Animal House

Lists: Comedy, Absurdist comedy, Classics

Brief Synopsis: "Knowledge is good, but swilling kegs of beer is more fun! Just ask the guys at the Delta House fraternity. Dean Wormer puts the titular frat on double-secret probation, and it's up to Bluto, Flounder, Pinto and the rest of the brothers to get even."

Overall Ranking: 426 (Rank from 1978: # 4)

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(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 70%
Regular 20%
Half-Popped 10%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review
Mark Chapman100
Patrick Devitt100
David Baruffi97
Jim Carrier96 - One of the movies that was a foundation to the crazy, raunchy comedies.
Rob from GuysFilmQuest85
Sir M Hayes XIV85 - A classic that was so far ahead of its time
Rich Alejandro75 - For all intents and purposes, this is a coming of age movie. Everyone has seen this at least once. If you haven't, I'm kidnapping you and making you watch this.
J Collins70
V Lionheart60

People Involved

  • John Belushi (John Blutarski)
  • Tim Matheson (Eric Stratton)
  • John Vernon (Dean Vernon Wormer)
  • Verna Bloom (Marion Wormer)
  • Donald Sutherland (Dave Jennings)
  • Kevin Bacon (Chip Diller)
  • Bruce McGill (Daniel Simpson Day)
  • Mark Metcalf (Doug Neidermeyer)
  • Peter Riegert (Donald Schoenstein)
  • James Widdoes (Robert Hoover)
  • Karen Allen (Katy)
  • Stephen Furst (Kent Dorfman)
  • Mary Louise Weller (Mandy Pepperidge)
  • Martha Smith (Babs Jansen)
  • James Daughton (Greg Marmalard)
  • Douglas Kenney (Stork)
  • Chris Miller (Hardbar)
  • Bruce Bonnheim (B.B.)
  • Joshua Daniel (Mothball)
  • Cesare Danova (Mayor Carmine DePasto)
  • Sunny Johnson (Otters Co-Ed)
  • Sarah Holcomb (Clorette DePasto)
  • Stacy Grooman (Sissy)
  • Otis Day (Otis Day)
  • Eliza Roberts (Brunella)
  • Lisa Baur (Shelly)
  • Aseneth Jurgenson (Beth)
  • Katherine Denning (Noreen)
  • Raymone Robinson (Mean Dude)
  • Robert Elliott (Meaner Dude)
  • Reginald Farmer (Meanest Dude)
  • Jebidiah R. Dumas (Gigantic Dude)
  • Priscilla Lauris (Deans Secretary)
  • Rick Eby (Omega)
  • John Freeman (Man On Street)
  • Sean McCartin (Lucky Boy)
  • Helen Vick (Sorority Girl)
  • Rick Greenough (Mongol)
  • Tom Hulce (Larry Kroger)
  • Stephen Bishop (Charming Guy with Guitar)
  • John Landis (Director)