Master, The

Lists: Drama

Brief Synopsis: "A 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual (Lancaster Dodd) known as "the Master" whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter (Freddie Quell) who becomes his right-hand man. After returning from the Second World War, having witnessed many horrors, Dodd creates a faith-based organization in an attempt to provide meaning to his life. He becomes known as "The Master". Freddie, his right-hand man, a former drifter, drifts through a series of PTSD-driven breakdowns. Finally he stumbles upon a cult which engages in exercises to clear the emotions. He becomes deeply involved with them, and begins to question both the belief system and The Master as the organization grows and gains a fervent following."

Overall Ranking: 968 (Rank from 2012: # 36)

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Dan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews98(full review)
Cinephile Catherine97
Sober Film Critic James Brown97(full review)
Aaron Leggo from Critical Critics97(full review)
Movie Evangelist95(full review)
Josh of Classicblanca94(full review)
That Movie Guy Dion Wyn Hughes92(full review)
Maurice of Movie Mixology90(full review)
Patrick Devitt90
Warning Sign90(full review)
Lord Of The Films Ryan90(full review)
Dan O'Neill90 - The Master could easily be a title that director P.T. Anderson is giving himself, because that is exactly what this guy is. Everything from the visuals, to the landscapes, to the score, to the performances, to the fully-developed story, to the religion movement; all are done with the masterful craft of Anderson and is sure to be one of the films to watch out for, come Oscar season.
(full review)
Colin Carman90(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik90 - Brilliant performances in this thought-provoking, well-directed drama but somehow it didn't reach me. It deserves recognition nonetheless.
(full review)
Duke And The Movies88(full review)
Gorgon Reviews80(full review)
Kevin McCarthy80(full review)
James Patrick80
Sean Kelly80(full review)
Angry Vader80(full review)
BTS Brian80
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Steve Habrat55(full review)
Committed to Celluloid Fernando Rafael52(full review)
Tom Barnes50
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden R50(full review)
Fast Film Reviews Mark Hobin43(full review)

People Involved

  • Joaquin Phoenix (Freddie Sutton)
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman (Lancaster Dodd)
  • Amy Adams (Mary Sue Dodd)
  • Laura Dern (Helen)
  • Jesse Plemons (Val Dodd)
  • Ambyr Childers (Elizabeth Dodd)
  • Rami Malek (Clark)
  • Madisen Beaty (Doris Solstad)
  • Kevin J. OConnor (Bill White)
  • Patty McCormack (Mildred Drummond)
  • Lena Endre (Mrs. Solstad)
  • Barbara Brownell (Margaret OBrien)
  • Amy Ferguson (Martha the Salesgirl)
  • Jennifer Neala Page (Winn Manchester)
  • Christopher Evan Welch (John More)
  • Mike Howard (Rorschach Doctor)
  • Bruce Goodchild (V.A. Doctor / Interview)
  • Frank Bettag (Frank)
  • Mimi Cozzens (Chi Chi Crawford)
  • Jonny Greenwood (Director)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (Director)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (Director)