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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story20161001(full review) - Effectively making the case that all Star Wars movies don't have to be about the Skywalker family, Edwards introduces us to a new family, the Ersos. He explores beautiful, new worlds. He peels back layers of A New Hope we thought we all knew so well and gives us a film that feels like the first half of Episode IV in style and narrative.
Sound of Music, The19651001(full review)
Wizard Of Oz, The19391001(full review)
Brooklyn2015994(full review) - Crowley makes a period piece that functions as a feel-good movie but maintains the emotional depths of a more serious affair.
Black Swan2010985(full review)
Gravity2013985(full review)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona2008985(full review)
Carol2015978(full review) - Written based on strong source material from Highsmith, directed nimbly by Todd Haynes, and acted beautifully by the superb cast on hand, this adaptation is not a high-flying drama full of bravado performances or heavy-handed direction. It's a much more understated affair that subtly tackles the persecution of the era that our lead characters endure to share a kind of romance that was uncommon at the time, at least in the public sphere.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The2013978(full review)
Room2015978(full review) - Dominated by two incredible performances from Brie Larson and her younger pint-sized co-star Jacob Tremblay, this potent drama delivers on so many levels. It's simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting to watch this situation unfold as a young mother tries to shield her son from the horrors of the confined, ultra-insular world in which they live.
Sicario2015978(full review) - I've got nothing but love for Sicario. This is the first truly great movie of the fall movie season.
Zero Dark Thirty2012978(full review)
Bridesmaids20119313(full review)
Hidden Figures20169313(full review) - I've got nothing but love for Hidden Figures. Director Theodore Melfi's historical comedy-drama does what the best films do. It teaches moviegoers something they probably never knew before the theater darkened and the film began.
10 Cloverfield Lane20168815(full review) - From start to finish, 10 Cloverfield Lane is really something special, something unforgettable. For his feature film debut, Dan Trachtenberg knocks it out of the park.
Arrival20168815(full review) - Grandly envisioned, subtly executed, and beautifully acted, Arrival is by far the most thought-provoking science fiction film to grace the big screen this year.
Ghostbusters20168815(full review) - Despite the overabundance of sexist haters and franchise purists, this reboot succeeds on three fronts — charting a new course with lovable characters, honoring the legacy of the pop culture phenomenon that Ghostbusters was, and serving up endless comedic fun for old and new fans alike.
Jackie20168815(full review) - Nuanced, fragile, and flawed, this portrayal of Jackie Kennedy is the best performance Natalie Portman has given since Black Swan and a reminder that she is one of the premier actresses of our age. It will likely be regarded as the best performance of the year.
Battle of the Sexes20178419(full review) - Showcasing the ugly side of chauvinism and what a few courageous women did to challenge it for all the public to see, Dayton and Faris blend comedy, competition, and commotion to craft one engaging piece of cinema.
Carrie (1976)19768419(full review)
Wonder Woman20178419(full review) - All I can say now that this moment in cinematic history is finally here is that it's about damn time. Earnest, gritty and glorious, Wonder Woman is the first truly great installment in the DCEU.
Frances Ha20138022(full review)
Hello, My Name Is Doris20168022(full review) - Hello My Name Is Doris is a letter to casting directors everywhere that says get Sally Field back on the big screen while she's still able to do it.
Help, The20118022(full review)
Hunger Games, The20128022(full review)
In a World...20138022(full review)
Sixteen Candles19848022(full review)
Spy20158022(full review) - It’s a rare and precious thing to find a comedy with a full tank of laughs.
Suffragette20158022(full review) - One of the failures of Danny Boyle's recent Steve Jobs is that it localizes a grand story without conveying its larger-than-life nature. Sarah Gavron doesn't make the same mistake with her period piece Suffragette.
To Do List, The20138022(full review)
Trainwreck20158022(full review) - In a summer movie season full of superheroes, dinosaurs, spies, and terminators, Trainwreck certainly serves as strong counter-programming for those of us who need a break.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The20147532(full review) - As President Snow says in the film, it is the things we love most that destroy us. For studios today, that's the almighty dollar. That's exactly why Part 1 of Mockingjay is only filler material on the road to the finale.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, The20157532(full review) - Setting aside my issues with this crystal clear cash grab, Mockingjay – Part 2 is a grim, thrilling conclusion to the tumultuous tale of Katniss Everdeen.
Pitch Perfect20127532(full review)
Pitch Perfect 220157532(full review) - Between the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine, it may just be impossible to avoid the blissful melodic harmony this second Pitch Perfect offers time and time again.
SALT20107036(full review)
Sisters20157036(full review) - Raunchy, amusing, and even family-themed at times, the Jason Moore comedy is a thoroughly entertaining vehicle for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that is sure to find its niche at the box office this holiday season.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot20167036(full review) - Oscillating between lighthearted comedy and intense drama, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot may just offer a worthwhile change in pace for Fey on the big screen.
Wild20147036(full review) - When I'm out in nature getting some fresh air, great thoughts just come to me. That's why I get Cheryl Strayed’s need to get out and smell the roses. I just don't agree with the idea of Strayed walking a thousand miles to clear her head. That's a bit excessive to say the least.
For a Good Time, Call...201265.640(full review)
Age of Adaline, The20156141(full review) - Lively manages to give us a girl with a refined grace yet a keen awareness of the world around her. It's an intriguing performance that mixes an old soul with young energy.
Bad Teacher20116141(full review)
Big Eyes20146141(full review) - I won't go shouting to the mountaintops about Big Eyes, but I will say that it's a decent drama from Tim Burton that's solid entertainment on a quiet afternoon.
DUFF, The20156141(full review) - On the one hand, it's a decently entertaining romp that plays to its strengths and tries to modernize the teen comedy. On the other hand, it's simply anything but the next great coming-of-age movie.
Young Adult20116141(full review)
Girl Most Likely20135246(full review)
Joy20155246(full review) - Joy is a sloppy film that lacks cohesiveness in every sense of the word.
Under the Skin20145246(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The20124349(full review)
Sucker Punch20112550(full review)
Bling Ring, The201311.651(full review)
Catwoman200411.651(full review)
Twilight200811.651(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The201111.651(full review)
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The201011.651(full review)
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The200911.651(full review)

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