The Thin Man

Lists: Comedy, Mystery, Comedic thriller, Crime / Heist, Detective investigation

Brief Synopsis: "After a four year absence, one time detective Nick Charles returns to New York with his new wife Nora and their dog, Asta. Nick re-connects with many of his old cronies, several of whom are eccentric characters, to say the least. He's also approached by Dorothy Wynant whose inventor father Clyde Wynant is suspected of murdering her step-mother. Her father had left on a planned trip some months before and she has had no contact with him. Nick isn't all that keen on resuming his former profession but egged-on by wife Nora, who thinks this all very exciting, he agrees to help out. He solves the case, announcing the identity of the killer at a dinner party for all of the suspects."

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People Involved

  • William Powell (Nick Charles)
  • Myrna Loy (Nora Charles)
  • Maureen OSullivan (Dorothy Wynant)
  • Nat Pendleton (Inspector John Guild)
  • Minna Gombell (Mimi Wynant)
  • Porter Hall (Herbert MacCaulay)
  • Henry Wadsworth (Tommy)
  • William Henry (Gilbert Wynant)
  • Harold Huber (Arthur Nunheim)
  • Cesar Romero (Chris Jorgenson)
  • Natalie Moorhead (Julia Wolf)
  • Edward Brophy (Joe Morelli)
  • Edward Ellis (Clyde Wynant)
  • Cyril Thornton (Tanner)
  • Pat Flaherty (Fighter at Party (uncredited))
  • William H. OBrien (Bartender (uncredited))
  • Polly Bailey (Janitress (uncredited))
  • William Augustin (Wynants Butler (uncredited))
  • Arthur Belasco (Detective (uncredited))
  • Jack Cheatham (Detective (uncredited))
  • Edward Hearn (Detective (uncredited))
  • Garry Owen (Detective (uncredited))
  • Lee Phelps (Detective (uncredited))
  • Frank OConnor (Detective Waiter (uncredited))
  • Henry Otho (Detective Waiter (uncredited))
  • Robert Homans (Billy the Detective (uncredited))
  • Brooks Benedict (Night Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Dick Gordon (Night Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Kenner G. Kemp (Night Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Hans Moebus (Night Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Tui Bow (Stenographer (uncredited))
  • Raymond Brown (Dr. Walton (uncredited))
  • Ruth Channing (Mrs. Jorgenson (uncredited))
  • Clay Clement (Quinn (uncredited))
  • Nick Copeland (Reporter (uncredited))
  • Creighton Hale (Reporter (uncredited))
  • Thomas E. Jackson (Reporter (uncredited))
  • Phil Tead (Reporter (uncredited))
  • George Templeton (Reporter (uncredited))
  • Christian J. Frank (Plainclothesman (uncredited))
  • Lee Shumway (Plainclothesman (uncredited))
  • Kenneth Gibson (Apartment Clerk (uncredited))
  • Douglas Fowley (Taxi Driver (uncredited))
  • Sherry Hall (Taxi Driver (uncredited))
  • John Irwin (Face Tefler (uncredited))
  • Sydney Jarvis (Witness (uncredited))
  • Tiny Jones (Woman Buying Newspaper (uncredited))
  • John Larkin (Porter (uncredited))
  • Walter Long (Stutsy Burke (uncredited))
  • Fred Malatesta (Joe - Headwaiter (uncredited))
  • Alexander Pollard (Waiter Hired for Dinner (uncredited))
  • Albert Pollet (Waiter Hired for Dinner (uncredited))
  • Rolfe Sedan (Waiter (uncredited))
  • Leo White (Leo - Waiter (uncredited))
  • Bob Reeves (Cop (uncredited))
  • Bert Roach (Foster (uncredited))
  • Gertrude Short (Marion (uncredited))
  • Pietro Sosso (Butler (uncredited))
  • Ben Taggart (Police Captain (uncredited))
  • Harry Tenbrook (Guest at Nicks Party (uncredited))
  • Huey White (Minor Role (uncredited))
  • Charles Williams (Fighter Manager (uncredited))
  • (Director)