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Amadeus1984951(full review) - Amadeus is a character-driven biography, on one of the greatest minds in art, and the man that wanted his fame the most. It is filled with enough great settings, pieces, very very realistic writing, and most of all terrific performances from both leads, that this film is a joy in all of film.
Hustle And Flow2005951(full review)
La La Land2016951(full review)
Inside Llewyn Davis2013854(full review)
Once2006854(full review)
Danny Collins2014806(full review)
Dreamgirls2006806(full review)
Nowhere Boy2009806(full review)
Ray2004806(full review)
Ricki and the Flash2015806(full review)
Sing Street2016806(full review)
This Is 402012806(full review)
Whiplash2014806(full review)
Get On Up20147514(full review)
O Brother, Where Art Thou?20007514(full review)
Straight Outta Compton20157016(full review)
Beyond the Lights20146517(full review)
Notorious (2009)20096517(full review)
Pitch Perfect 220156517(full review)
Sing20166517(full review)
Begin Again20146021(full review)
Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist20086021(full review)
Pitch Perfect20126021(full review) - Pitch Perfect has a very boring center and very predictable story to tell, but still kept me laughing with everything they threw at us, especially some of the most enjoyable singing performances I have heard in a film in a long, long time.
All Is by My Side20135524(full review)
The Runaways20105524(full review)
Doors, The19915026(full review)
Jersey Boys20145026(full review)

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