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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Silver Linings Playbook20121001(full review)
Intouchables2011992(full review)
The Big Short2015983(full review) - Blending some of the best elements of Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street and J. C. Chandor's Margin Call, the finance-themed comedy drama from Anchorman director Adam McKay serves up both irreverent humor and gut-wrenching drama in perfect doses.
August: Osage County2013974(full review)
Enough Said2013974(full review)
Ghostbusters1984974(full review) - If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This classic blockbuster stands as one of the funniest, zaniest films to have ever entered a multiplex. Some thirty years later, it remains a beloved piece of cinematic history.
Much Ado About Nothing (2013 Joss Whedon)2013974(full review)
The Martian2015974(full review) - Boldly envisioned, meticulously crafted, and beautifully executed, this film finds Scott in rare form.
Way Way Back, The2013974(full review)
Wedding Crashers2005974(full review)
Zootopia2016974(full review) - Beautifully imagined, poignantly acted, and politically resonant, Zootopia gets a sober rating. Adult moviegoers, I'll understand if you need to imbibe an alcoholic beverage or two before the movie. No one else will know. It's your word against yours.
Bridesmaids20119312(full review)
50/5020118813(full review)
Awakenings19908813(full review) - This movie could have been a typical something that fails to capture the beauty and tragedy of this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in another director's hands. Instead, Awakenings is an atypical something that demonstrates the tremendous will of the human spirit in Marshall's hands.
Ghostbusters20168813(full review) - Despite the overabundance of sexist haters and franchise purists, this reboot succeeds on three fronts — charting a new course with lovable characters, honoring the legacy of the pop culture phenomenon that Ghostbusters was, and serving up endless comedic fun for old and new fans alike.
Kingsman: The Secret Service20158813(full review) - With all its gadgets, stylized fight sequences, and self-aware dialogue, Kingsman: The Secret Service is one lovable ode to the spy movies of old.
LEGO Movie, The20148813(full review)
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20148418(full review)
21 Jump Street20128019(full review)
American Hustle20138019(full review)
Celeste And Jesse Forever20128019(full review)
Deadpool20168019(full review) - From the outrageously funny opening credits to one of the best post-credits clips in years, Deadpool is irreverent to perfection.
Dom Hemingway20148019(full review)
Don Jon20138019(full review)
Eddie the Eagle20168019(full review) - Ladies and gentlemen, the eagle has landed.
Florence Foster Jenkins20168019(full review) - It takes someone this good in order to purposefully be that bad, and there's no one better on the big screen than cinematic legend Meryl Streep.
Focus20158019(full review) - Smith may not deliver the box office gold he once could, but he's still delivering the quality.
Frances Ha20138019(full review)
Frank20148019(full review) - It's a relentlessly inventive film that somehow manages to oscillate between frivolity and seriousness with ease.
Hello, My Name Is Doris20168019(full review) - Hello My Name Is Doris is a letter to casting directors everywhere that says get Sally Field back on the big screen while she's still able to do it.
Internship, The20138019(full review)
Knocked Up20078019(full review)
Mrs. Doubtfire19938019(full review) - Mrs. Doubtfire is undoubtedly one of my favorite childhood movies. With Robin Williams and his talented supporting cast at the top of their game comically, a premise that was far more novel at the time (though one can make thematic comparisons to older films like Some Like It Hot), and fun, clever direction from Chris Columbus, this wholesome film hits the spot.
Neighbors20148019(full review)
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising20168019(full review) - Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is the rare comedy sequel that I dare say is better than the original. Shamelessly irreverent, relatively original, and endlessly hilarious, Nicholas Stoller's second foray into this franchise is the kind of comedic gold needed to kick the summer blockbuster season into gear.
Obvious Child20148019(full review)
Results20158019(full review) - Quirky, low key, and oddly enough romantic, Results is that movie for me.
Ruby Sparks20128019(full review)
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen20118019(full review)
Sausage Party20168019(full review) - Rude and crude with a plethora of sex jokes, this raucous affair centers on the amusing antics and shenanigans of these living foods. The real story here, however, is the immense creativity that drives the film.
