Holmes and Watson

Lists: Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Crime / Heist, Razzies Worst Picture Nominees

Brief Synopsis: "Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a murder at Buckingham Palace. They soon learn that they have only four days to solve the case, or the queen will become the next victim."

Overall Ranking: 3161 (Rank from 2018: # 77)

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Stale 33.33%
Burnt 66.67%


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Dave Examines Movies32
Mahan25(full review)
Minnesota Man20(full review)

People Involved

  • Will Ferrell (Sherlock Holmes)
  • John C. Reilly (Dr. John Watson)
  • Rebecca Hall (Dr. Grace Hart)
  • Ralph Fiennes (Prof. James Moriarty)
  • Hugh Laurie (Mycroft Holmes)
  • Kelly Macdonald (Mrs. Hudson)
  • Steve Coogan (Gustav)
  • Pam Ferris (Queen Victoria)
  • Rob Brydon (Inspector Lestrade)
  • Lauren Lapkus (Millie)
  • Lilly Aspell (Urchin)
  • Noah Jupe (Doxy)
  • Bella Ramsey (Flotsam)
  • Adam Scherr (Wrestler)
  • Michael Culkin (Judge Over)
  • Kieran OBrien (PC Smalls)
  • Jordan Long (Herbert)
  • Jorge Leon Martinez (British Soldier)
  • Billy Jenkins (Mudfog)
  • Gerard Monaco (Officer)
  • Scarlet Grace (Pickle)
  • James Eeles (Manager Mr. Petrucka)
  • Karl Farrer (Russian Merchant)
  • Shawn Dixon (Upper Class Gentleman #1)
  • Lindy Barrett (School Girl)
  • Oliver Maltman (Telegraph Operator)
  • Jason Thorpe (Butler)
  • Martin Bassindale (One Man Band)
  • Wolf Roth (Sigmund Freud)
  • Mark Anthony Dawson (Beefeater #1)
  • Ethan Rouse (Newsreader)
  • Paddy Holland (Tough Kid)
  • Willem Dalby (Newsie Man)
  • Amelia OLoughlin (White Star-Line Girl)
  • Deepak Anand (Nobleman)
  • Christian Wolf-LaMoy (English Gentleman)
  • Sonnyboy Skelton (Doxys Dad)
  • Hector Bateman-Harden (Young Sherlock Holmes)
  • Paul T.T. Easter (John)
  • Daniel Fearn (The Drooling Man)
  • Phil Hodges (Mr. Algernon Barkworth)
  • Paul Cassidy (Charlie Chaplin)
  • Anjan Kannan (Townsfolk)
  • Laura Stevely (Sherlocks Mother)
  • John Kinory (Instructing Solicitor)
  • Joseph Macnab (Fitness Instructor)
  • Russell Wilcox (The Announcer)
  • Craig Thomas Lambert (Yeoman of the guard)
  • Lochlan White (Newsie Kid - Timmy)
  • Riley White (Newsie Kid - Jimmy)
  • Benjamin Lok (Courtroom Person 3)
  • Jamie Baughan (Titanic Captain)
  • Sara Beasley (Mrs. Frobisher)
  • Henrihs Ahmadejevs (Drunk)
  • David Handley (Executioner)
  • Martyn Mayger (Buckingham Palace Guest)
  • Codie-Lei Eastick (Young Watson)
  • Anthony Richard Rowe (Victorian Gentleman)
  • Samantha Sharon Watson (Elizabeth - Lady of the Night)
  • David Shackleton (Albert Einstein)
  • Matthew Di Liello (Telly-Phone Assistant)
  • David Stoller (Guard (Southampton))
  • Colby Mulgrew (Haybag)
  • Darren Lake (Disorientated Man)
  • Mick Slaney (Docker)
  • Mark Behan (Ringside Bookie)
  • Wesley Kent-Hargreaves (The Weird Child)
  • David Bromley (Phone Guy)
  • Ellie Rose Eames (Newschild)
  • Joey Grima (Queen Victorias Grenadier Guard)
  • Angus Cook (Policeman)
  • Neil Main (Screaming Soldier)
  • Stanley Eldridge (Waiter 2)
  • Edward Olhausen (Street Urchin)
  • Lilly Aspell (Urchin (uncredited))
  • Nick Davison (Upper Class Gentleman (uncredited))
  • Hugh OBrien (Garden Party Guest (uncredited))
  • Andrew G. Ogleby (Lower Class Citizen (uncredited))
  • Richard Price (Grenadier Guard (uncredited))
  • Richard Price (Newsboy (uncredited))
  • Pete Freerunner Simpson (Police Officer (uncredited))
  • Bronson Webb (Jonathan Nightingale)
  • Billy Zane (Himself)