Lists: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Brief Synopsis: "A terminally ill woman opts for a cloning procedure to ease her loss on her friends and family. When she makes a miraculous recovery, her attempts to have her clone decommissioned fail and lead to a court-mandated duel to the death."

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People Involved

  • Karen Gillan (Sarah / Sarah Double)
  • Aaron Paul (Trent)
  • Beulah Koale (Peter)
  • Theo James (Robert Michaels)
  • Elina Jackson (Official with Flags)
  • Maija Paunio (Sarahs Mother)
  • Rea Lest (Emergency Room Receptionist)
  • Sanna-June Hyde (Doctor)
  • Kris Gummerus (Tom)
  • Nico Siekkinen (Two Identical Men)
  • Jamie Siekkinen (Two Identical Men)
  • Elsa Saisio (Toms Wife)
  • Remu Valisaari (Toms Children)
  • Minea Valisaari (Toms Children)
  • Amira Khalifa (The Facility Receptionist)
  • Andrei Alén (Facility Tech)
  • Aram Tertzakian (Waiter)
  • Darren McStay (Sarahs Lawyer)
  • Rasmus Blomqvist (Mustachioed Man)
  • Katariina Havukainen (Barbara)
  • Riley Stearns (Gas Station Cashier)
  • Yûko Takeda (Coroner)
  • Tiia Ennala (Deceased Woman in Morgue)
  • Marketta Tikkanen (Department Store Employee)
  • Paul Brown (Daryl)
  • Robert Enckell (Carl)
  • Sophia Heikkilä (Twin girls mom)
  • Irmeli-Unelma Hyde (Twin girl)
  • Leslie Hyde (Court Judge)
  • Elias Salonen (Grief Stricken Original)
  • Robin Touray (Official 2)
  • Martha Kelly ()
  • Donat Balaj (Rick (uncredited))