Spy20158019(full review) - It’s a rare and precious thing to find a comedy with a full tank of laughs.
St. Vincent20148019(full review) - St. Vincent is a fun film that's about finding good and beautiful human beings in the unlikeliest of places. It's a funny reminder that saints are sinners too.
Ted 220158019(full review) - The thunder buddies for life are back, and they seem to be ready-made for 2015. From Deflate Gate's Tom Brady to Taken 3's Liam Neeson, the flood of perfectly timed pop culture references says it all.
That Awkward Moment20148019(full review)
The Lady in the Van20158019(full review) - The greatest comedy-dramas can turn on a dime from gut-busting humor to gut-wrenching heartaches. Director Nicholas Hytner's The Lady in the Van fits this bill.
The Lobster20158019(full review) - I have to give director Yorgos Lanthimos credit for crafting something immensely imaginative in The Lobster and somehow packaging that in a dystopian sci-fi thriller. Color me impressed because this is one strong piece of cinema with a sick, twisted sense of humor.
The Nice Guys20168019(full review)
To Do List, The20138019(full review)
To Rome with Love20128019(full review)
Trainwreck20158019(full review) - In a summer movie season full of superheroes, dinosaurs, spies, and terminators, Trainwreck certainly serves as strong counter-programming for those of us who need a break.
Wadjda20138019(full review)
While We're Young20148019(full review) - While We're Young is a mixed bag of humorous goodies revolving around life and how to live it to the best of one's ability regardless of age .
Youth20158019(full review) - In Youth, Paolo Sorrentino stays within his lane and does what he does best. With his trademark eye-popping aesthetics, yet another leading artist plagued by an unmistakable emptiness, and his usual oddball energy, Sorrentino certainly returns to the big screen in grand style.
Barbershop: The Next Cut20167554(full review) - It's safe to say that the razors are still sharp at Calvin's Barbershop.
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The20117554(full review)
Crazy, Stupid, Love20117554(full review)
Dear White People20147554(full review) - While I believe the conversation the film broaches is an important one, there's something about it that's lacking.
Five-Year Engagement, The20127554(full review)
Friends with Benefits20117554(full review)
Hot Tub Time Machine20107554(full review) - Chock full of sharp witty pop culture references, hilariously self-loathing characters, and plenty of raunchy slapstick humor, Pink's zany time travel adventure is one tough comedy.
Laggies20147554(full review) - Less about growing up and more about growing apart, Laggies tackles the interesting subject of friendship and how certain friends are only in our lives for a season. Yet again, I have a film on my hands that resonates with me on a personal level.
Pitch Perfect20127554(full review)
Pitch Perfect 220157554(full review) - Between the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine, it may just be impossible to avoid the blissful melodic harmony this second Pitch Perfect offers time and time again.
Pride20147554(full review) - Pride is a cute, charming little film. Harkening back to the 1980s, enlightening moviegoers with a piece of British history, and bringing with it plenty of humor from across the pond, Pride is a surprisingly soulful film bursting with energy and a zest for life.
Safety Not Guaranteed20127554(full review)
Ted20127554(full review)
22 Jump Street20147067(full review)
Bernie20117067(full review)
Central Intelligence20167067(full review) - It's nonsensical at times. It's formulaic at others. Regardless, Central Intelligence is entertaining as hell at all times.
Daddy's Home20157067(full review) - It's in the same sweet spot as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's comedy vehicle Sisters.
Hope Springs20127067(full review)
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The20157067(full review) - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a film that can be characterized by its peaceful setting, its heartfelt narrative, and its impressive collection of veteran British thespians. Fortunately for us, the same can be said of its sugary sequel despite its predictable nature.
Sisters20157067(full review) - Raunchy, amusing, and even family-themed at times, the Jason Moore comedy is a thoroughly entertaining vehicle for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that is sure to find its niche at the box office this holiday season.
The Hundred-Foot Journey20147067(full review) - The Hundred-Foot Journey has a slow opening act, but it quickly recovers. When it does so, we get one endearing flick with some mouthwatering dishes.
