mercenary Team Leader)
  • David Morse (Col. Reed)
  • Evangeline Lilly (Connie James)
  • Christopher Sayegh (Beckham)
  • Christian Camargo (Col. John Cambridge)
  • Suhail Aldabbach (Black Suit Man)
  • Kathryn Bigelow (Director)