The Night Before20157067(full review) - The Night Before is one entertaining romp that gets the party started right during this holiday movie season.
War Dogs20167067(full review) - Todd Phillips apparently has a love affair with Brian de Palma's Scarface.
Warm Bodies20137067(full review)
Wedding Ringer, The20157067(full review)
What We Do in the Shadows20147067(full review) - What We Do in the Shadows is one fun romp. Directors Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement offer a fresh take on traditional bloodsuckers with their thoroughly entertaining mockumentary comedy.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot20167067(full review) - Oscillating between lighthearted comedy and intense drama, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot may just offer a worthwhile change in pace for Fey on the big screen.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno20087067(full review)
For a Good Time, Call...201265.682(full review)
2 Guns20136183(full review)
30 Minutes Or Less20116183(full review)
A Christmas Story19836183(full review)
A.C.O.D.20136183(full review)
Bad Teacher20116183(full review)
Bad Words20146183(full review)
Casa De Mi Padre20126183(full review)
Drinking Buddies20136183(full review)
DUFF, The20156183(full review) - On the one hand, it's a decently entertaining romp that plays to its strengths and tries to modernize the teen comedy. On the other hand, it's simply anything but the next great coming-of-age movie.
Hall Pass20116183(full review)
Horrible Bosses20116183(full review)
Identity Thief20136183(full review)
Magic in the Moonlight20146183(full review) - I don't profess to be an expert in Allen's personal life. Putting what I know aside and judging the film dispassionately, however, I have to say that Magic in the Moonlight could use a little more magic.
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates20166183(full review) - In the case of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, greatness is an elusive creature, but entertainment value is clear and present.
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb20146183(full review)
Rum Diary, The20116183(full review)
Scary Movie20006183(full review)
Sleepwalk With Me20126183(full review)
Thanks for Sharing20136183(full review)
The Intern20156183(full review) - This weekend's The Intern won't win any awards. It won't do wonders at the box office. It won't be beloved by critics. What Nancy Meyers's comedy will do is offer a fun, lighthearted romp featuring two heavyweight actors and a lovable supporting cast.
The Interview20146183(full review) - Setting aside the politics of The Interview, I must say that the film starts as one promising satire. As the runtime drags, the film quickly devolves from amusing social commentary to a poorly conceived gag reel on North Korea.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.20156183(full review) - Though I have my gripes, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is not the worst movie that's come my way this summer.
Think Like a Man20126183(full review)
This Is Where I Leave You20146183(full review) - I could go on and on talking about how the cast members give endearing, entertaining performances. However, we've got a case in which a good cast meets a bad film in This Is Where I Leave You. It is Shawn Levy's responsibility to drive this film towards a cohesive vision that can stand on its own apart from Jonathan Tropper's source material.
This Means War20126183(full review)
Tower Heist20116183(full review)
Wanderlust20126183(full review)
What If20146183(full review) - What If is not the movie that's going to reinvigorate the romantic comedy genre. It is the movie, however, that will teach you about the heart attack in a loaf known as Fool's Gold and will entertain you along the way.
Young Adult20116183(full review)
Dark Shadows201256.6112(full review)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day201452113(full review) - Channeling the positivity to which Steve Carell's Ben Cooper often refers, director Miguel Arteta uses the same old playbook for Disney family flicks.
Girl Most Likely201352113(full review)
Hyde Park On Hudson201252113(full review)
Joy201552113(full review) - Joy is a sloppy film that lacks cohesiveness in every sense of the word.
Ride Along201452113(full review)
The Boss201652113(full review) - The Boss has one redeeming quality, and her name is Melissa McCarthy. The popular comedian delivers the goods from her end with a solid, charismatic performance befitting the film's title. That being said, everything else around her is a hot mess.
The Overnight201552113(full review) - Despite solid performances from its downright lovable cast, the erotic indie comedy veers left every time it should go right.
Think Like a Man Too201452113(full review)
Hector and the Search for Happiness201447.6121(full review) - I don't profess to be an expert on happiness. Still, I would expect to walk out of Hector and the Search for Happiness overcome with joy or some other emotion. After all, the film is all about self-examination and should make moviegoers think on what puts a smile on each of their faces.
21 and Over201343122(full review)
Admission201343122(full review)
American Reunion201243122(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)201343122(full review)
Change-Up, The201143122(full review)
Family, The201343122(full review)
Get Hard201543122(full review) - Mayo and Chocolate just aren't a dynamic duo.
Grudge Match201343122(full review)
Guilt Trip, The201243122(full review)
Horrible Bosses 2201443122(full review)
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The201343122(full review)
Jeff, Who Lives At Home201143122(full review)
Last Vegas201343122(full review)
Lone Ranger, The201343122(full review)
Pain And Gain201343122(full review)
Parental Guidance201243122(full review)
Project X201243122(full review)
Scary Movie 3200343122(full review)
Smurfs 2, The201343122(full review)
Watch, The (2012)201243122(full review)
We're The Millers201343122(full review)
Wish I Was Here201443122(full review) - Wish I Was Here has a lot of heart, but it's lacking so much more.
Larry Crowne201134144(full review)
Aloha201525145(full review) - No one wants their romantic comedy with a side of nuclear warfare. Moreover, the consistently relaxed, upbeat tone that defines Aloha just doesn't fit here. It suffices to say that Crowe’s script brings all these disparate themes and stories together and offers a lesson in how not to make a movie.
Delivery Man201325145(full review)
Dumb and Dumber To201425145(full review) - Nothing good can come of a film like Dumb and Dumber To. The days of childish slapstick humor of this nature are long gone. Just look what happened a couple of years ago in The Three Stooges. It was a hot mess. With half-baked humor that's underwhelming at its best and revolting at its worst, Dumb and Dumber To succumbs to the same fate.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2201525145(full review) - Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is certainly not the great white buffalo of raunchy comedies. It's more akin to the vulture snacking on road kill in the dead of night.
Let's Be Cops201425145(full review) - Let's Be Cops is one colossal let-down devoid of humor or anything else that would spark a viewer's interest. The curse of August movies strikes again.
Love the Coopers201525145(full review) - For a cast this impressive, there is no excuse for Love the Coopers to be the meandering mess that it unfortunately is.
Moms' Night Out201425145(full review)
Ride Along 2201625145(full review) - Trying to step halfway into the realm of action comedies like Rush Hour or Bad Boys and halfway into the world of video games, Ride Along 2 fails wholly on both fronts and does anything but find its funny bone.
Your Highness201125145(full review)
A Haunted House 2201411.6154(full review)
Grown Ups201011.6154(full review)
Grown Ups 2201311.6154(full review)
Haunted House, A201311.6154(full review)
Jack and Jill201111.6154(full review)
Movie 43201311.6154(full review)
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2201511.6154(full review) - Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is the rare film that makes me angry just thinking about it.
Pixels201511.6154(full review) - The cast of Pixels is either underwhelming or overwhelming. There's no middle ground.
Scary Movie 2200111.6154(full review)
Scary Movie 4200611.6154(full review)
Scary Movie 5201311.6154(full review)
Thats My Boy201211.6154(full review)
Three Stooges, The (2012)201211.6154(full review)
Tammy201411167(full review) - Devoid of any genuine humor or worthwhile performances, McCarthy's latest flick is a comedic disaster that lets us know we've had enough of her tired act.

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Hot Rod ~ [Rate It Now]
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Fred Claus ~ [Rate It Now]
Kung Fu Panda 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
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Bad Boys ~ [Rate It Now]
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The Bad News Bears (1976) ~ [Rate It Now]
Stretch ~ [Rate It Now]
A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas ~ [Rate It Now]
Beer League ~ [Rate It Now]
Computer Chess ~ [Rate It Now]
Date Night ~ [Rate It Now]
Doc Hollywood ~ [Rate It Now]
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask ~ [Rate It Now]
Group Sex ~ [Rate It Now]
Johnny English ~ [Rate It Now]
Monty Python's And Now for Something Completely Different ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr. 3000 ~ [Rate It Now]
Pink Panther (1963) ~ [Rate It Now]
Pink Panther 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Small Time Crooks ~ [Rate It Now]
Weird Science ~ [Rate It Now]
Bruce Almighty ~ [Rate It Now]
Old School ~ [Rate It Now]
Shes Out Of My League ~ [Rate It Now]
Team America: World Police ~ [Rate It Now]
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr And Mrs Smith ~ [Rate It Now]
Beaver, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Filth ~ [Rate It Now]
Family Stone, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ~ [Rate It Now]
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ~ [Rate It Now]
Kindergarten Cop ~ [Rate It Now]
Longest Yard, The (2005) ~ [Rate It Now]
Role Models ~ [Rate It Now]
Zoolander ~ [Rate It Now]
Pineapple Express ~ [Rate It Now]
A Good Old Fashioned Orgy ~ [Rate It Now]
My Big Fat Greek Wedding ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr. Right ~ [Rate It Now]
2 Days In Paris ~ [Rate It Now]
Take Me Home Tonight ~ [Rate It Now]
Prince Avalanche ~ [Rate It Now]
Be Kind Rewind ~ [Rate It Now]
Mars Attacks! ~ [Rate It Now]
50 First Dates ~ [Rate It Now]
The Meddler ~ [Rate It Now]
Paul ~ [Rate It Now]
School of Rock, The ~ [Rate It Now]
American Wedding ~ [Rate It Now]
Dirty Girl ~ [Rate It Now]
Fletch ~ [Rate It Now]
My Blue Heaven ~ [Rate It Now]
Rush Hour 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
The Gods Must Be Crazy ~ [Rate It Now]
Billy Madison ~ [Rate It Now]
Gentlemen Broncos ~ [Rate It Now]
I Heart Huckabees ~ [Rate It Now]
My Super Ex-Girlfriend ~ [Rate It Now]
Once Bitten ~ [Rate It Now]
Super ~ [Rate It Now]
Other Guys, The ~ [Rate It Now]
The Inbetweeners 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Over Her Dead Body ~ [Rate It Now]
Ghostbusters II ~ [Rate It Now]
Accepted ~ [Rate It Now]
Space Jam ~ [Rate It Now]
Airheads ~ [Rate It Now]
Gloria ~ [Rate It Now]
Summer School ~ [Rate It Now]
Butter ~ [Rate It Now]
Beavis and Butthead Do America ~ [Rate It Now]
Popeye ~ [Rate It Now]
Analyze That ~ [Rate It Now]
Kingsman: The Golden Circle ~ [Rate It Now]
Heat, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Hesher ~ [Rate It Now]
Bruno ~ [Rate It Now]
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York ~ [Rate It Now]
Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanimo Bay ~ [Rate It Now]
Goosebumps ~ [Rate It Now]
Beverly Hills Cop III ~ [Rate It Now]
Last Flag Flying ~ [Rate It Now]
Sightseers ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Santa 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Hebrew Hammer, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Johnny English Reborn ~ [Rate It Now]
Legally Blonde ~ [Rate It Now]
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ~ [Rate It Now]
The Replacements ~ [Rate It Now]
Invention of Lying, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Cable Guy, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Starsky & Hutch ~ [Rate It Now]
Youth in Revolt ~ [Rate It Now]
Hit and Run ~ [Rate It Now]
Green Hornet, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Beverly Hills Cop II ~ [Rate It Now]
Tenure ~ [Rate It Now]
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Extract ~ [Rate It Now]
Just One Of The Guys ~ [Rate It Now]
Kinky Boots ~ [Rate It Now]
Take This Waltz ~ [Rate It Now]
About Last Night ~ [Rate It Now]
Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Minions ~ [Rate It Now]
Anger Management ~ [Rate It Now]
Best Man Holiday, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Penguins of Madagascar ~ [Rate It Now]
The Bronze ~ [Rate It Now]
God Bless America ~ [Rate It Now]
Bridget Jones's Diary ~ [Rate It Now]
Delirious (1991 John Candy) ~ [Rate It Now]
Keeping Up with the Joneses ~ [Rate It Now]
King Ralph ~ [Rate It Now]
MacGruber ~ [Rate It Now]
This Is 40 ~ [Rate It Now]
Here Comes the Boom ~ [Rate It Now]
Leatherheads ~ [Rate It Now]
Life After Beth ~ [Rate It Now]
Search Party ~ [Rate It Now]
Sister Act ~ [Rate It Now]
Freaky Friday (2003) ~ [Rate It Now]
Next Friday ~ [Rate It Now]
Spies Like Us ~ [Rate It Now]
A Long Way Down ~ [Rate It Now]
Adult Beginners ~ [Rate It Now]
Cuban Fury ~ [Rate It Now]
Blades of Glory ~ [Rate It Now]
Giant Mechanical Man, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Morning Glory ~ [Rate It Now]
Office Christmas Party ~ [Rate It Now]
Ref, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Vegas Vacation ~ [Rate It Now]
Addams Family Values ~ [Rate It Now]
Rudo and Cursi ~ [Rate It Now]
Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa ~ [Rate It Now]
Saving Silverman ~ [Rate It Now]
Be Cool ~ [Rate It Now]
Get Him To The Greek ~ [Rate It Now]
Night At The Museum ~ [Rate It Now]
13 Going on 30 ~ [Rate It Now]
Austin Powers in Goldmember ~ [Rate It Now]
Campaign, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Friends with Kids ~ [Rate It Now]
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ~ [Rate It Now]
There's Something About Mary ~ [Rate It Now]
Eagle vs. Shark ~ [Rate It Now]
Made ~ [Rate It Now]
Big Daddy ~ [Rate It Now]
Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian ~ [Rate It Now]
Spaceballs ~ [Rate It Now]
Vacation ~ [Rate It Now]
Drillbit Taylor ~ [Rate It Now]
Earth Girls Are Easy ~ [Rate It Now]
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
A Bad Moms Christmas ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Moms ~ [Rate It Now]
Couples Retreat ~ [Rate It Now]
Flubber ~ [Rate It Now]
Rush Hour ~ [Rate It Now]
Taxi ~ [Rate It Now]
Napoleon Dynamite ~ [Rate It Now]
A Hologram for the King ~ [Rate It Now]
Our Idiot Brother ~ [Rate It Now]
John Dies At The End ~ [Rate It Now]
Balls of Fury ~ [Rate It Now]
I'm Reed Fish ~ [Rate It Now]
Dinner for Schmucks ~ [Rate It Now]
Arthur ~ [Rate It Now]
Dictator, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Post Grad ~ [Rate It Now]
Bachelorette ~ [Rate It Now]
Eight Crazy Nights ~ [Rate It Now]
Ghost Dad ~ [Rate It Now]
American Pie 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
The Cobbler ~ [Rate It Now]
Cabin Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Me, Myself & Irene ~ [Rate It Now]
Semi-Pro ~ [Rate It Now]
Bedtime Stories ~ [Rate It Now]
Baggage Claim ~ [Rate It Now]
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason ~ [Rate It Now]
Observe and Report ~ [Rate It Now]
Strangers with Candy ~ [Rate It Now]
The D Train ~ [Rate It Now]
Barbershop 2: Back in Business ~ [Rate It Now]
Dude Where's My Car? ~ [Rate It Now]
Just Go With It ~ [Rate It Now]
Wayne's World 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Weekend at Bernie's ~ [Rate It Now]
Grimsby ~ [Rate It Now]
Tusk ~ [Rate It Now]
They Came Together ~ [Rate It Now]
How to Be Single ~ [Rate It Now]
Meet the Parents ~ [Rate It Now]
Entourage ~ [Rate It Now]
European Vacation, National Lampoon's ~ [Rate It Now]
R.I.P.D. ~ [Rate It Now]
Dirty Grandpa ~ [Rate It Now]
Due Date ~ [Rate It Now]
Paul Blart: Mall Cop ~ [Rate It Now]
Baywatch ~ [Rate It Now]
Mannequin ~ [Rate It Now]
Click ~ [Rate It Now]
I Love You, Beth Cooper ~ [Rate It Now]
Cheaper by the Dozen ~ [Rate It Now]
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist ~ [Rate It Now]
The Money Pit ~ [Rate It Now]
Hangover Part II, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Big Wedding, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Guru, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Walk of Shame ~ [Rate It Now]
All About Steve ~ [Rate It Now]
Hop ~ [Rate It Now]
Hot Pursuit ~ [Rate It Now]
Jackass: The Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit ~ [Rate It Now]
Smurfs, The ~ [Rate It Now]
The Perfect Match ~ [Rate It Now]
Sex Tape ~ [Rate It Now]
Hangover Part III, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Cop Out ~ [Rate It Now]
A Million Ways to Die in the West ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea's Witness Protection ~ [Rate It Now]
Zombeavers ~ [Rate It Now]
Disaster Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Adventures of Pluto Nash, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Daddy's Home 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr Woodcock ~ [Rate It Now]
Zoolander 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
You Don't Mess With the Zohan ~ [Rate It Now]
Blended ~ [Rate It Now]
Playing For Keeps ~ [Rate It Now]
Meet the Fockers ~ [Rate It Now]
Major League II ~ [Rate It Now]
Unfinished Business ~ [Rate It Now]
I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry ~ [Rate It Now]
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III ~ [Rate It Now]
Bride Wars ~ [Rate It Now]
Mother's Day ~ [Rate It Now]
Overboard ~ [Rate It Now]
The Emoji Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Epic Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Home Alone 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
Mortdecai ~ [Rate It Now]
Babymakers, The ~ [Rate It Now]
CaddyShack II ~ [Rate It Now]
Freddy Got Fingered ~ [Rate It Now]
Major League: Back to the Minors ~ [Rate It Now]
The Cat In The Hat ~ [Rate It Now]
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star ~ [Rate It Now]
InAPPropriate Comedy ~ [Rate It Now]
Fifty Shades of Black ~ [Rate It Now]
Home Alone 4 ~ [Rate It Now]
Norm of the North ~ [Rate It Now]
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd ~ [Rate It Now]
Bongwater ~ [Rate It Now]
Date Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Fockers ~ [Rate It Now]
Miss March ~ [Rate It Now]
Meet The Spartans (2008) ~ [Rate It Now]
Almost An Angel ~ [Rate It Now]
Another 48 Hrs. ~ [Rate It Now]
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! ~ [Rate It Now]
Big Top Pee-wee ~ [Rate It Now]
Blind Date ~ [Rate It Now]
Brady Bunch Movie (1995) ~ [Rate It Now]
Career Opportunities ~ [Rate It Now]
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Compadres ~ [Rate It Now]
Crocodile Dundee II ~ [Rate It Now]
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles ~ [Rate It Now]
Curse of the Pink Panther ~ [Rate It Now]
Fletch Lives ~ [Rate It Now]
Harvey ~ [Rate It Now]
Jackass 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
Jackass Number Two ~ [Rate It Now]
King of Hearts ~ [Rate It Now]
License to Wed ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea Goes to Jail ~ [Rate It Now]
Mannequin: On the Move ~ [Rate It Now]
Men & Chicken ~ [Rate It Now]
Norbit ~ [Rate It Now]
Old Dogs ~ [Rate It Now]
Old Scores ~ [Rate It Now]
Pink Panther (2006) ~ [Rate It Now]
Pink Panther Strikes Again ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy 3: Back in Training ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow ~ [Rate It Now]
Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise ~ [Rate It Now]
Ringer, The ~ [Rate It Now]
The Benchwarmers ~ [Rate It Now]
The Breakup Guru ~ [Rate It Now]
The Gods Must Be Crazy II ~ [Rate It Now]
We're No Angels ~ [Rate It Now]

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